THIS GOT ME HYPED!!! | One Piece Chapter 1075 Spoilers

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💀 One Piece Chapter 1075 Spoilers 💀
YOOOOO this chapter is wild! The latest chapter One Piece Chapter 1075 Spoilers brings us the alliance between CP0 and the Yonko Strawhat Crew! Lucci and Kaku who are both awakened want to team up with Luffy and Zoro to fight the Seraphim and the Vegapunks. Which Vegapunk is the traitor! We also get to see the Mihawk Seraphim vs Zoro yet again, will Zoro get a hint of the Black Blades? One Piece Chapter 1075 Spoilers are super hype this chapter and I’m super excited to see what happens!

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  1. Syv より:

    Adjustment!!! Seems like S-Snake is actually attacking Franky’s Group.

    ALSO, Sanji’s group is Sanji, Jimbei and Stussy. (Talk about putting all the heavy hitters in 2 groups lol)

  2. Clayton Volner より:

    I think Lucci and kaku are going to team up with Luffy and Zoro for a few pages until Saturn gets there or until Vegapunk is found. Remember CP0’s mission is to eliminate Vegapunk, not the straw hats. If they are seen fighting alongside the straw hats, it’ll look like they weren’t ever fighting against them. That’ll basically free them from their punishment for attacking a yonko. If they see VP while fighting against the seraphim, they’ll probably try to eliminate him while the Luffy and Zoro are busy. I think we’ll get a cool scene or two of the team up and then a dramatic reveal. This is all just a theory though.

  3. Armin Marius Schmutz より:

    Caribou = Imu-sama….
    It all makes sense now

  4. Kenyatta Frazier より:

    Not sure why Shiryu was not an immediate thought when hearing that someone was attaching den den mushis and that Shaka couldn’t see it

  5. captx より:

    Cp0 joins laws crew

  6. 1876shak より:

    Luffy and zoro would be foolish to free lucci and kaku why would they help zoro nd luffy it’s obviously gonna backfire there gonna have to face cpo, kizaru , goresei guy and the seraphim

  7. Heneto-Shara より:

    As a CP0 and Lucci fan, this makes me happy!!

  8. B M より:


  9. Jay Dee より:

    Didn’t zorro get blown away after the clash between him and s hawk

  10. SheChasin ABenji より:

    Plot twist it’s VegaPunk he’s the traitor

  11. Mr PK より:

    My theory is very basic tbh, but I believe the traitor among the vegapunks is Edison. Simply because OG stellar vegapunks dream is based off of Nikola Tesla’s dream of a free worldwide energy. Edison and telsq have history, in that some people believe Edison stole Tesla’s work and did business and made money off it. So I think VP Edison is basically killing off the other VP’s so that the WG continue l’s to fund him so that he can keep inventing, as he’s happy to make anything for anyone, all that matters to him is inventing.


    is it me or does the world government levy excessive punishment against cat loan users?

  13. Kurihameha YD より:

    how about shiryu and catarena devon disguise giving the seraphim orders.

  14. Lanthiando Kenhennes より:

    I think I’ll hold off on theories – Oda crushes them with every single chapter.

  15. Shemaiah Dosserie より:

    What about stussy

  16. Rachel V K より:

    I suspect that Lucci and Kaku are looking for an excuse to get out of the handcuffs.
    Alternatively, they’re embarrassed to be found later on the floor in handcuffs. It’s about pride.

  17. Tony Rawlings より:

    but maybe if they need help because they’re not strong what more could oda give luffy he alr op but idk im so curious and excited

  18. Gio Guevara より:

    i love ur content so much. I love how you dont just read the chapter but explore possibilities idk why but its so entertaining to me.

  19. Christopher Candler より:

    I love Kaku! I think Lucci is also coming around…

  20. Shrion より:

    do you think tashigi is the clone of kuina

  21. jamelldagodd より:

    im not a fan of luffy being tired. nobody else that has awakening i seen get tired

  22. TheCompassMan より:

    What if there’s an extra attempted Stella clone that vegapunk abandoned since it was another “failed” experiment and he has been embarrassed to bring it up

  23. David Young より:

    I would like to know who Caribou is reporting too.

  24. Ibrahim Alpha より:

    I love the team but I also have a bad feeling when it comes to Rob Lucci. His whole goal is to complete his mission and the team could be his way of not having to do too much work of searching for his target. I 100% believe Rob Lucci will betray and attempt to finish his mission.

  25. maria van より:

    Lucci was questioning their mission before they got there so it wouldn’t take much for them to flip sides.

  26. G Trejo より:

    Sounds like fake spoilers

  27. maria van より:

    Who is watching the ship? When did Zoro and Brook leave the ship. I missed something.

    Caribou probably had someone inside of him who is doing things under the radar.

  28. TDon より:

    Luffy is tired and Zoro still has his boots on. If it’s a satellite then there’s a chance Zoro can’t really move much

  29. jose ortega より:

    It’s most likely in the background of one of the past chapters

  30. Jay Jobela より:

    *S-Hawk looks zoro in the eyes.
    holds out his hand says*

  31. Dalton Sensabaugh より:

    Is personally I feel like maybe the vagapunks are not Responsible for what’s happening because don’t they upload their memories in their knowledge up to punk records every single day

  32. Enis Fangaj より:

    the traitor is edison, he is the last who ordered the seraphims, also his name edison relates to tesla and Oda bringing his version here in OP.

  33. LazyLaw より:

    Disappointed that shaka isn’t the traitor. Is it possible that OG VP didn’t want bonney to access kuma’s memories because it would reveal his true intent and that he was actually just buying time for the marines to raid the lab? At this point I don’t know man I’ll try to just wait and see =_=

  34. KazumiiZ より:

    What if Lucci and Kaku are actually part of sword this whole time and just pretended to fight luffy and let him with on both occasions to gain the trust of the marines?

  35. Patrick Liam より:

    Where is brook?

  36. Drexter Charles より:

    Second chance for kaku to join the crew

  37. Johann Weekes より:

    I’ve thought it was Edison because he seems like the one tracked mind that just keeps wanting to work and build…. And doing something that helps him stay with his inventions and continue going will be his priority. Which is probably a flaw of the original!

  38. Julio Morales より:

    This is my coffee

  39. Ivan Santiago より:

    Is the OG Vegapunk taking them out. He asked Luffy to take him, not the other Vegapunk. In reality Vegapunk is very practical, taking a whole group with them will slow them down and he can’t leave them at the government mercy. At the same time he is kind and can’t face them directly and tell them he has to take them out.

  40. Galaticboyyounggee より:

    Og Vega punk not a traitor he’s destroying evidence it must be destroyed being that he’s leaving no one need Vega Punk Things information or any thing he made

  41. Galaticboyyounggee より:

    3 Vega punks missing

  42. Galaticboyyounggee より:

    The one that lucci attack is still not n the pictures

  43. Itsyourboy より:

    Maybe in cp0 the rules is if you failed to do your mission, you will be send to impeldown or maybe get execute just like what happen to who’s who. Knowing it, kaku and lucci know whats comming next and they just want to escape

  44. Jerrell RaBlack より:

    I believe all seven of the Vega Punks are the traitors and they’re biding time for the Gorosey to arrive.

  45. shadygrady3000 redZ より:

    It’s Edison…. Got a feeling about that guy

  46. UltraBlueGengar1252 より:

    Ok I’m leaving this comment at 4:28 of the video. With the title card still showing the groups and fights with bear and hawk attacking the control room. I’m calling the Stella body is the ‘traitor’…

  47. CharlesFH より:

    I can’t imagine the Seraphim being as strong as Kaido in order to give Luffy and Zoro trouble. Probably the Cp0 are trying to trick them.

  48. A WildGoose より:

    Holy carp that is one of the biggest cats I’ve ever seen. 1:06. (Compare to the couch)

  49. John Fleming より:

    The reason they’re probably helping is at this point in time they’ve done failed at least two big missions one as cp9 now as cp0 so they probably realized at this point in time the world governments probably going to try to kill them too and the best chance they have is to work with Luffy and crew to get out of there

  50. John Fleming より:

    Oh and both times they felled major missions it had something to do with the straw hat crew

  51. All In One より:

    i think there may be a chance that blackbeard team got a devil fruit which can change into vegapunk becoz they are a devil fruit hunter and after wano blackbeard team was quite active so i think the person responsible for destroying lab may be from blackbeard team

  52. Shaq より:

    I love your videos bro! But ah did you grow sleep in your eyes while you making this video?

  53. Jack liberty より:

    I hope lucci and Kaku join the straw hat grandfleet

  54. Juho Kumpulainen より:

    maybe the cipher bois end up joining cross guild I mean so far that guild only got Croco and Hawky as any kind of considerable hitters right?

  55. J.R. MILLER24 より:

    Lucci and Kaku are holding back the seraphim because Luffy and Zoro gotta deal with Kizaru and Saturn

  56. MK Alt より:

    its among us time

  57. mamacita senorita より:

    What if S Hawk has buggys fruit?

  58. Jason より:

    Shaka’s command doesn’t work because he’s not a Vegapunk body, and is the traitor.

  59. Reise M. Lukas より:

    Here’s what we got rn:

    1.The defense Dome was deactivated TWICE and is currently locked on

    2.Vegapunk Stella is missing, despite his last know location was right outside Kuma’s room where Bonney Currently is

    3. Den Den Mushi are being destroyed and any other Satellites looking for Stella like Pythagoras are eliminated

    1st thing, While there is definitely a traitor Satellite, there needs to be outsiders as well. No one person can do all this.

    2nd, the fact the Dome was deactivated TWICE suggests someone on the inside did it to let someone sneak in, probably more than one person.

    This eliminates Caribou as he was already on the Labophase when getting off the Sunny

    I personally think the only possible outsiders capable of getting through lab security undetected is Shiryu and Katarina Devon. They are the stealthy members of Blackbeard’s crew.

    Blackbeard wouldn’t pass up on Kidnapping the World’s leading Devil fruit expert, especially since he and his crew have been on the hunt since the Reverie.

  60. ProTeamProtein より:

    I mean the gorosei (sorry) are there and could’ve given an order

  61. Marcus Foster より:

    Why is it a yugioh thumb Neil

  62. XAVIER D AXE より:

    I doubted that the seraphims can match luffy and zoro strength at all, it will be interesting if lucci and kaku witnessing luffy and zoro fight the seraphims and realize that that their strength is on the different level, and start to acknowledge luffy as a new emperor.

  63. khaled abdul jader より:

    Why would Luffy and Zoro do that? They know that both Lucci and Kaku would betray them.

  64. Daily talk show より:

    I have a crazy theory as you know Saturn is believed to have time power what if he is manipulating it right now.doing all this

  65. Meek Dolla より:

    Syv maybe it’s a wano arc thing and they know luffy and zoro need to save their strength for what’s to come and not waste it on Sbear and Shawk because if they just got beaten by them then why would they think luffy and zoro can’t win

  66. Mathieu Leader より:

    the traitor if not one of the Vegapunks could be Revolutionary Commander Lindberg whose destroyed the shields plus kidnapped baby Vegapunk because baby Vegapunk could be a reference to the infamous Lindberg baby kidnapping

  67. Daniel Borden より:

    Shaka is not in the clear he’s short ended answers and abnormally calm as if he has an idea of what’s going on

  68. nicandlucian より:

    Lucci is the next straw hat nakama 🙂

  69. Carlos91402 より:

    What happened to Apollo???

  70. Dee Moee より:

    U talk to much

  71. stevie rose より:

    Nothing worse than having the Chapter spoilers being spoiled by spoilers in the comments

  72. vida23legal より:

    and them out off nowhere is edison hahahah jk

  73. Lime Emil より:

    Keep them leaks videos flowing m8.
    Great vid as always .
    I’ve reade the full spoilers now I’m guessing this chapter is a breather of some sort

  74. Tom thom より:

    The traitor is EDISONNN

  75. keyon clay より:

    Aren’t the serph on the navy side so why would cp help I’m confused

  76. Mo za より:

    It’s sabo

  77. haota suming より:

    i think caribou kidnapped the real vegapunk and forced him to order the seraphims. caribous is most likely responsible for vega missing and the den den moshi take out

  78. Maurice Adams より:

    What if Karabu has baby Vega Punk inside him with his devilfruit and able to command the seraphine like that? It’s just a theory.

  79. Divorce Councilor より:

    I think its more of the Seraphims showing up and Lucci and Kaku being like you’ll need our help but the fight hasn’t started yet.

  80. Tom Benjamin より:

    Oda literally turned this into a game of” among us”

  81. CrooKdLetter J より:

    Saw 1075 clicked faster then a crack head getting their fix

  82. Charles Hall より:

    I still think lucci is second guessing the world government

  83. BlurrySloth より:

    Klink klank the traitor is Edison, The Tiny Robot, because he thought of something, something that means he has to betray VP

  84. OnePiece101 より:

    SYV along with zhonin has become the go to spoilers youtuber .i enjoy his commentary and his big smile .

  85. AKA REY より:

    im starting to believe my own theory of the gorosei being imus crew memebrs and used to be 10 wit imu and she killed 4 previous members or they gave themselves to her so she lives 400 years(using op op no mi) thats why the gorosei still age and there only 5 left but i hope someone smarter can actually explain this to me

  86. Blazindragon より:

    I feel like since Lucci and Kaku failed that the WG might try to kill them again and they know it which is why they want to help the Straw Hats, they might even know Saturn is here and want to escape before he end them as they probably know he’s really powerful plus the fact that Kizaru is with him.

  87. ANT より:

    So i checked comments and im shocked nobody mentioned that lucci and kaku could be just saying they want to help so they can turn around and fight luffy and zoro with the serphims help… idk they are spys and spent years manipulating and betraying people for the world government, that was my first thought when i heard them say they would help i immediately thought “don’t trust them they just want to get loose to attack you because now they have help”

  88. Top Stats より:

    Why would lucci want to help out the straw hats when he brought the seraphim to capture Vega Punk?

  89. victor gromadin より:

    Or if the youngest gorosie isn’t thier snd someone else is. Perhaps ganfall lol

  90. Raquel より:

    Lucci and kaku wanting to help is Stuccy poison thing, for sure

  91. Mr2Badboybrown より:

    I would trust Lucci & Kaku by as far as I could spit personally which is not far

  92. 00darknightwing ### より:

    This is just a shot in the dark but maybe lucci and kaku after they loss their cp0 status, they could join sword.

  93. HiSwetGlands より:

    If Lucci and Kaku actually help the straw hats, I can completely see them staying behind so that the sh’s can get away. Next time we see them it will be Impel downs third prison break!!!

  94. STIXX より:

    It would be crazy if lucci joins the straw hats as a official member after realising the truth about the world gvt coz if we gon fight blackbeard as the final yonko boss then we still short of 1 member to fight off the 10 titanic captains so the real question is who is going to be the final member of the strawhats…remember luffy did say he needed about 10 crewmates and we got 9 so far

  95. Damien Reiter より:

    Low key a fan. Man at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if kaku and lucci flip sides against the world government. Since we know what Luffys greatest super power is according to Mihawk. It would be some poetic justice at this point for the world governments ‘tools’ to be used against them end game. You can take this further with marines vs sword. We need some wild Syv theories