THE GAME MASTER REVEALED? / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 211 Spoilers

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THE GAME MASTER REVEALED? / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 211 Spoilers

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  1. Zhoniin より:

    Use code “ZHONIIN” for $5 off your first
    #Sakuraco box through my link:

  2. Just Switch より:

    lol I thought this was the one punch man video for a sec

  3. Hasan Wilson より:

    As if freeing Gojo will turn the tide at THIS POINT. The situation has progressed to beyond his capabilities

  4. HFS より:

    Where is the one punch man video?


  5. Low Distortion より:

    Jjk has fallen off badly for me. Sakamoto days in my opinion is better than JJk

  6. Hasan Wilson より:

    Tsumiki is now the Bad Guy…Duh

  7. Lord Agent M より:

    Remember Angel did say she will only release Gojo if the fallen one which is Sukuna is dead and I understand many JJk fans would prefer her to release Gojo now, but I doubt she is going to change her mind even if everyone is dead.

  8. C.L 2000 より:

    Didnt Angel say she wants to take out Sukuna / The fallen One first? i thought that was her condition before she frees Gojo

  9. STiLife より:

    I was hoping nobara would be the sub….

  10. TbT III より:

    Plot twist gojou has been evil the entire time

  11. KOII KOII より:

    at this point kenjaku is just jujutsu kaisens ver. of all for one and aizen

  12. Worldbreaker より:

    tsumiki has a bandage on her head, which means she is now kenjaku…

  13. Baba be Praised より:

    Man you are just popping out vids huh

  14. Bmore Blondie より:

    Angel won’t help unseal him until they kill sukuna thay why they arnt doing anything with the relm

  15. LM より:

    Could have sworn she said she’d only free him once she killed “the fallen one” lol

  16. Anarki より:

    Wow kenjaku is the real Villain

  17. Yoinker Of Cheeks より:

    Zhonin using clickbait and acting like he doesn’t know certain things so he can increase views and engagement. Smart man lol

  18. Brian q より:

    They are not releasing gojo because for them to get gojo out they need to kill sukuna which is in yuji and angel doesn’t know that. So unless they want yuji killed they can’t release him yet

  19. Qorv より:

    Itd be interesting if Kenjaku deems Itadori as a useless and having already done his part because of either Angel or Tsumiki who are intended to be used to reincarnate him.

    Tsumiki may have a binding vow with Sukuna to not kill Megumi which is why he is going through great lengths to keep him alive (albeit he may be interested in the ability of the 10 shadows to create shikigami without talismams for some type of reincarnatiom reason)

  20. Chicken 14 より:

    I’ve already said this and idc I’m STILL standing on Megumi bein the MC lowkey. Hell even if you don’t respect it you can atleast say this gotta be Megumi arc. With both his connections with angel and now tsumiki back

  21. BlaC Goat より:

    Why they didn’t open the prison realm? PLOT! Why didn’t Yuji tell Angel he was Sukana’s vessel? Plot This Is why some say Jjk’s writing is mid…There is alot of plot armor

  22. emre balaban より:

    I %100 percent agree, thry should release Gojo first and then they should discuss their plan while Gojo soloing everything in the background.

  23. Daviar Wexler より:

    Did you forget that they made a deal with Angel ?

  24. AJ Studios より:

    I have a feeling Itadori will soon reveal to Angel that Sukuna is inside him so that he can be killed and Gojo can be released. But Sukuna will then use the ‘Extension’ binding vow he made with Itadori to book it/execute his plan involving Fushigoro. Just a hunch haha

  25. Akuma 777 より:

    they literally said that they would only help if they helped kill sukuna (Itadori) so they put that plan on pause you review this damn mangas for a living how do you not know something as critical as this

  26. keven Racanelli より:

    maybe kenjaku is working on merging into megumi’s sister ??? who knows

  27. Zaiko x より:

    In the end we know, its all part of AFO’s plan

  28. andrew b より:

    What a stupid rule and a waste

  29. andrew b より:

    Why not use the rule to make someone the game master to begin with? Then you can make all the rule

  30. hamonman94 より:

    Remember to repent and believe the Gospel

  31. Nick Bateman より:

    Tsumiki is 100% Kenjaku now or at least the new host body. This is like Kenjakus way of body hoping into people where their abilities help him progress his true intentions. It was all setup for him to do this from the start. That’s why Tsumiki is wearing a bandage to cover the scar pattern

  32. Ronnel Reese より:

    Them not talking about freeing gojo immediately is a bit disappointing ngl I honestly don’t see a more optimal move since he’s such a power house

  33. 3xS'z より:

    Shes possessed or something or made a deal

  34. Gentle Savage より:

    What if tsumiki is another curse womb death painting?

  35. IreQ Savage, VOCALDINOSAUR より:

    I mean… kenjaku had 1000 years to plan this, I’m gonna roll with it

  36. Daron Carstarphen より:

    I don’t think Angel will help until they kill the fallen one

  37. eric eagle より:

    idk about jjk….culling games has really kind of thrown me off

  38. DeTrImEnTaL より:

    I think there getting tsumiki first cuz there not sure angel will release gojo for free and like was mentioned before she kind of wants to kill yuji

  39. Nana より:

    Megumi is probably just shocked that his ones kind sister tsumiki is now likely killed like 20 sorcerers to get 100 points to be able to add a new rule.
    That’s why

  40. Rasiq Davis より:

    I got a feeling when Gojo gets released he’ll say something like I could have been bust out but… or he’ll break out when shit really hit the fan

  41. killme 13 より:

    If Sakuna Evolved Into Something Similar To A Curse Spirit Like Tengen And Sakuna Is Reborn To That State I Believe Kenjaku Will Try Munipulate Him Kenjaku Is 3 Yuta 4 Hakari Could Be 4 But 5 So Far I Believe Maki Has Nothing That Can Kill Hakari Gojo Will Go Full Power Soon

  42. SemiPunch より:

    Long haired and bearded Gojo?.. would look dope

  43. Ismael Ben より:

    Didn’t Angel says that she ain’t gonna help them until they « defeat » the fallen aka Sukuna ?

  44. Darker Core より:

    bro jjk and MHA are gonna end within a year of each other.. insane times