THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST OF THE ARC | Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 211 Spoiler/Leaks Coverage

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Today we are going to be going over the spoilers/leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 211!

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  1. memon より:


  2. Aubrey より:

    Something big is gonna happen in the next 3 chapters I can feel it

  3. Z3N K1N より:

    megumi finna going feral

  4. TheFakeWeeb より:

    poor Megumi man 🙁

  5. Jamy Merhej より:

    Watching this in class again

  6. Faded Crayon より:

    Hey bro, can you stop posting spoilers vids. If not I’m gonna have to unsub

  7. Himadri Singha より:

    Don’t you think everything happening so fast? Do you think Gege rushing the Story?

  8. ayman ahmed より:

    Damn man megumi can’t catch a break

  9. AstraVerse より:

    To anyone feeling this chapter was rushed , nope I don’t think it was
    I am certain that we are going to see the timelines get renewed again for choso and we are going to get alot of hindsight for Tsumiki

  10. Ken✨ より:

    This went trending on twitter in no time

  11. west ay より:


  12. Jinwoo より:

    Geges really been cooking

  13. Hasan Wilson より:

    And so it Begins…

  14. Hasan Wilson より:

    Tsumiki, The wicked stepsister.

    Nice work Gege making a classic Disney trope likable.

  15. Ash- より:

    Is Megumi gonna be sasuked in JJK ???

  16. Said Said より:

    Gojo = Eren Yeager

  17. Yuuji より:

    This plays out 2 ways fushiguro kills her or Sukuna will kill her because of fushiguros unwillingness to do so plus he still needs him alive for whatever the 3rd but least likely is that they somehow seperate the reincarnated person from tsumiki but I doubt Gege will let that happen

  18. Mahi Mahi より:

    I kinda expected it, because Megumi kept emphasizing how ‘good’ she was, and Megumi’s outlook is pretty naive.

  19. lazy_boy141 より:

    Is it me only or is the things going a little too fast?how did they find Tsumiki?

  20. Radzi Mag より:

    Gojo or Yuji/sukuna might just fold tsumiki and awaken megumi…I can see it happening

  21. Radzi Mag より:

    Everybody’s gangsta until Yuji decides he want to live

  22. Straws The Plk より:

    Nobara is gonna kill tsumiki

  23. Catalanski より:

    I hope megumi is forced to kill his own sister. This would be so damn dramatic and I think megumi would get darker and darker because of that. I mean, he’s already kinda brutal and ruthless.

  24. Joseph Aliyu より:

    If tsumiki added the rule that means she’s already killed quite a number of people

  25. Zeed より:

    So now that the back half is in the main crew possession I wonder how they’ll get angel to deletus the cursed technique without killing yuji/sukuna

  26. jcq uidachay より:

    Megumi’s sibling being evil really rocking my shit

  27. Elijah DuBois より:

    I ain’t gonna lie, that was a Massive Plot Twist!

  28. Calvin de Leon より:

    Finally the sumiki shenanigans is done. Lets see what will megumi do against her…

  29. Ilyas より:

    Wow that rule is really gonna cause chaos lol. Hopefully we see some top tiers from other colonies.

  30. 6ix_ Godtrill より:

    What if she’s reincarnated as fujiwara??

  31. Colossal Drip より:

    it seems with this set up we are definnitely entering the final arc and it seems pretty fluid with this and last chapter so hopefully gege can clutch it and finish this peak series on a satifying note….. or make jujustu kaisen shippuden lol

  32. greedy _arts より:

    Oh heck naw, I did all of this and turns out you’re EVIL megumi better run those hands with his sis AINT NO WAY

  33. Jeremy Browne より:

    when is Yuta returning my question

  34. The Honored One より:

    Calling it now, Tsumiki is also probably the Game master

  35. Indrayan Chakraborty より:

    I personally think tsumiki is just a backup body for kenjaku

  36. Michael Obi より:

    Why hakari and yuta didn’t add the rules earlier ?

  37. Devin Tucker より:

    Tsumiki being here is NOT something I expected to wake up to but if she turns out to be the game master I’ll be SO HYPED

  38. Tuume F より:

    I called this in one of your previous theory videos. Megumi is biased, by his own admission. It only makes sense he saw Tsumiki through a rosy lense. I’m curious to see her personality and cursed technique. Thanks for the video!

  39. UnveiledLovelle より:

    The new world in Jujutsu seems to be inevitable. Unless somehow, God drops down and reverses it at the last second allowing Gojo to be released.

  40. COBRA VENOM より:

    There is no doubt in my mind that when Gojo gets unsealed, all he’ll is gonna break lose. I hope we see techniques he has never shown before and just starts destroying shit.

  41. papi より:


  42. TheWorld より:

    Dang, some big revelations. So Tsumuki must be a monster, or possessed by one, to already have that many points. Plus Kenny is on the verge of carrying out his apocalyptic plans. I wonder how they’re going to make it out of this one.

  43. Teddy’s World Insane より:

    Yuta and miwa foolishly going after a merged tengen next chapter

  44. Skullzie より:

    jujutsu kaisen is finally getting on to the good stuff now

  45. Qarcon より:

    Lol whoever that reincarnated person is.. they’re about to get low diff by Maki

  46. Kevin Rotsaert より:

    Yuji in Borderland

  47. Eric Ramirez より:

    Wait, so Tsumiki is just a vessel for some ancient sorcerer? And it’s not the real sis tsumiki being evil?

  48. Zack Shobin より:

    I don’t understand the reincarnation anymore. This still looks exactly like Tsumiki. Is she and some other sorcerer now sharing the same body or is tsumiki gone? The same goes for everyone else who was reincarnated

  49. blk124 より:

    Somebody run up to angel with the back gate and have her unlock the seal real quick!

  50. Gentle Savage より:

    Maybe tsumiki is a sorceror from the heiyan era that worked for kenjaku?

  51. Ruler Of Yore より:

    Maybe Tsumiki is the True Fallen Angel I know Sukuna said he was but what if he was just boasting?

  52. Falko Von より:

    How did Sumiki teleport ?

  53. MrNiGhtBlAd3 より:

    Can’t wait for Gojo to be unsealed. It’s time for him to serve some justice.

  54. Rodney Lane より:

    Rev up those fryers cuz Gege is COOKING

  55. Rusty King より:

    I didn’t see my guy Yuta, I swear he better be alive, he is now probably my favorite character.

  56. Rusty King より:

    After reading some of the comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that megumi will fight his sister in order to save her, but he might not be strong enough. Sukuna will save megumi, then angel will be forced with a decision to either fight the group or just open the box. Idk tho cause that doesn’t really set up the sukuna vs gojo fight like we’re expecting.

  57. Zakiyah より:

    Megumi can’t catch a break

  58. Baibhav Chakraborty より:

    What on earth just happened???

  59. Mr. Buns より:

    My prediction for the next few chapters. Tsumiki is going to be so overwhelmingly strong that she will drive the entire gang into a corner. Doing this will force Angel to release Gojo from the prison realm in order to have a chance at fighting back.

  60. Anastas Buzi より:

    This is the 2nd week in a row where I feel that story is being rushed. I really like jjk, is my fav manga and I don’t want it to end in a year. Plz Gege take your time to fully develop the story so that we get a satisfying ending.

  61. Alex より:

    My wild guess is she has one of the fingers which is why she needed to sleep to survive

  62. Kitkro より:

    I know you said your doing a video on gege saying the series is ending this year but gege recently said this again in a shonenjump author comment do you think he being honest or trolling us I think he can do it but it tough to say it gege what are your thoughts fake weeb

  63. Prakash より:

    why do i feel like kenjaku already made his move on yuta, as we are shown characters from all other colonies except yuta

  64. Ali Akbar Ramdoni より:

    so much going on, can’t wait for yuta

  65. Rich Habits より:

    Nobara saves the day *spoiler

  66. Xjajajaja より:

    Chose doesn’t say if Yuki is dead or not .Could she still be alive?

  67. spikegilfer1997 より:

    Damn, if only somebody would show up with a RCT that could split two bonded souls apart.
    *Huffs Copium*

  68. Sam Ayoubi より:

    Tsumikki please be okay and I miss nobara

  69. Mamoru Chiba より:

    These recent chapters seems so focused on Megumi..which is great to Megumi’s fans. Many theorized that he could die in this arc.. what do you think?

  70. maybe yes より:

    i think with her brain changes to that of a sorcerer it also changes how she now views the world (through the lens of a sorcerer with supernatural abilities) before getting her CT awakened she might be kind, just and all of that but after she gets power (just like kenjaku said in chapter 136 to yuki regarding human rationality especially before and after they got power). Also she might be the culling game’s game master