THE INVASION BEGINS! Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 209 Spoilers/Leaks Coverage (JJK Manga)

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Today we are going to be going over the spoilers/leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 209! Officially ending the Yuki VS Kenjaku battle, we take a step back at what happened a couple days ago, with the worldwide military invading the Culling Games!

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  1. MeltedIcecube より:


  2. TheFakeWeeb より:

    HUGE INFO UPDATE: Via Ducky on Twitter, Kenjaku and Uraume went to that specific place at 0:59 to SET UP FOR SUKUNA!??

    Sorry for the very quick and fast paced coverage. Woke up sick today so I didn’t want to talk too much. If the chapter comes out Friday then I’ll hopefully go over it more in-depth!

  3. Daniaal khan より:

    Still sad for my girl Yuki but I’m still hype for more JJK and FakeWeeb regardless.

  4. PleaseClap より:

    I feel like Gege was originally going to do to the invasion stuff first and then the Yuki vs Kenny fight, but he realized that he was gonna hit the point where S3 would have to end and wanted to give the anime a good hype fight to end S3 on, so he just swapped the arcs around.

  5. Pr1nce0fH3ll より:

    American solidier in colony 2 knowing he’s never going to see his wife and kids again as he watches a half naked, purple haired man with “don’t stop me now” emanating from his very being as he rips through millions of dollars worth of heavy artillery like it’s wet paper

  6. west ay より:

    i got spoiled by some youtube shorts and i didnt even know the chapter spoilers were out yet…

    yes ik im watching a spoilers vid rn but its different when its 4 and a half mins long vs 30 seconds

  7. emmanuel boakye より:

    I wonder if we will have jjk us soldiers.

  8. west ay より:

    I said this a while ago but i think this is just for more curses to be produced as when sorcerers die from not cursed energy they come back as curses.
    Kenjaku can absorb these cursed spirits with CSM.

    Or this could be done to simply produce more cursed energy for Kenjaku to then use with Tengen for the merger.

  9. deranged detective より:

    megumi is about to pull out a new shikigami…and will the chapter comes out this week or next week??

  10. Zatara より:

    Hmmm megumi hands,does he trying to summon anew shikigami

  11. Bolt より:

    I have a theory for the soldiers coming in:

    Obviously Megumi and Yuji will capture these soldiers to ask them questions and i have a feeling that after that Megumi will kill them, mainly because after hearing them he will realice that these people are nothing more than points and free cursed energy for the barrier and that there’s no way they leave the barrier alive and because of this Megumi will try and kill as many as he sees to get more points just in case, Yuji will be against this because first he has that trauma of shibuya and second because he thinks it’s unnecessary since they already have the points they need, after arguing they will keep advancing and Megumi will kill all the soldiers that try and get on their way and i saw people saying that it’s possible that Megumi will do black flash while slaughtering the soldiers and get to a new level with his CT and CE as a whole.

  12. Lyra Sunshard より:

    Ooo, higaruma

  13. greedy _arts より:

    So basically this is a huge sacrifice and the sorcerers are just waiting for the inevitable..unfortunate, lol

  14. Ungovernable より:

    Soldiers about to be farmed for points.

  15. Dragon Slayer より:

    3:46 Takaba showing why his CT is still my favourite so far

  16. ShiiNoBii より:

    Fucking takaba, I love him

  17. Randy Domínguez より:

    I hope that particular soldier is another overseas sorcerer. I think it would be rad to see a sorcerer with military training and military type cursed techniques

  18. motivated to scape child support より:

    I think this manga needs a devilman crybaby ending.

  19. Tebogo Makolane より:

    Curious as to how they are going to get the sorcerers out of the colonies

  20. Jude Ceant より:

    Yuki just couldn’t handle kenjaku. The whole plan from the start was dumb.

  21. Giga Niga より:

    Spoilers said Uraume and Kenjaku came for Sukuna.

  22. Just4 Universe より:

    Maybe Sukuna is gonna teleport with the kogane to where kenjaku is. That’s probably what enchain is gonna be used for. Also megumi is a zennin … They’re in zennin headquarters .. will Sukuna yoink megumi and then tp?

  23. NickLife より:

    Can we all just agree that if Gojo is ever get realeased he is gonna be beyond pissed off and take off his mask and put on the black ones

  24. Aleksa m より:

    It still doesn’t make sense to me why do jjk sorcerer’s hide from bullets when most of them get punched through buildings and shot with energy blast’s strong enough to destroy city blocks. I mean Megumi in the first couple of chapters got punched through buildings by Sukuna and drop kicked through a couple of flours, but bullets are gona injure him.

  25. Hash Brown より:

    Gotta make the joke but, Takaba truly is insane. He’s actually a gag character in a very serious manga ALL DUE to his cursed technique.

  26. levi abayomi より:

    Takaba is broken

  27. Elias より:

    Cool to see military stuff drawn in Geges art

  28. Terry Crooked より:

    Yeah they probably went to get cursed spirits but maki wrecked them all

  29. Kashimo190 より:

    3:00 all of the soldiers are wearing the special glasses which allows them to see cursed spirits and jujutsu

  30. Kashimo190 より:

    3:48 that scene made me burst out laughing i love takaba man

  31. Mr. Buns より:

    In case nobody picked it up, Kenjaku conveniently left out the fact that cursed spirits exist too.

  32. DMOWalk.Tv/Domain. ChevyWalk より:

    We lost yuki I hope eyepatch nobi pop up

  33. Joshua Harper より:

    These soldiers must not know that in order to properly kill someone’s who uses jujutsu you have to kill then with cursed energy , if not they wouldn’t be trying to kill them . These guys are definitely being manipulated by kenjaku

  34. makavelli より:

    Here we go. Hopefully yuji gets some of sukunas cursed techniques here

  35. Isaac Owusu より:

    I feel Chapter 209 is gonna cleanse all the bad taste Yuki left in my mouth. I just can’t wait to see how grade 1 sorcerers handle modern weaponry.

  36. Chapri_from _Chapra より:

    Kenjaku and Uraume are at the zenin house we see ogis body I think kenjakus curse eats it?
    They are in the room fiiled with curses for training

  37. Magdy Talaat より:

    PLEASE STOP PUTTING MANGA SNIPITS/SPOILERS IN UR THUMB NAILS N TITLES, I understand some people like to watch spoiler content but others dont and it still gets recommended to us in our yt feed, please refrain from adding spoilers in the captions, even if its minor, at the end of the day it does take away from the experience of reading the chapter, no flame though, I’ve been loving ur other videos, i just ask you respect the fact some ppl dont want any knowledge of the chapter until they read just like we respect the fact some ppl just cant wait and want to know more, i mean shit thats why i read the manga instead of waiting for the anime to begin with,

  38. Kwekue Ghana より:

    nobara soon come

  39. Huge Wang san より:

    Damn this story is just awesome


    You know I thought at least Yuji would be able to tank bullets I’m not sure about megumi since his own personal durability is way lower and can’t they just like blitz them

  41. BROCKLY より:

    want to see more Yuta…. Yuji is gonna die and sukuna is born again…

  42. Gabriel Ttenroc より:

    The military invasion gives me end of Eva vibes

  43. Karlo Miguel Perez より:

    Would really love Takaba take on Kenjaku amd evem Sukuna just for the possible humiliation.

  44. Eldeuls 123 より:

    I can’t wait for sukuna’s rampage on this soldiers if there ever was one.
    Could show some of his other curse techniques and probably how he eats people


    The soldier trying to kill a special grade sorcerer:☠️☠️

  46. MisterBobGoodDeal より:

    With Gege saying he’ll be done in a year and that he planned 2 other “shibuya-level” arcs, this almost feels like the beginning of the final arc of the manga, doesn’t it? Kenjaku vs Tsukumo felt pretty climactic to me, closing in a lot of what was introduced during perfect preparation (and Maki already had her closure). Don’t you think the culling games arc is already over?

  47. ChrisULT より:

    I think the bomb is kenjakus merging, probably making a big ass monster. Kind of like watchmen, when ozymandias made the huge squid and it blows up or maybe like EoE when everyone merges

  48. SlicDon より:

    I can see a a warfare curse spirit been born.

  49. Devin Tucker より:

    Takaba boutta POP OFF in this part and I’m mad that Remi got put in a pack that quick, but Higuruma coming back so soon is gonna be mad interesting!

  50. Babalola Oluwaferanmi より:

    Wrong. They went there to basically extract what looked like ogi’s corpse. He manifested a cursed spirit that basically ate ogi’s corpse.
    Could be actually tied to sukuna in some way but I’m curious to what kenny is cooking

  51. l より:

    Jujustu kaisen is masterpiece

  52. FROOT より:

    How TD do you make these videos so fast? And with crazy good quality!!!!

  53. Hafi より:

    So it’s basically clear now, Kenny send out the military as a sacrifice. He doesn’t even give a damn with capture sorcerers whatsoever. He set up the military to getting pack in order to produce enough CE to starting the merger ritual.

  54. Hafi より:

    Gotta love gege’s writing.
    All that debate wether or not these soldier stand a chance against the sorcerers. Turns out it doesn’t even matter lmao. Kenjaku know exactly what would happen. They’ll got slaughter, be it by the sorcerer or curse spirit since they can’t be killed without CE, their weapons practically useless (It’s high likely Kenjaku left out the fact they can’t be kill without ce, so their eeaponry doesn’t imbue with CE). It’s actually makes sense.
    And if they do manage to kill some powerful sorcerer and they became VCS, just another good thing for the ritual, cause it’ll just increase the chaos.
    No wonder CG achieve its purpose just roughly 2-4 days after reaching deadlock

  55. Seann Vincenz Roque より:

    These soldiers are honestly pretty lucky they arrived on the scene after Yuta wiped Sendai. I would not want to challenge that deadlock, no matter how prepped I was.

  56. Marik より:

    I cant see kenjaku loose against satoru, why he was affaid

  57. HotCrossBread より:

    ya boi is starved of Miwa, can we please cut back to her arrival already. after Yukis death i need to know if she Miwa is okay.

  58. JamRolled Taiyo Draws より:

    It would be deadass seeing this mfs throw missiles and nukes on Yuta and Maki

  59. Jhovanni Antoine より:

    He said something about the brain changing upon death. I believe he’s gonna drop an actual bomb killing all the non-sorcerers and weaker sorcerers creating cursed spirits due to them not bring killed by cursed energy.