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Today we are going to be going over the new spoilers/leaks for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 206!

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  1. Jay !!! より:

    Funny, I was hovering over this account waiting for a video lmao

  2. AstraVerse より:

    It’s crazy how in just one chapter before people were downplaying Kenjaku and look at ma boi rn
    And I called it before that it’s a barrier less domain

  3. Patrick Morin より:

    Seeing yuki get slammed by what I assume is gravity into another floor and losing an arm because of it yet her still giving it to kenny was wild

  4. Mannu Jc より:

    Jumping people is the only way!!
    Pure JJK

  5. The Curse One より:

    This fight took a very dubious tone real fast.

  6. Ackkerman より:

    Yo wtf

  7. Hrist Valkyrie より:

    Yuki being more badass is what makes this fight even more amazing to me.
    And boy this 2 vs 1 battle is gonna be even more amazing with Yuki looks like activating a technique or perhaps a variation of her Bom Ba ye or star rage which is gonna be hype.

    I guess it’s pretty rare to see people use a Barrierless domain withhow both Yuki and Tengen didn’t expect it at all and failed at their plan to stop Kenjaku.

    This JJK chapter is really getting more hype and kinda sad that we get another break next week but we can expect a banger of a chapter if Gege has a time in world to draw the next one.

  8. Jeremy Browne より:

    And people had the nerve to put her over Yuta but let me mind my business

  9. Cele より:

    kenjaku stated that he couldnt beat gojo, so his super op barrierless domain would still lose to unlimited void with a barrier…
    thats interesting

  10. Moos より:

    is reversed cursed technique a requirement to grow back/heal wounds for sorceres not like maki and toji. since otherwise yuki probably isn’t getting that arm back.

  11. Ilyas より:

    Tengen is very sus

  12. Cele より:

    So you are telling me that yuki doesnt have a domain expansion ? why is she using a simple domain that makes no sense
    And i think kenjaku was laughing because of that

  13. west ay より:

    why doesnt she open her domain?

  14. Parthib Samanta より:

    Hey i am fan from india

  15. ROCKS D. SUKUNA より:

    Kenjaku said Tengen is hiding something about culling games

  16. Prideful Wharf より:

    Im tryna know what Tengen is hiding

  17. Qwency Valentino より:

    Well this fight turned real quick don’t believe the hype

  18. Vini より:

    I think Tengen is the Culling Game’s master

  19. Choolwe より:

    people started to overhype yuki just cause she has a crazy cursed technique and did alot of damage to kenjaku but kenjaku just instantly turned the tables on her. Dont be too quick to over hype someone and i feel yuki cant contsantly use her abilities cause that would just be too broken maybe the is a time limit between when she can use it or the ability eats up alot of cursed energ depending on how much mass she adds up.

  20. Efecan YSL より:

    Damn dude, if Kenjaku is this OP and handled Yuki this easily on a 1v1(domain or not)..Gojo has to be another level if Kenjaku was that afraid of him to not even risk engaging. I feel like Gege really is keeping him off stage just to unleash him later on.

  21. Tyler Olson より:

    Nah….. Your boy and his best lady is watching and waiting with his 2 new buddies.

  22. said asbawi より:

    Isn’t what she’s doing similar to what Gojo does when he teleports someone

  23. DwightSmith より:

    well since Kenjaku used his domain he is in a pretty bad situation right now. Except of course he somehow is able to use his CT right after his Domain (only Gojo and Ryu were able until now).
    The Supernova of Choso and Garuda tight around his body… this could be dangerous for him, so even though the plan seemingly didn’t work out as they hoped they nonetheless managed to get him in a tasty situation

    Also since we didn’t see Yukis domain she will survive, i am not at all worried about her

  24. A Normyes より:

    Although Kenjaku’s domain is a barrier less sure hit domain, it couldn’t even one shot Yuki. Maybe not all barrier less domains are built the same, so can a normal domain with more curse energy takes over weaker barrier less domain? There must be a reason Kenjaku is afraid of Gojo

  25. KxRaxe より:

    Really hate gege teasing us always taking breaks whenever a top tier fight is in the making…

  26. Saitama より:

    W WEEB

  27. Márcio Amaral より:

    Kenjaku himself said it would be more interesting if Yuki used her domain instead
    And yes she has RCT but because after using a domain your CT gets fucked,she doesn’t want to give Kenjaku time to recover his CT

  28. Ash- より:

    So barrier less domains are getting more hyped in JJK . I think Megumi will also not gonna complete his barrier and use barrier less variation in future. Now I need to see only 1 thing …….What will happen if some one lay a barrier less domain inside a barrier domain or vice versa.

  29. ATI Gaming Channel より:

    Yuki being killed off could be just as bad of a move as MHA killing off Stars and Stripes in the same fight they introduced her. Sheeesh

  30. Skull Knight より:

    Come on chozo, show us that blood moon domain expansion that i’v been theorizing in my head for months

  31. Re Life より:

    Wow, Yuki was hyped to be stronger than both yuta and hakari. I am highly disappointed at the so-called strongest female character in the series.

  32. Just4 Universe より:

    Man Gege is RUTHLESS when it comes to his heroes. He doesn’t hesitate to absolutely mutilate them. So many twists and turns


    That last technique – Yuki was probably manipulating Tengen’s barrier to get Choso’s help!

  34. Blank より:

    I’m a Yuta fanboy but imma keep it real

    I don’t think Yuta is beating Kenjaku anytime soon after this

  35. Amazarashii より:

    What’s the name of the game at the outro

  36. Bmore Blondie より:

    O no choso. Shit is scaring me I don’t want him to die

  37. Sanjay.S より:

    All the Barrier less domains in the series have some kind of structure in the middle of their domain.
    1. Sukuna has shrine
    2. Kenjaku has some weird womb
    3. Megumi has spine

  38. F Leon より:

    Barrier-less domains are OP

  39. Quiet You! より:

    That’s disappointing….all that mass and she’s fodder?

  40. Sick Addiction より:

    Again black holes.
    The three apparently strongest special grades have the powers that create a black hole. Also gojo stated the more refined domain expansion will dominate.
    You have mass. Mass creates gravity. Gravity being the the refined product of mass. When you have enough gravity you create a black hole. Black holes being infinitely massive with infinite gravitational force. Gojos ininty being the most refined out of the three powers. Hence why he’s so busted.
    Geges got some serious knowledge on cosmological concepts.
    Think about gojos domain.
    In real life if you fell into a black hole you would see the entire future past present and future of the universe.
    The reason being is inside a black hole time stops. But light still flies into the black hole allowing you to see outside the black hole because our brains collect information through light. So as time is stopped for you in the black hole all the light for rest of time in the universe flows into you in a single instant as it enters the black hole.
    All the information a.k.a. light in the universe transmitted to your brain in single moment.
    The fact that gege knows this is top tier. There’s a reason gojos domain looks like a black hole but what most people miss is that it also looks like an eye. More specifically an iris. Where your brain collects light from to perceive the world. This author is dope.

  41. 1_ExMachine より:

    daaamn .. i’ve got the feeling that they’re still about to lose , i doubt kenjaku will be defeated by these two . btw what if yuki activate her domain , n in this case will kenjaku be able to open his DE again or did he exhaust his CE to do so ? yuki n choso HYYYPE ! !

  42. Prabhat Deshmukh より:

    Goodness, THIS is what a special grade battle looks like, in the previous chapter we had Kenny accepting Yuki to be a formidable foe after being punched to eternity.

    Here, we see Yuki getting slammed by Kenny, it’s a back and forth which was required since I was a little shaky that Kenny just up and opened his domain after getting hit once, here we have a little h2h added which makes the fight interesting.

    But seeing the fight properly, we see that Gege hasn’t made Yuki use any high level technique, no domain expansion, no extended Teachniques not even RCT despite it being confirmed, Yuki will definitely have a fight where she shows all of this off.

  43. Arantyr DarkHand より:

    Lol and i was right again. And im right about Gojo bê the only one every with this level of Control and infinity space barrier.
    She looks kinda insane… I like her.

  44. Satoru Gojo より:

    If she going down this easily then sorry to say I expected much more from yuki. I hope she is able to heal herself. Gojo, yuta, hakari can use reverse curse technique maybe yuki can too. But if she can she should have healed herself first. We have already lost many character I don’t wanna see another. But she has something op which we haven’t seen otherwise, she won’t be a special grade.

  45. Ngura Pachuau より:

    I think it was all part of yuki plan also i think that kenjaku will be exhausted now after using his domain or he still has some other technique.
    Just in my opinion kenjaku keep all the CE from the previous body he obtained.Even just geto curse spirit manipulation alone was already a problem from yuki and choso.Anyway I’m really looking forward to this fight and can’t wait for the outcome of the fight????

  46. Cedric Smith より:

    Quick question: So is this Kenjaku Domain Expansion or is this Geto’s and Kenjaku is just able to use Geto’s D.E.

  47. Freddy Martinez より:

    There’s a chance that Kenjaku(however it’s spelled) also has the Limitless ability but can’t use it at its upmost like Gojo. (Just a theory)

  48. Stressfree より:

    I think this is where choso dies, I’m scared

  49. Chuka Ugwuanyi より:

    Lol trust me guys Yukis not getting killed off

  50. Satoru Gojo より:

    I have read some comments and people are now downplaying yuki.

  51. west ay より:

    It explains why hes reached true enlightenment, because he has the open barrier domain like Sukuna does.

  52. Andre Trowell より:

    I really feel like you would enjoy reviewing Shuumetsu No Valkyrie

  53. Rishabh より:

    Barrier-less Domain >>> Barrier Domain
    >Barrier-less Domain can attack Toji/Maki and barrier domain are useless against Toji/Maki
    >Simple Domain and Hollow wicker basket are useless against Barrier-less Domain
    >Just Because Kenjaku is weak and afraid of Gojo, it doesn’t make Gojo’s Domain best in verse
    >SUKUNA is a Honoured One (narrator gave him this title, not self proclaimed)
    Sukuna’s Domain is Divine narrator said it in Gojo case didn’t say anything
    >Sukuna Thousand years+ experience and refined Domain, on the other hand Kenjaku is a scientist not a Fighter

    Sukuna’s Domain>>> Gojo’s Domain

  54. Julius Novachrono より:

    If Kenjaku is this powerful then it really begs the question of how powerful Gojo and Sukuna truly are. Great video.

  55. GodKiller97 より:

    Gojo uses seals that he places on the ground with we see in JJK 0

  56. SlowBlenders より:

    Kenjaku hasn’t taken an L in this manga since he took Geto’s body. Kenjaku wont get to Tengen here it feels too soon, I feel like Okkotsu might show up here after they add the necessary rules for a round 2. But then again Gege isnt your typical mangaka so the worst could happen for sure.

  57. StayFaded より:

    Lol lucky your not a one piece fan every other week Iz a break lol

  58. xLotusAngel626x より:

    Speaking of Simple Domains I wonder what year does the students start to learn this technique either if it’s just explained to them or they actually have lessons/practices to try and create them?

    1st Years:
    *Learn About-Blackflash, Reverse Curse Technique, the Most Common techniques/Well known sorcerer families (not sure if they include Inherited ones like Ten Shadows of Zenin or possible common one like Mai’s Construction/Tool Manipulation like Momo since it’s connected to curse tools but in a different way cause a Curse Tool Creator can create a similar effect Ex Juzo Kumiya hand sword which has the ability to levitate and move independently from its user)
    **Taught-Shikigami summoning, Use curse tools/weapons and maybe how they are created (even if they create necessary through a Curse Technique like Mai has), Simple Binding Vows Ex Revealing One’s Hand like Nanami, Maybe creating the normal Curtain/Veil like Assistant Directors

    2nd Years:
    *Learn About-Heavenly Restrictions (Unless maybe they have classmate or have one of their own like Maki), Maximum Technique, Domain Amplification, Domain Expansions, How to infuse (like Spirit Dive) or combine (Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins enchanting Meliodas sword with Ark) Shikigami powers into curse tools
    **Taught-More Complicate Binding Vows/Barriers, Combining Techniques at least two of your techniques together or use one technique then another right after, Creating Shikigami that takes on a human form like a Clone of you or someone you know

    3rd Years:
    **Taught-How to infuse (like Spirit Dive) or combine (Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins enchanting Meliodas sword with Ark), Maximum Technique (even if it’s incomplete at first), Domain Amplification, Domain Expansion (but maybe try with people who are from one of the Great Three Families or have a strong Inherited Technique cause I don’t believe the Great 3 Families are the only ones that possess Inherited Techniques or that their are always the strongest Inherited techniques that exist), Barriers with no barrier like Sukuna, Reverse Curse Technique (but maybe try with people who are from ne of the Great Three Families or have a strong Inherited Technique)

  59. Mosley444 より:

    I’m just ready to see her domain expansion. I think that’s gonna tip the scales in yuki’s favor or at least make the plan she created with tengen work successfully.

  60. Jay Golden より:

    All this shows me is Gojo is on another level and that Sukuna is stronger than him and it ain’t close for real

  61. Noah Rubin より:

    I’m so scared for her

  62. C.A. Dedmon Non-profit Private Investigator より:

    Man, the only person who ever used simple domain in the series effectively was Mechamaru

  63. Safar Arbaien より:

    There’s still so many mystery in jujutsu kaisen where the special grades or grade 1 and above always have an unusual/unexplained ability. For example, gojo can teleports people as shown in volume 0.

  64. ツNotice より:

    I’m glad I was able to pick up on his domain not needing a barrier

  65. Isaac Owusu より:

    Given how many barrierless domain users we know, how likely is it for Gojo to also use a barrierless domain?

  66. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ より:

    206 is out already?

  67. Isaac Owusu より:

    From the images shown when Yuki and Tengen were planning to put holes in barrier of Kenjaku’s domain…like Megumi did to Dagon. But because Kenjaku’s domain had no barrier to attack, that plan failed…probably making Yuki resort to her simple domain.

  68. Isaac Owusu より:

    If Yuki’s simple domain is anything like New shadow style simple domain, then it could still neutralise the technique in a barrierless domain…That type of simple domain is able to counter techs whether there is a barrier or not…like Mechamaru vs Mahito and Kusakabe against Kenjaku’s Maximum: Uzumaki.

  69. Jordan S より:

    How does Kenjaku have soooo much cursed energy?

  70. Lobsang Tsetan より:

    Yes barrier less domain great. But sakuna make 200 meter range without trying too hard.

  71. Hensley Jb より:

    wait wait thats it. no comeback uuuuuh damn

  72. Luke より:

    What’s the game at the start of the video?

  73. Jaypepp 1234 より:

    I say gravity that’s what’s it looks like and the effects and her face looks likes an extreme amount of weight was thrown onto Yuki right before Kenjaku throws his hand down and smash’s her into the ground, also looking at the comments it looks like the consensus is it’s more than not Gravity but I could be wrong in my interpretation

  74. King Solo より:

    Kenjaku is still him!

  75. Thoriq Anwar より:

    Just one wrong miscalculation made Yuki being crushed and lost one of her limbs. Gege surely not giving Yuki some thicc plot-armor.
    Even Kenjaku’s barrierless domain is still makes a sense and don’t fall into another asspull.
    Great one Gege.

  76. Sawan Pancholi より:

    Its time to enter the bomb after this arc, the king of curses and deadly poisons – Ryomen sukuna .

  77. Kehkeh D より:

    Crazy how Kenjaku who is likely below Gojo has a barrierless domain, but people don’t think Gojo could do it if she wanted

  78. JAMAL 172 より:

    Honestly she doesn’t seem like a special grade to me :/

  79. TNK2525 より:

    At the end, her Shikigami is wrapping around his body. She is ordering it to tighten up and put incredible mass so that Choso can shoot?
    By the way how Choso is recovered from nothing-left situation?

  80. west ay より:

    Also what if when in volume 0 when Geto said: I’m going to kill you now, and Yuta said: “not before you die”
    Was just a foreshadowing

  81. Ash Silva より:

    What if she made him his sikigami so he can be a target of her curse technique

  82. HonestHeartsClub より:

    Meh…story kind of getting wack to me now. Kenjaku starting to feel like my hero with AFO/shigaraki. Dude knows everything, made yuji, made everything go this way…so stupid

  83. dalyryl より:

    Just like what I’ve commented a year ago Tengen is evil, culling game is all about freeing him out of his barrier.

  84. ash pirihi より:

    She’s making a binding vowel and sacrificing her arm for more power