OMG…I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!! & HAPPY ENDING 😭 | Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 SPOILERS

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  1. Horiko Fujiko より:

    “It’s truly be a long journey to end this revenge.”

  2. kb1qzh より:

    I want a happy ending but this feels off. Just hoping there isn’t some screwball ending.

    It does seem like Takemicchi is doing what Mikey (and maybe some fans) wanted and that’s stay / not leap back.

    Definitely curious to Chifuyu. He should be here but maybe he’ll get to live his dream of airplanes.

  3. DHEBSAN YT より:

    Did Haitani brother join toman

  4. Aige より:

    Im happy we’re getting this but man nobody even remembers what takemichi did for them its kinda sad.

  5. Chan Cura より:

    I have seen all the leaks in 277. Takemichi and Mikey start over again and no body dies in this timeline. A new Toman gang is formed. Mikey surely the President and Takemichi is 2nd President. Takemichi most probably will have a wedding in the finale. It’s too good to be true. I wonder Kisaki love which girls if he doesn’t like Hina anymore…

  6. Stara The Animation Witch より:

    We still have one more chapter left? Right? That comes out in the 16th November?
    Chapter 278?

  7. Aron Amir より:

    so what about the reaper and pierrot

  8. Aron Amir より:

    for me its a happy and confusing ending at the same time

  9. ༄悲ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴɪᴄ ɪᴛᴀᴄʜɪ鼬࿐ より:

    Hey…..iust wanted to ask how did south had his own dark impulse…?

  10. Daniel Cariaso より:

    Where’s South?

  11. No Lol より:

    yo there is no other gangs is osanai here too? Like the gang ken wakui was in was like toman and the rival gang of it was like moebius XD

  12. MIKEY-KUN 1M より:

    ᴡᴇ ᴡᴀɴᴛ yᴏᴜʀ ꜰᴀᴄᴇ ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟ

  13. SDT ZONE より:

    Chapter 277is the last chapter or its second last???

  14. aBIGFart より:

    This is so rushed, why did Wakui do this

  15. Nathanael より:

    what about the founding black dragon members and the twins

  16. ja Morant より:

    I really wanted a sad ending so that people will not forget about this anime.

  17. Shana Vohra より:

    One cursed cause this much things

  18. ja Morant より:

    Every character should join toman so that there won’t be any people to die.

  19. Irfan Akhtar より:

    What a trashy ending. Tokyo Revengers is now oficially one of the worst anime/manga.

  20. Jerome Ibeas より:

    Best ending for takemitchi and mickey.

  21. Teddy’s World Insane より:

    I don’t see how people are mad at this ending. It ended how takemichi said he wanted to do. 10/10 ending for me

  22. lil dad より:

    Its a nice ending but its rushed.

  23. Insane44 より:

    Tokyo revenger chapter 277 in eng

  24. jellybee より:

    in full honesty, putting all the gangs on one was best. it prevents tge 3 deity battle. none of them will be on bad terms enough to fight like in the last timeline. im guessing they all still run the areas they ran before but just as one gang.

  25. Warlord 2002 より:

    Idk y they decided to make mikey a time leaper too when trigger still keeps the memories of the past timeline.
    I also don’t like how everyone suddenly join Toman even though some of them would never join Toman at least without wishing to cause trouble as it wouldn’t make sense for their character such as hanma who seemingly just wanted chaos and to stir things up for the sake of his own enjoyment like all the separate gangs had their own motives.

  26. anime attack and fight より:

    Hey its mean’s that the old man has alive

  27. Syed Adnan より:

    I love the ending but chifuyu won’t remember anything about the time he spend with takemichi and they both became besties sadly they are no more the friends which they were

  28. Shinyy Mineyy より:

    I wish we can at least see more of this new timeline in a spin-off or smth

  29. Mimi Thinks より:

    Cue the side stories we need em letter to baji is straight gold we need more for kisaki and the rest, and can we just mention how takeomi the BD warlord did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the story …

  30. stewpit edu より:

    People are now happy that there’s a happy ending but I think down the line people will say the ending is complete fan service. It’s hard to express how the ending was heading to the direction of sad to very happy but I was hoping for a ending where there had to be a compromise. Kinda like teaching people in life you can’t get everything in through hard work

  31. HEMONG FF より:

    I think takemichi Hina and draken Emma will marry at the same time and place

  32. ARUN D より:

    But Inupi sister and kakucho family not saved

  33. Lyo Arisato より:

    They still didnt talked about hanma , why does he follow kisaki

  34. Raptor Gaming より:

    Happy to see the ending that all the characters are together but plz some one tell me what was hanma’s story and why he is with Mikey in the final Arc?

  35. GIVIN より:

    Sanzu was able to remember the other time line when Mikey was dead so why can’t Mikey remember the other timeline where he killed takemichi and just like sanzu is the trigger for shinichiro Mikey is also the trigger for takemichi

  36. Worpe より:

    i think we need a side series to show us what takemitchy and mikey did different this time

  37. YTH In Asia band より:

    So Hanma was just in it for the lolz?

  38. Play より:

    Takemichi was talking about the things he went through before he had any time leaping powers. Chifuyu helped Takemichi stay in control of his mental state. However, he himself couldn’t do anything to change the future.

  39. Titan Gourmand より:

    This is seriously quite a bad ending, no matter how you see it, the ending is mega rushed. Nothing against an “happy ending” in a sense but it feels completely off, the manga never really found a way to get back to his old form from before chapters 200

  40. OBITO より:

    Well kisaki is takemichis classmate, so in that way he know him

  41. Myke Corsino より:

    Maybe it’s Kisaki and Hina’s wedding to keep Kisaki in check?

  42. George より:

    lowkey wished that terano south joined toman too

  43. devon major より:

    The ending does feel rushed but since we have details of takimichi saving and befriending everyone before I think the open ending of it all can be filled in with our own individual narratives plus there’s one more chapter that can shed alot of light still can’t wait love it all so far

  44. Rojan FF より:

    Can I know your age plz?

  45. Rakki gaming より:

    any one can say that were is South and tenju and 2bros….

  46. Rakki gaming より:

    bro….. bro….. bro…… bro…… plzzzz say about South…..

  47. MasterXell Mine より:

    At last I’ll able to see them happy

  48. depressedAgnostic より:

    I hope the anime expands on this

  49. Joven Galindo より:

    Takemitchy with Mickey combination will probably dominate…

  50. ca11me_bad_boy より:

    Bro I am finally back

  51. Kira 009 より:

    That’s mean Old Man is still alive .
    I wonder if we get to see him again..

  52. Norbert Winiarek より:

    I have Teory about Wedding its 3 pair wedding Takemichy x Hina, Draken x Emma and Mickey x Sanju

  53. Mini Militea より:

    Greatest ending and i think this type of ending should be in attack on tiatain

  54. KyngJustin より:

    Ending saved the manga

  55. A Person より:

    NGL the ending is very rushed and doesn’t make sense. Did takemichi and Mikey travel back in time before takemichi met hina, do him and hina meet the same way? Why isn’t kisaki still evil considering his whole motivation was because of having a crush on hina since elementary. If takemichi and hina met a different way how did she fall in love with him? How did takemichi get rid of kisakis jealousy? Izana should still hate mikey.

    Honestly they should’ve dedicated more chapters to the ending

  56. Not | ann shumaann より:

    Lesss go happy ending

  57. Anime shorts より:

    Noway they didn’t tell about hanma past

  58. Dead Lite MCPE より:

    they actually saved inupi’s sister.
    inupi aint get scar so its mean they saved inupi’s sister. but they actually forgot about akkun and other friends?

  59. Roisome 5000 より:

    Well good thing the author didn’t drag this out like a certain kanojo okarishimasu. But this is worse than where’s step-sis

    Felt like the entire mikey arc was pointless, all that build up for a “Oh, both time travel, everything good.”

    I had hoped Takemitchy wouldve traveled back alone, saved Shinichiro, stopped Kisaki and saved Baji and Emma.

    After he gained powerups like foresight, it wouldve been possible, but it seems like that Wakui-sensei just went “alright axed I wanna write something else I’m so done with this fr”

  60. dudeitseren より:

    Bruh this is sucha shitty ending wtf

  61. JustSaiyan より:

    Stupid af ending. Everyone is good all of a sudden and nobody remembers a thing? Rushed ending fr

  62. Izzue より:

    Look at takemichy hair… i think it’s not ever yet

  63. Domo1137 より:

    I feel like it’s really rushed I like the ending but I wanna see the fights and see how they saved them all

  64. Bottom G より:

    Nice ending but i think it got rushed a bit. But i hope they show Takemichi and Hinata’s wedding.

  65. ShaggyJ1000 より:

    I just finished the chapter and I loved it! Didn’t even think it was gonna go that route

  66. Jean The Machine より:

    To be honest, this arc felt pretty dragged. The plot was rushed, it just oozed lazy writing, and chapter 277 just feels like a surreal fan-fiction. But I’m glad that this manga will finally end

  67. Chrono より:

    BRUH?!?!? Time Leap was never explained, Kisaki is back as if he was never the villain, we got a Promised Neverland Season 2 montage ending, happily ever after, and Hanma needed something. Bro just entered the story, messed everything up, and got no consequences. I really thought he would be a time leaper and was the reason why everything kept going wrong, because he would mess stuff up at the same time Takemichi was fixing it. But no. Disney movie ending.

  68. Chrono より:

    I hate this ending because Chifuyu doesn’t remember his best friend

  69. Chrono より:

    Takemichi really just lived 3 times

  70. CluiGik より:

    its just perfect … i was reading the manga from over 2 years and now suddenly it ends
    im sad but happy coz this was just a masterpiece

  71. Pape Dieng より:


  72. Jomel cabanag Genelazo より:

    The ending is shit

  73. Meow Mew より:

    i don’t believe that in the inset that he said i use to fight alone now i have you i feel like though he was fighting with chifuyu he was the puzzle piece to solve the problem he was meant to understand but he really couldn’t do much so it makes sense that he says this to Mikey because he is the one he always need

  74. HIKARI より:

    wait so the manga has ended like this was the last chapter?

  75. bruh より:

    Rushed ending and somehow people still accept it

  76. Saliba Karl より:

    And btw they are all in toman because it was show that toman conquered the whole country