Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 198 Spoilers!

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  1. Re Life より:

    Maki is basically the 4th strongest character in the series. She is broken.

  2. Isaiah 63: 1-6 より:


  3. emmanuel boakye より:

    So revenge curse spirits can go from human form to curse spirit because rika did it.

  4. Asma Ali より:

    I’m so excited for this chapter!!!

  5. Gentle Savage より:

    I’m kinda disappointed by how easily maki kills naoya in his own domain, also it’s hilariously ironic that naoya probably wouldn’t have died so easily if he didn’t explain his domain expansion to them

  6. Re Life より:

    Mahito what is his domain going to do nothing to maki? Hakari’s domain is buff to his status.getto is nothing r compared to current yuta.

  7. oreki より:

    People who say yuta defeats toji cuz of his domain are in for a massive loss once this chapter hits

  8. Aquilinn Mandivenga より:

    Trash chapter