Tokyo Revengers 270 spoilers (English), Tokyo Revengers 270 Leaks

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270
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Tokyo Revengers manga 270
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Tokyo Revengers season 2 chapter 270


  1. Dark Tobi より:

    Also I wonder how Izana turned out in this timeline he probably survived and maybe he didn’t turn evil and get jealous of Mikey since Mikey is braindead

  2. The Worst Channel You Have Ever Seen より:

    Will you do videos on chapters 267 and 268 or will you skip them?

  3. Bro.... より:

    Spoilers ha ….

  4. rlly.not.kuny_. より:

    When will 270 be released and translated

  5. Abhijit singha より:

    thanks bro

  6. Gib Delorean より:

    Could it be that Sanzu stabbed Benkei and killed him?

  7. Sheriff より:


  8. Sheriff より:

    sanzu is shinichiros trigger?

  9. Tokyo Revenger manga より:

    Wakasa could be the trigger for shinichiro bcz benkei was died in shinichiro’s timeline

  10. Amna Sadzak より:

    I like to see Senju in this timeline. Also I want to see Senzu and Senju acting like real siblings

  11. Melka Star White より:

    Mi love vides

  12. Kobe より:

    Can’t wait for it too release