IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 Spoilers

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IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 197 Spoilers

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  1. Random Cat Name より:

    Maki: I can’t focus for some reason, why am i so sluggish
    one fat boi: girl, you need to focus
    Maki: Yes! focus! I understand now! *becomes more op*

  2. Melon Lord より:

    For every one evolution we get another. Maki and Nyoya are really going back and forth here. Now would be the best time for Kamo to also awaken. Maybe a Simple DE or a full blown DE (incomplete). Gege really has yet to miss when it comes to fight conclusions so I hope we get something spectacular.

  3. Bill Bixby より:

    So did she lose an eye or no some panels show her with an eye shut and others show her with an eye and still with the burn scars.

  4. ShinSlasher505 より:

    Not gonna lie I totally was expecting a robot type cursed spirit because of the engine on the back so I can’t lie I wasn’t expecting a Normal human but I am excited to see Noaya’s new design.

  5. mar ka より:

    maki feet close up lesgooo

  6. shawn emmanuel より:

    Keep in mind, maki’s power up happening so quickly completely makes sense in this manga. We’ve seen multiple characters have brain blast with less time then maki had. Remember todo figured out “what he was missing” during the hanami fight in 0.01 seconds.
    Also yuji learning black flash had to happen withen roughly the same amount of time maki had to “open her mind”

  7. Ash D より:

    Her ‘power up’ was incomplete, she lacked the freedom or the ability to be free with her newfound power like mf toji reincarnating, finding fuckin 3 pieces of wood linked together sharpening its edges to his liking and killing a cursed womb (matured) and then his mf self….hope this, not makes more sense, but rather, helps

  8. Hey There より:

    Imagine Naoya actually killing Maki. We don’t know what happens to a vengeful curse spirit after they take vengeance.

  9. Kauai Tufono より:

    crazy how you talk down on makis awakening but you’re totally fine with bakugos ass pull revival

  10. Jori Roberts より:

    I love this but when Yuji getting his Plus Ultra Upgrade, GODDAMN IT!!!

  11. Quincy Hampton より:

    This shit like sixpaths sage mode

  12. Jori Roberts より:

    I’m hoping at the end of this Arc we see Kenjaku show his true Strength. As everyone is catching up to Gojo & Toji in strength and those new character who aren’t still have broken abilities

  13. M K より:

    Cursed energy is so similar to Nen.

  14. JawBoii より:

    Maki just keeps leveling up each chapter. It’s like she’s unbeatable

  15. Damarko より:

    Maki has learned how to enter a flow state in high level athletics a flow state is a mental state in which your body is free to act on its own and your perception is increased because you’re reacting entirely on instinct instead of thought. Essentially it’s like ultra instinct or she’s in “the zone”

  16. Akasaka Sad より:

    does this mean we’ve been downplaying toji’s speed (meaning he was the fastest besides Gojo) or is she just that goated on her on accord

  17. Level 1 Dodo より:

    Think of it as perfected

  18. JAY JU より:

    It’s probably hyperbolic time chamber rules perhaps , where 1 hr inside the domain translates into 1 sec outside…and most likely the restriction is that the opponent has to agree on having the sumo match first for the domain to activate

  19. NOM より:

    You know this makes me wonder. They building all these characters up just to break them down at the end ultimately. How fucking strong is Sakuna

  20. HollowedRose より:

    Out of curiosity, what’s “heavenly restriction”

  21. l より:

    I expected naoya to do domain expansion

  22. TEBG_ より:

    All of these last few chapters and major fights just really reinforces how much of a massive power up Yuji needs.

  23. prodigy LP's より:

    This isn’t really a power up it’s just her completely foucesing on the situation at hand so idk why you seem so upset

  24. PBFYERN より:

    never comment on your stuff but I watch a majority of your videos keep up the good work!!!!


    Maki’s always been intuitive. More than most characters Gege has introduced. If there were any character who’d get this kind of power up, it’d be her.

  26. Chris Walker より:

    All the stuff in the domain can be framed or the fps increases!

  27. 1_ExMachine より:

    meeeh don’t wanna think too much about this fight , i’m more interested what Miwa is doing ..

  28. professor pengu より:

    Makis strength wasnt the problem she lacked tojis instincts

  29. Geego Speng より:

    Stop repeating yourself its anoying

  30. Nick Williams より:

    Wait why can maki see spirits

  31. Wind Slayer より:

    A fast training arc done right.

  32. brennan dixon より:

    So she just has ultra instinct and the villain has the sharingan/ genjutsu……bro what is this manga………….AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  33. plzwork より:

    Tojis biggest weakness in my opinion is his lack of defense against domain expansions. If Maki can overcome that then she will be on a higher level than him. Perhaps she will be able to cut apart the domain or something.

  34. Deniyi より:

    Did you also complain this much when Todou taught itadori the flow of cursed energy and black flash in basically 5mins?
    Love your other content, but your energy with this maki thing is off imo

  35. Xe3d Podcast より:

    Ok I’m Finna say it again where the f is the yuji development

  36. Scot Cheg より:

    Heavenly restriction, PLUS ULTRA

  37. Jamar Cortez より:

    Maki basically went through the same thing YuJi went through when he first met Todo

  38. The Village brother より:

    Hyperbolic time chamber stuff

  39. Red1220 より:

    Everything has been going too smoothly for us… it’s got me questioning the future of characters

  40. Ankit より:

    So maki had it but she didn’t knew it and so next ch will she again get power up ?? man but look at Yuji he doesn’t even get one it’s like Yuji will get one shot by the level of strong sorcerer but yujii all this long time he is still in a trama and dosen’t want to kill man and if Author wants to give Itadori powerup when will that be cause the series could be close to end I hope the author suddenly dosen’t make Yuji too op cause everything will get messed up

  41. R B より:

    This is cool. But where Nobara?

  42. Eclipsing Sun より:

    If Noaya’s domain expansion mimics King Crimson’s abilities, then I’m expecting him to strike a pose for that Jojo reference.

  43. Leeroy King より:

    Bruh this bad writing these 2 characters just popped the fck outta nowhere lol

  44. MR ArCADE より:

    Wait can Maki and Toji see curses of it just their enhanced senses?

  45. Aizen Sousuke より:

    Maki has Ultra Instinct.

  46. Oh Word より:

    It’d be raw as fuck if maki just immediately mercs naoya at the beginning of next chapter

  47. Cassanova Wess より:

    At this point in the story if you can’t use or fend off Domain expansion you’re basically going to die

  48. Kazi Mahtab より:

    Domain expansion

  49. Ke'Sean Lee より:

    Fuck I need kamo to shine this was his time tbh keeping up with nayoa is pretty impressive so I can’t be all to mad but shit also maki didn’t really get a powerup she’s just now aware of her new power and how to handle it more of a mental release also todo and yuji and Hakari already showed you can think of stuff in less than a second or less and react at the same time and I don’t think it’s a another form I think he was using it as a shell /weapon for his ct unless he really upgraded again that quickly

  50. thadima より:

    Not a power up, more like a release.

  51. brennan lees より:

    “Freeze frame” a domain expansion that stops time? lol

  52. Koogan H より:

    If y’all remember Pouf from Hunter X..that’s what I’m expecting for Naouya…he gives me the same vibes and aesthetics

  53. Gamer Trex より:

    I freaking love ur videos you deserve millions of subscribers, thanks for keeping me updated

  54. Josiah Sanchez より:

    It seems super similar to the black flash phenomenon

  55. Josiah Sanchez より:

    Yo actually that sounds like sensing the fourth dimension or something. To be able to know how a weapon attack could change trajectories (potentially also without the user knowing they’d do that) is insane. It’s like being able to sense the timeline of everything in your surroundings

  56. Purple-Iore reviews より:

    I’m hoping Noritoshi will finally deploy an incomplete domain to neutralize the sure hit fact of Naoya’s domain just like Megumi did with Dagon while Maki finishes off Naoya

  57. G Toyadha Tagya B より:

    It’s that thing where you already has what it takes, but you can’t get through because you’re simply doing it wrong, and you just need someone to point it out for you.

    I think Maki’s power up isn’t really a massive power up, so we don’t need a bunch of chapter dedicated for her training, this is the right amount.

  58. Kaizer 'Mad' Maik より:

    the thing with Maki is simple
    it’s called having your mind filled with Bullshit
    overthinking, worrying about everything, just having your head stuffed with bullshit
    and sometimes it helps to have somebody hit you with some care free “stop thinking and just enjoy yourself”
    happened to me during Boxing training once – i was so worried about all kinds of shit that i fucked up the basics even tho i was best in class at the bascis
    and in the break between rounds one of the other trainees came up to me and very simply said “what are you worrying about, the bad part is already over, just knock his ass out and lets go”
    he was right, because training for the fight was way worse than the fight itself

  59. Nolimit 5993 より:

    Dude literally just made a 8 minute video to say 3 sentences he literally didn’t even say a think about this chapter until about 4 minutes in and still bare even talked about the spoilers there’s only about 30 seconds of you talking about this chapter you should have just waited for more spoilers to come out instead of trying to dumb content or just make a short

  60. Dominic Peterson より:

    Noritoshi vs Naoya DE battle incoming

  61. Dance Dagon Dance より:

    I think the power up is a mental one as opposed to a physical one. Maki already has strong senses, but she didn’t have the context of how to properly use them. The encounter between her and Miyo is similar to the first one between Yuji and Todo, where Yuji was able to tie the world record for consecutive Black Flashes just a few minutes after learning that it existed from Todo. And if anyone is as fast of a learner as Yuji, Maki is definitely one of those people.

  62. Hg Merkury より:

    I feel like Kamo will open his domain to counter naoya

  63. Asriel Cypher より:

    This is much faster growth rate than our Cinnamon Bun, Yūji. Yūji has his body and he’s been utilizing his body to its fullest. So I do believe that Maki wasn’t there with her own body. She has Heavenly Restriction but an incomplete version of it. Since she has just obtained it through the sacrifice by Mai, she now possess it but she hasn’t utilize its full power. I’m guessing that she can “see with her body” thing. You know how there’s some people that are blind, but still was able to perceive their surroundings through vibrations? I think it’s like that. Our bodies have small furs that can feel the wind that blew on us but taking that to the extreme, it might be so sensitive that it can feel the vibrations in the air. Thus sensing their surroundings. Like… Cats.

    Cats uses their whiskers to do that. Cat whiskers are more than just facial feature. They’re used as a Radar. Balancers. Even protection. They sense things with their whiskers and if a human can possibly evolve to that level, one might be able to do that. Another thing would be hearing. Same deal with Daredevil. Hearing everything that lets him perceive things through sound. Like Echo location. I believe this is what Maki is lacking. That’s why at the end of the chapter 196, she said “I FEEL GREAT.”

    Feel? She’s feeling with her body, in full senses. Utilizing all of it. We can’t do that, by normal means, right? Like sensing through touch, smell, hearing blasted at full 100% capacity at all times. Only those who have been subjected into harsh and extreme environments can. Like war.

  64. Milan Filipovic より:

    what if domain shows everyone’s possible actions as mirrors and nayoa gets chose out come

  65. Gentle Savage より:

    Yo zhoniin do you think it’s possible that maki and mai zenin’s characters could be inspired by the Chinese legend of hua mulan (which the Disney movies were based on), in the original story hua mulan has a twin sister who she sacrifices her own life for and her sister ends up using her identity which is similar to how mei sacrifices her life for maki and so she experience the full power of her heavenly restriction and how maki in away tries to honour meis sacrifice and legacy, but also in the legend of hua mulan, she goes undercover and pretends to be a man so she can join the army and has to deal with pressure from her to famil to have an arranged marriage which may be mirrored by how the zenin clan looks down on maki and mei for being and only value them for their looks, but also may be mirrored by maki being propped up as the new toji and adopting a more masculine look post shibuya and no longer being of any value to the zenin without her physical beauty and stereotypical femininity. Hua mulan pretending to be a man to join the army may also be mirrored by maki releasing she has to become more like toji in order to achieve her desire of becoming a strong warrior. The youtuber jon solo has a great video explaining the legend of hua mulan which may help you see the similarities between hua mulan and maki and mei.

  66. Manoj Yadav より:

    Both one piece and black clover manga are well with latest chapters but jjk disappointing

  67. Quay F より:

    Bro couldn’t figure out how to use cursed energy so she learned haki

  68. Baba be Praised より:

    man i wish Zhoniin had a discord

  69. Christian Green より:

    What if they just fuck up naoya enough for Kenjaku to absorb him like Mahito??

  70. CELO CRAFT より:

    Would naoya in is final form be stronger then rika?

  71. GOatJO より:

    Bruh this Zhonin dude i noticed he always nitpicking JJK but when that bullshit MHA chapter of Bakugo came you just go with it, welp it’s not like i don’t understand him afterall MHA had more more fans and given him more views than JJK lol

  72. Origin より:

    Few inconsistencies but for the most part well put together video,
    Maki had a mental breakthrough of sorts, not necessarily a “power-up” as many suggest.
    You must agree to the sumo match for Miyo’s domain to complete (consent based, not forced)
    Though I’m pretty sure it’s well known, I don’t want anyone to get confused

  73. SayNoToLoli より:

    I think heavenly restriction is true freedom from all things. You’ll be able to do anything without question. Obviously there wil be those that are stronger but in a sense you should be stronger too.

  74. AllTime 3D より:

    They are talking about entering flow!

  75. clark diether galan より:

    Maki just unlocked Haki

  76. Neil Benedict Cachula より:

    Who do you think is stronger Curse naoya or Rika?

  77. TheSylar1982 より:

    The domain will be a film reel allowing him to freely manipulate the frames and increase the frames per second he can use and can freely freeze people in frame

  78. Don't Worry About It より:

    Not gonna lie, this fight is progressively getting worse,imo

  79. Prabhat Deshmukh より:

    Goodness gracious, seeing a Domain Expansion is always so exciting, and this time I’m sure Gege will not blue ball us by teasing a Domain, Naoya’s Domain is gonna surely gonna be interesting to see.

  80. Matt Smith より:

    Maki went Plus Ultra Heavenly Restriction

  81. Chilawo Mwiinga より:

    Maybe this is similar to what happened to Sukuna and how he metamorphosised to four arms

  82. Re Life より:

    Yuji feels like a side character. It’s been like 40 chapters since the last time we saw him.

  83. said asbawi より:

    You gotta love how Gege sets up instant character growth long ago with Fushigoros domain expansion and now everyone could potentially grow un a single chapter

  84. AreUKiddinMe; より:

    Hear me out, possible Black Flash from Maki next chapter?

  85. SleepyJ より:

    Was reading the raws and it just ended at the naoya getting out of his shell form, didn’t see or notice at all the domain expansion page. Then read a translated version and it is there. I was like fuck !!!!! I thought we’re just getting a humanoid naoya but he’s opening a domAIN TOOO

  86. sooraj sai より:

    In the new chapter maki says “if it’s that man” alot of times…is she referring to toji or naoya????

  87. Herald of Oblivion より:

    People calling it rushed while sumo guy’s domain literally is a time chamber.
    They already had 1000 sumo matches inside while sumo guy was teaching maki. Thats like a month amount of time in just a couple of minutes.
    As also said in the comments and is implied in the manga, maki already have the strength comparable to toji himself, all she lacks is the right mindset to fully access her full potential, thats why she literally just gavw her katana to the katana guy and fought the sumo guy cause she was “thinking too much”.
    The change of maki was already planned ahead, some of yall just doesnt have enough reading comprehension or understanding of the story

  88. Private より:

    With this, maki can probably sense & dodge incoming cleave/dismantle technique now

  89. Rafferty Keane-Eastwood より:

    Can someone explain to me why maki can now see curses even without her cursed glasses.