Third Timeleaper Revealed | Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 Spoilers

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Tokyo revengers chapter 269 leaks


  1. Manga Laiz より:

    who do u think is the second time leaper ??

  2. 444 より:

    Bruh thrid ??

  3. Mak Erot より:

    takemichi x shinichirou

  4. Issiis Isisjs より:

    I think hanma is second n killed shinichiro

  5. natalia Disa より:

    Yeh takeomi might be he was his best friend and the vice President

  6. drê‡ より:

    Haizz gotta be hanma,Mikey or sanzu or even wakasa

  7. Jok Oje より:

    Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthhh.Online Brünette und eine anderek Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  8. X-Rule より:

    I doubt that it was Takeomi bc they would probably have a stronger bond together if he was his trigger

  9. raoathvik Rao より:

    Bro when is the new spin off chapter of baji coming out?

  10. Røgiw 2 より:

    where did you find that background sound?

  11. Ayame Kiyasuki より:

    I think the third is Hanma! I honestly believe he is the mastermind because he enjoys chaos, not to mention he is not always around he only pops up at certain times. If you remember Kisaki sought him out and asked him to be his chess piece. Also if you research what his name means, it means Time master or Master of time. Nobody really focuses on him. Kisaki asked him why he follows him and Hanma’s response was I will tell you on your death bed. Then you see Hanma visiting Kisaki grave and he begins to tell him the story of the Reaper and Perriot. He is referred to as the Reaper or Shinigami of Kabukicho. Plus they have not revealed his back story yet. I think his is going to prove to be something very interesting because they have given us very little about him until now! I think Hanma is the one pulling the strings and he may even be the one giving these time leaping abilities or he gained them through some type of trauma from his past.

  12. Fz ZERRION より:

    Listen that I think that Mikey was the trigger for the shinichiro cause shinichiro wanted to save Mikey and that’s why during his death takemichi was able to use Mikey as trigger