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  1. Aron Amir より:

    Then it really is possible that when sinichiro died his powers somehow somewhat transfered to takemichi

  2. Beast Titan より:

    Bro if you see black dragon shinichiro he looks like Hanma. What if shinichiro reincarnated as hanma?? Hanma is also called as shinigami.

  3. Aige より:

    Bro when they revealed it i was so confused like wtf how.

  4. Aige より:

    It cant be shin who pushed takemichi cause he died before that happened the timeleap wouldnt work.
    Wait but then takemichi at the end said ur bro is the one who so it could be him.

  5. cyze より:

    we cant think about sano shinichiro is 2nd timeleaper

  6. Hexagon_9 (Aditya) より:

    Dude , Please think on this…. Everything aside, Why Mikey said ” Sinichiro *IS* time leaper ” …. Oh goshh Why did he said *IS* !? I mean isn’t Sinichiro dead !? So Mikey should have said *WAS* instead of *IS*. He said this a couple of times and this can’t be just a grammatical error, Something is gonna happen very very soon….

  7. Bimala Thapa より:

    The one who pushed michhi in the train station must be wakasa.. (My opinion)

  8. Yashkanoziayash Yashkanoziayash より:

    This is a real twist

  9. Yashkanoziayash Yashkanoziayash より:

    I think trigger is wakasa

  10. Ryusei Satou より:

    My theory is not shinichiro pushing takemichi int othe train tracks,

    my theory is: shinichiro and takemichi are in different timelines, and suddenly those timelines merged exactly when shinichiro died, resulting in takemichi waking up in his middle school age and gaining time leaping abilities.

    also takemichi is the main character so its reasonable for him to get the powers right?

  11. Adnan Mohammed Dept of Information Science より:

    hey , do you remember when akkun said to takemichi that if he was a time leaper before he committed suicide ? in second timeline , he knew that takemichi was a time leaper and he was there when someone pushed takemichi onto the rail tracks …. i believe he saw shinichiro was the who pushed takemichi and natao was the one who saved him ……

  12. ponytailmoth より:

    theory: Shinichiro saw everything from Kisaki’s manipulation to this. Shin hand his power to Michi because everyone in Toman was killed, and including Hina (and originally Naoto) who has nth to do with gangs situation, so I assume Waka hands the trigger to Naoto(?) Which this is odd, becuz BD 1st gen wasn’t visible in original timeline, but I theorized that they fled to Japan to avoid Kisaki’s presence but before can do so, either Waka or Shin push Michi at the train station and time-leap happened, even more odd that BD 1st gen haven’t met Naoto in the 2nd timeline

  13. DANNYBOYM 42 より:

    Things still don’t add up tho even if we say shinichiro is a time leaper. We can’t forget about hanma. Why add so much mystery and emphasis and him and then say someone else is a time leaper. Also izana knew something about the second time leaper so how does he know

  14. MOM and JOY VINES より:

    Wakt? Senju? Is she still a character in tokyo revengers?

  15. Adnan Mohammed Dept of Information Science より:

    i think , shinichiro’s trigger was mikey …. lemme say this ,,, okay we got to know that shinichoro went back in time to save mikey ,, in different timeline , he shaked hands with future mikey and went back in time to save him , just like how takemichi’s trigger was mikey….but i think shinichiro failed to save mikey so many times , and when he foreseen a future where takemichi will be saving him in the end ,, he gave up on saving mikey and started living in the past ,, we still don’t know shinichiro’s time leaping abilities ,,i think he has more abilities than takemichi cause he was the first time leaper ….. i believe he knew that he was going to die by kazutora ,, and i think he knew that takemichi will save him and he allowed kazutoa to kill him….we still don’t know much about shinichiro’s past life as well


    In next chapter i think the chapter will be about shinichiro

  17. ES.WAVE14 より:

    twist makes it even more *INTERESTING*

  18. Dawit Gebremedhin より:

    There must be another time leaper when we think how did Kisaki know about time leap, and also, if the one who pushed Takemichi on the track was Shinichiro, how did Akkun appeared there??

  19. ITZMEREEL より:

    i have a theory that sinichiro is dead why do u guys think?

  20. Manish Sikdar より:

    My theory of time leaper
    1. Takemichi+Naoto/Mickey (confirmed)
    2.sinchiro+wakasa (sinchiro was confirmed but wakasa knows it so he could trigger)
    3.Takeomi+Senju (takeomi not seen now I think he is in another timeline and sanzu confirmed Senju was triggered)
    4.Hanma (hanma is not in 3 dets arc I think he was in next timeline )

  21. IamRoshan より:

    shinchiro and takemichi are timeleaper
    they must be connected some how,they both have the same personality and are good persons

  22. BadRobloxPlayer より:

    70% the time leaper isn’t shinichiro
    10% shinichiro is the villain
    9% shinichiro isn’t the villain
    11% there are more time leapers

  23. Gaurav Sharma より:

    Is that possible shinichiro or takemichi is a same person

  24. IamRoshan より:

    maybe kazutora might know about mikey too
    in the future time line when kazu saved takemichi from kisaki
    kazu said he wanted to save mikey
    kazu said mikey completely changed and kazu said he is one of the reasons why mikey changed
    kazutora might know more reasons why mikey changed knowing that he is one of the reasons

  25. Insertepicname より:

    Wait shinichiro was a time leaper

  26. chillboy16 より:

    Wait didn’t mikeys brother die?
    But if he can travel through time..the there is a possibility that he is alive right?

  27. Real R e a l i t y is Here より:

    It makes sense to the point of not understanding how it makes sense

  28. tenzin bhakdro より:

    My New 50 – 50 Theory Debate :
    Imagine Shinichiro Sano Asked Akashi Takeomi To Push Takemichi In To The Train Tracks But In The First Time Line It Was Shinichiro But In This Timeline It Was Akkun So My Question And My Theory Is What Is The Connection Between The 1st Time Leaper Shinichiro Sano , The 2nd Time Leaper Takemichi , The Trigger Sanzu , The 3rd Time Leaper Hanma I Guess So Or Dunno Maybe 50 – 50 Catch Chance Of Rate And Finally Mikey’s Connection With Sanzu’s Mad Loyalty Which Gave Made Him Pscyho , Earn Him A Mad Loyal Dog And The Trigger Secrets When Sanzu Mentioned To Senju That Day And Confessed To Takemichi That Are You A Time Leaper Because We Need More Backstory , More New Characters , More New Gang Members And More History Between Shinichiro Sano And Takemichi Past As The Founding Time Leapers As The 1st And The 2nd , Also My Weird Perspective I Think Akashi Takeomi Was The Trigger During That Time And Wakasa And Benkei Knew It When Shinichiro Sano And Akashi Takeomi Said It To Them Making Them Both Shocking And Stunned !!!

  29. tenzin bhakdro より:

    My 3 Hyped , Unfinished And Mystery I Like You To Solve It Mr Vonte The 1st My Friend !!!
    1. Sanzu Finally Explains To Us About The Trigger Theory To The Fans , And How Mikey , Sanzu And Koko Created , Born Established , The Kantou Manji Gang !!!
    2. The Secret Past Of Shinichiro Sano And Akashi Takeomi And How They Introduced Their Little Brother Mikey And Sanzu Is My Favourite Backstory And The Trigger Explained From Sanzu To Senju As What Went Wrong As Well In A Explanation On Their Past Events Revealed As A Plot Twist !!!
    3. Sanzu Is Not The Time Leaper , Hanma Is The 3rd Time Leaper , So That Makes Sanzu’s The 2nd Or The 3rd Trigger Because Takemichi Time Leaped For The 18th Time From The Future At During 2017 With The Leap Of Time Faith From Mikey’s Hand And That Explains Naoto Was First , Mikey Was Second , And So Finally Who Is The Third Trigger ??? Is It Sanzu , Or Is It Someone They Haven’t Introduced Which Is Gonna Shock The Manga Readers , By Revealing It’s Shinichiro Sano , Kazutora Hanemeya , Tajiu Shiba , Hanma Shuiji , Ryusei Satou , Akashi Takeomi Or Yuzuha Shiba !!!

  30. Tobi Gaming より:

    In the end of this manga takemichi gona die . Takemichi will kill him self .

  31. Taiju Shiba より:

    I also think maybe Shinichiro did Trasnfer his dark impulse against mikey

  32. AnimeMix より:

    I dont understand something, why did someone whoever did it, pushed takemichi on the train tracks?

  33. Prashant より:

    I think we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Mikey mentioned “SINICHIRO IS A TIMELEAPER”
    instead of “Was” he used “Is” what does this mean . Is he alive or Is he going to return??

  34. Md. Hassan より:

    I think shinichiro was the one who push takemichi on the train traucks cuz if you read the last word takemici says that mikey kun your brother is the one whoo!!!??? And the chapter end with that and i also think that shinichiro kun is Alive because kazutora once a time tells that his precious 2 years wasted in juvie with no reason

  35. Gioheiry Lourens より:

    As always excellent video bro. I have a theory what if Takeomi (sorry if I misspell) helped Shinichiro fake his death after the incident in the bike shop? Because it is really strange that Waka and Benkei join forces with Mikey without telling Senju nothing. Now all of a sudden Mikey is telling that he found out about his Dark impulses through Waka, and that Shin was a time leaper too. And he even said and I quote “Shinichiro is a time leaper”. Why didn’t he say he was a time leaper if he was already death. Another thing is that Mikey said to Takamichi: if you were in the first time line you wouldn’t have to go through all these….. So in which time line are they now? It all got really confusing at these point but it’s getting more and more excited too. Let’s go next chapter plzzz we need some answers

  36. ◇margona◇ より:

    Mikey and takemichi’s fight kinda reminds me of mikey vs izana. What if mikey get mental breakdown like izana in the end of the fight and he lose….

  37. spaceking sora より:

    I think dark impulses made out of love is referencing to the parts when Mikey started to everyone he held dear to him from shinichiro to Emma and because he had no one to love anymore he had to hide his emotions and give into the darkness

  38. munchthatmaccies445 より:

    One thing that no one is talking about now. What does this mean kisaki was. What was he going to say before he got clapped by truck kun

  39. Mikey's Right Leg より:

    man Wakui is a great story teller – we just need to give him time to develop his story! <3 10/10

  40. Chan Cura より:

    It really surprises me. I previously think Sanzu is the time leaper. This lead to more questions. Why Shin has this power? Why Takemichi part of it? What happens to Shin? How is dark impulse related to Shin’s love? The story becomes unpredictable.

  41. Lano Baban より:

    Takemichi is very related to shinochiro

  42. R&MGaming より:

    I am now convinced from the very first episode and chapter 1 of Tokyo Revengers Shinichiro was the one who somehow time traveled to the future, saw how evil Mikey became in the first timeline, and was the one who pushed Takemitchi onto the train tracks in the first timeline. I believe Takemitchi received his time traveling powers when Shinichiro pushed Takemitchi onto the train tracks, like Shinichiro transferred his time traveling powers to Takemitchi by physically touching him with the same hand that pushed Takemitchi onto the train tracks triggering Takemitchi’s first time leap to the past from the very first chapter. Chapter 269 is going to be really interesting with Mikey explaining more on how Shinichiro became a timeleaper, remember Mikey said Shinichiro ” IS” a timeleaper not ” WAS” so Shinichiro somehow must very well be alive. I can see probably in chapter 269 or 270 Takemitchi and Mikey will decide to solve all of their problems by Takemitchi shaking hands with Mikey, Takemitchi going back to the past to prevent Shinichiro from getting killed by Kazutora, saving Baji, Draken, Emma, and Izana so Mikey will still happy and his dark impulses will never appear again. That will be the future where Mikey will truly be saved heart, body, mind and soul bc all his best friends and family will be alive together with him. It would honestly be the perfect ending if Ken wakui does this. When the Tokyo Revengers manga ends the last manga panel could look like days after Hinata and Takemitchi get married, Toman, Mikey, Hinata, Takemitchi and everyone he saved go for a bike ride to the same beach and sunset spot where Mikey declared to draken when the Sun was rising in the East saying ” this year Ken chin we will conquer the whole world”. So in the future a week or so after Takemitchi and Hinata get married Takemitchi, Hinata, Mikey and everyone drive to the beach early in the morning to watch the sun rise from the East, while everyone is having fun on the beach and waiting for the sun to rise, Mikey ask Takemitchi to come with him to watch the sun rise together. They talk and Mikey says to Takemitchi ” look at all the people you saved Takemitchy”. Takemitchi starts to get emotional and Mikey looks at him and says” thank you Takemitchy for saving everyone” and right when the the sun starts to rise in the East Mikey smiles to Takemitchi and says ” Takemitchy is my hero” smiling brightly and shedding a few happy tears while Takemitchy also starts crying. Then the final scene is everyone watching as the Sun goes up while Takemitchi and Mikey laugh, hug, cry or smile with the sun rising above them in the early morning. This would be an incredible ending to such an amazing well written manga.

  43. George7gr より:

    My theory is that Shinichiro obtained his powers on the verge of death, while thinking about Mikey, just like Takemichi thinking about Hina, and can also see visions of the future like him. Moreover, he probably saw that Mikey is depressed in the future so he tried to change that, so there are 2 possible outcomes from this:
    1: He either pushes takemichi in the tracks, as well as sharing his power with him so he can save Mikey.
    Or 2: Takemichi gets his powers by his own will to save Hina and leaps to the past. But Shinichiro sees that he changes a lot of things and eventually makes things worse for Mikey, so he tries to stop him by changing the future’s outcome in his favor whenever Takemichi is in the past.

    But to be fair we’ll have to wait till next week to see what truly is the case

  44. Hari Tamang より:


  45. Shade より:

    Maybe Shinichiro travelled back in time when he was on the verge of death just like takemichi because he thought about Hina in his last moments when he was getting hit by the train Here Shinichiro thought about Mikey

  46. Devpriya より:

    “what u did back then was merely a trigger ” — why do i feel tht senju is the trigger for shinichiro … Idk if its true ,but the word trigger can be indicating to smthng

    Moreover mickey said tht ” Shinichiro is a time leaper ” , which exactly means tht he is still alive !!!

  47. Nikko Esteves より:

    Actually, there are 3 timeline in the story that pushes Takemichi’s destiny in separate ways in order to save Toman and Mikey
    1st TL – Akkun
    2nd TL – Shinichiro
    3nd TL – ??? Either Mikey him self.

  48. ◇margona◇ より:

    The ony one who hit mikey like that was izana and then takemichi..
    Takemichi have a chance to win of he keep blocking mikeys kicks.
    I love how wakui didn’t let izana defeat mikey even though izana is so powerful even can be more than mikey . What if mikey lose to takemichi just like izana..remember izana lose fight because he saw shinichiro and emma besides mikey and get mentally exhausted. If something like that happen to mikey………..

  49. Michael Endale より:

    Hey guys what if Mikey accidentally killed Sanzu in the first timeline?? I feel like we saw slight different interpretations of that same moment when it was shown

  50. UGENESIS4EVA より:

    I was HELLA Shocked and it was the biggest “wtf” moment in the series. However if you think about it they’ve been hinting that Takemitchi is VERY similar to Shinichiro. It makes sense of how Shinichiro was able to bring the gangs together despite being weak.

    My questions now are, how did Kisaki know about time keepers and who pushed Takemitchi off the tracks in the first timeline.

  51. Worpe より:

    I’ve got 2 theories

    Theory 1:
    Shinichiro befriended waka and benkei to save Mikey , like how takemichi got involved with toman to save hina.

    Theory 2:
    Shinichiro may be alive in a different timeline

  52. Isaiah 63: 1-6 より:

    Hanma is still a time leaper!

  53. Rifat Ahmed より:

    Theory about chapter 268 I think sinichiro is not a time leaper mikey only said that because of his dark impulse my point here is dark impulse is mikey’s ability and waka he told mikey that dark impulse is a power of Mikey , and I think that Mikey can no longer control the dark impulse, that’s why he said that Sinichiro is the time leaper, we know that Sinichiro has been dead for a long time so it is impossible that he is a time leaper, maybe Mikey has gone crazy because of his dark impulse. So there is actually a time leaper too,

  54. Yamagishi kazushi より:

    Shinichiro was the one who pushed takemichi because he was afraid takemichi would screw up his plans to change mikey’s dark impulses, because as you said takemichi is irresponsible and is doesnt really know how the timeline works

  55. alfanzo sancho dan より:

    Explains why Mikey seemed like a time leaper

  56. Soumyadip Bhattacharya より:

    The ending of TR will be good for Mikey but not for Takemichi…because he had already chosen to sacrifice himself for the sake of saving Mikey in Bonten Arc…that was a good and happy future for Takemichi but not for Mikey so this time the opposite will happen…either everyone in Toman gang will forget who is Takemichi or he will die at the end to save everyone.

  57. samuel arumugam より:

    We want another Manga where shinichiro is MC

  58. Huqz より:

    Its quite interesting when mikey said darkness is born out of love and then said that shinchiro is a time leaper.. well does that mean that hina will gain dark impulse if hanagaki dies ?

  59. Gerald Paul H. Maningas より:

    Now I know now I think there only be one time leaper once the time leaper die the other one will become one who know this theory can be true or false

  60. TonyRockyWarrior より:

    I am happy about this, can’t still figure out how or why, but I am super intrigued now. Really hope this makes sense in the end, but I am happy that Shinichiro is involved in this, since even if he had little screen time, he was always so mysterious, he was a key character for the events and his presence can be felt throuout the whole story

  61. Mary Dah より:

    Yes I think Shinichiro is the one who pushed Takemichi on the rails
    Amazing video btw

  62. Theory Post より:

    So, my theory for the past months is correct and how shinichiro is the second timeleaper so let’s have a quick recap in my theory “Time Travel” will actually kill someone or slowly killing the Timeleaper itself so basically the more the timeleaper time travel he is slowly killing himself/herself because that person is actually not part of that time and “Time” actually kill someone that doesn’t belong that time I actually watch a movie has this concept as well. Shinichiro died because he is trying to save Mikey and Takemitchi will die as well because he is trying to save mikey so takemitchi will die because time is slowly killing him because he is not part of that time itself.

  63. rlly.not.kuny_. より:

    For when Mikey says “the dark impulse, born out of love” I think it means shinichiro loves him and knows he has the dark impulse so he tries time leaping so he could save him.

    And I think the trigger for shinichiro is someone who is close to him or someone who is close to Mikey. Like for takemichi, he’s dating hina and his trigger is naoto. And the bonten timeline where he died he held Mikey’s hand and time leaped.

    I don’t think the trigger is mikey because shinichiro doesn’t want his brother to be worried about his dark impulse and he wouldn’t just timeleap for no reason. And if mikey is the trigger shinichiro would probably tell him about his dark impulse.

    We got told that before wakasa informed him about his dark impulse he didn’t know anything about it, so it might not be him.

    I also think the more mikey holds his emotions in the more darkness that comes out of his dark impulse and when he gets angry his attacks will get faster and probably stronger.

  64. Lanz animations より:

    Funny enough i ship mikey and senju, ok camon guys i know im not alone

  65. sano{Yakuza)=violence より:

    yo that thumbnail of mikey looks sick and scary as hell

  66. FRSes ASENSIO より:

    ✓the first timeline:

    shinchiro was alive in the future so kazu didn’t kill him in the past.
    that mean one of two things which are:
    – kazu didn’t meet mikey at that time
    -or toman was not established.

    we all know that toman was established because of the black dragons. this mean that the black dragons was not established in the first timeline.

    shinichiro wanted to save mikey so when he returned to the past he decided to establish the black dragons, which is the cause of founding toman and which led to the timeline in which Takemichi was in the beginning of the story.

    ✓✓ mikey said that if the first timeline didn’t change, takimichi wouldn’t have gone
    through all this trouble.

    well, we all know that takimichi suffered because of kisaki at first.
    so i think that kisaki in the first timeline was not evil, this mean that takimichi was not a delinquent or did not dream of being the number one delinquent in Japan, That’s why Kisaki didn’t have to be a delinquent either.

    shinichiro when he went back in time and became the founder of the black dragons he may have met takimichi. Takemichi liked him and decided to become a delinquent like him.
    Maybe Taki doesn’t remember that.

    – it is just a theory.


    Hoped things would get better n understanding

  68. ja Morant より:

    It’s really all mikeys fault.

  69. fuyu&edward より:

    Personally I loved the scene where chifuyu teared up because he was proud of takemichi but worried for him at the same time

  70. Zhoufan より:

    I’ve had my doubts for Shinichiro from the beginning of the story cuz his death was a little mysterious to me. When Kazutora comes with a tool and was about to crack Shinichiro’s head open, Shinichiro didn’t even flinched a little and let Kazutora smash his head like it’s normal

  71. nFUnknown より:

    Hey Smarty when is the next episode estimated to be uploaded?

  72. John eldrich Valdez より:

    I think that mikey and takemichi is brother

  73. Baby Selena より:

    Shinnichiro is a time leaper

  74. Mimi Thinks より:

    The real question what happened to Mikey in shinichiro time line to mikey to where he had to save him. And who was that trigger that allowed shin to time leap?