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    Me first g✌️

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    Hi and w video I keep reading Tokyo revengers 267 over and over is super good!

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    I think that Mikey now will turn into a complete psychopat,no empathy no feelings,just thirst for blood,He will try to kill Takemitchy,because no matter how strong mikey is he still acknowledges Takemitchy as strong and knows he never gives up and alwaus gets on top

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    Where is kajotora

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    yo im early

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    Hi i love all your videos keep up the good work

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    At 6:13 is that really the coloured version of that manga panel, If yes then Why the train’s headlights are on !? … Umm … I guess some mistakes, OR …

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    I think Hanma, Sanzu and Chifuyu will play an important role in nex chap

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    Takemiche has advanced observation haki

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    We need mikey as good again

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    I think that if The Haitani Brothers get up and see That Kakucho dies Sanzu Rlly gonna say rip my live

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    I think senju play important role , I think senju and takemichi beat Mikey , takemichi help senju to read move

  19. saurav shingade より:

    I think mikey has split personality disorder. He always hide his emotions so it created another personality in him. As the other personality only want destruction. Whenever he is in dark impulses his other personality come out. He forget about everything.

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    Can’t wait for it

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    When you asked ‘who would match Takemichi’s durability’. We haven’t fully seen mikey’s durability, so that could be it or someone else

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    this show already has some of the dumbest female characters. emma and hinata make sakura haruno look profound. senju was the only last ray of hope when it came to having a good woman in the show, but even that is gone. her title, “Unmatched” has been completely humiliated and went down the drain. she lost to a metal object wielded by her brother. she fought fodder people in this gang war and all it would have been a lot better if she had been given the chance to exchange blows with sanzu. i cant expect her to go toe to toe wakasa and benkei. but her hype, her being the only female gang member and her title as the ”Unmatched” Senju went nowhere. the manga hasnt ended yet, i dont want to give up on her

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    Takemicchi….. Hmh 🙂

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    At this point it is almost impossible to stop mikey

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    Sir i think that tachemichi dose not have any power . It is just that when ever he change the past his future also change. And because of that he can see in time and can predict what will happen next . Since his future self have already experience it . And in future and past one on guy is living and that is him . so he can see future vision because of that

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    Amazing video as always


    I think ,takemichi can defeat mikey by using his ability .

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    The symbol on ur right arm is sfastika…

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    I guess the tragedy of Izana may happen again. Mikey is down and Sanzu is so obsessed with Mikey may use weapon to attack Takemichi. At last Mikey try to protect Takemichi and die. (Hope I m wrong)

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    I think Senju will play a major role in curing Mikey’s dark impulse, that is why Ken wakai hasn’t show Senju in like 30 chapters, and Senju is also Related to Mikey, I like to see Senju in the upcoming any chapters

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    thanks for making this video,, I can’t really wait for these chapters to get animated!

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    Yeah. Me too.. I like to see my girl senju help takemicchi.. Can’t wait for that. Thanks smarty bro.. Always great video.❤️

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    No words for next ch

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    Imagine if takemichi had a dark impulse too

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    That hand and the end is annoyingly long pls change it


    2,401th fiew

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    I still have taiju as my pfp lol I was really amazed by his return. But as for chapter 268 I am really excited about it and can’t stop thinking about the ending of Tokyo revengers.

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    bro i got a leak asap its confirmed that takemichi will almost knock mikey but sanzu will come and stab him it is confirmed by wakui sensei

  39. FeLix Navidad より:

    just imagine if kazutora interypted the battle like mikey in tenjiku and killed sanzu

  40. Aige より:

    Oh shit lets go man.


    I think senju will do something crazy that we cant expect lets see how kyan wakui sensei will intoduce hanma and chifuyu will definetly stand and will fight senju will fight with sanju/hanma

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    Omg if takemichi going to have dark impulse

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    Your intro is really something

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    For gods sake they need senju to beat mikey up

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    Came for 268 leaks left when there was no 268 leaks. Titlebait

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    As there was a rain, I think Takeomi will appear soon.

  47. Manish Sikdar より:

    Is takeomi second time leaper because he didn’t seem to see after 3 dets battle and sanzu know about time leaper through his brother takeomi

  48. Hunter より:

    It’s weird because a while back when we see the dad of Mikey he obviously looks like Takemichi and i said to my friend that we know Mikey gets dark impulses but what if Takemichi is actually related to mikey and has light impulses the opposite which are stronger I.e he can do time thing and when he goes into fight mode can actually not just predict through visions but end up slowing things down so he can move a bit more freely. very wild idea i know but the series has gotten a bit more wild lately

  49. revathi madhubabu より:

    The visions that takemichi saw many times about the future can make him stronger and would be able to fight against mikey.
    The rest of the toman members are
    surprised to see the power of takemichi I hope they are okay to fight and help to takemichi. I think
    Takemichi is more likely to get help
    from takeomi.but, this battle will not be the end.directer ken wakui may the flash backs of sanzu and hanma.

  50. AzKhn- より:

    So far just one death
    I feel like lots of shits gonna start soon

  51. devil gamer より:

    I think takemichi loose consciousness and goes in the state of dark impulsivity Unconsciousally

  52. KoniChiwa•(๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ より:


    Takemicchi will surely win the fight and after he win he will make a dangerous gang called taisyakuten and it will be the most brutal gang ever I don’t know what will happen to mikey after he lose

  53. ◇margona◇ より:

    I think mikey may mess something with time leaping ;that’s why he is given dark impulsivity as a punishment. What exactly sanzu mean by that ,”his fate has been sealed ever since he was a child, he have no choice but to follow the path of carnage.” ??
    I don’t think dark impulsivity is a mental disorder …it has to be something supernatural..mikey don’t even acts like a human when he have dark impulses; he seems like an whole another person.

  54. Daanii 123 より:

    Maybe takemichi will have impluse because he has seen alot of death and closest to him

  55. B. S. より:

    Thanks for spoilers review

  56. spaceking sora より:

    I think Takemichi is gonna lose his focus but in that time sanzu will attack him but Senju will step in before sanzu has the time to slash Takemichi then senju and Takemichi will find a way to cure Mikey’s dark impulses

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    I’ve seen it sooooooo badass

  58. E-pupluvsbooty より:

    I mean if we think about it takemichi was training beating a tire so I’d assume his punch got stronger but probably not as strong as mikey lol but dele un bid he can turn the tables for a while

  59. Latoya Thunderstar より:

    I think Kokonoi grasped Senju’s wrist and is keeping her safe from harm. As Senju does slightly resemble Akane. I do like the idea of Inupi having this one-sided crush on Senju. Princess Senju and her twin dragons Kokonoi and Inupi.

    Princess Senju would be more heartbroken for Manjiro and intervene by challenging Manjiro.

    Although, Kokonoi is known for stealing kisses. I like the idea of Kokonoi stealing a kiss from Senju to keep her from becoming hysterical for Manjiro vs. Takemichi.

    This Tuesday is so exciting for me. I will be happy if Senju returned with Kokonoi safeguarding her.

  60. julie thawng より:

    takemichi’s durabilty is insane

  61. Ashu deulkar より:

    Theory: If hinata will interfere in the fight. And Mikey hits hinata . Takemitchi will get dark impulses

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    Fruit Twitter account ID

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    Bro I think taco me and Taiju

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    This trash

  65. Tae Tae より:

    How he keeping up with Mikey

  66. Tae Tae より:

    Man I’m done with this manga now it had until the end smh worst ending all time I’ll just stick with one piece one punch man stuff that actually make sense

  67. Parveen Chauhan より:

    brother when this chapter will come please answer…

  68. Ar Mohammed Qayyum より:

    I’m not sure about this but I think takomi is in Mikey gang because in feature he was one of the member of bonten and we saw wakaso and benka

  69. madix ables より:

    Major Spoiler

    Shinchro is the time leaper

  70. Over_power_03 より:

    Just read chapter 268 any1 else?

  71. Phuc Yu Ho より:

    I might of been wrong about there not being another time leaper but my gosh were you idiots far off too lmfao shinichiro like what?

  72. Isabellaa より:

    I just read a chapter and it makes sense. This whole time Mikey was saying takimichi is like he’s older brother. I didn’t even notice it and it makes sense why shin had a lot of respect but we still don’t know the whole story 100%

  73. Steve Smith より:

    I was the one who guess shinichiro was time leaper