ULTRA INSTINCT MAKI? | Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 196 Spoilers Review #manga #jujutsukaisen

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Covering the spoilers that came out late tonight for Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 196!



    I wonder if Maki’s sword (the one that Mai created) is just an ordinary cursed tool or does it have some sort of special ability since Mai gave her life just to create the sword!

  2. Gentle Savage より:

    Can people with heavenly restriction use simple domain?

  3. HollowProductions より:

    Thank you random sumo and katana citizens

  4. Re Life より:

    Neo is not dead he is about to evolve again.

  5. Dyenobot より:

    This that hot off the press news

  6. Miguel Aldanotes より:

    Bruh I’m straight smiling. My girl enlightened! Let’s go!!

  7. killme 13 より:

    Keep Uploading Them Fast I’ll Keep Clicking

  8. Houston より:

    She has the same look on her face as Yuta when Ishigori unlocked his heart

  9. Chibuezem Johnson より:

    I love the pic of her smiling

  10. Tears-of -trinity より:


  11. Huge Wang san より:

    I really like your shorts of the breakdowns. It doesn’t stop me from watching your full breakdowns, but it’s a nice little taste so sustain us

  12. GOatJO より:

    JJK greatness

  13. Sleepy Times より:

    This whole chapter was just therapy for Maki

  14. Reggie T より:

    Holy shit

  15. Roderick Uzumaki より:

    Maki best girl!!!

  16. CaliburX4 より:

    Maki gets yeeted from the windows to the walls so uncle Sumo could teach her what Bruce Lee said all those years ago:
    “Don’t think, feel.”
    Excellent chapter!