TOKYO REVENGERS MANGA 267 – 268 PREVIEW | Takemichi Punched Mikey

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Tokyo Revengers Manga chapter 268 Leak

Tokyo Revengers Manga chapter 268 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Manga chapter 268

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  1. Furious Nation より:

    Takemichi is more stronger than mikey

  2. MAFIA 01 より:

    Why are people mad bro for mikey getting punched its obvious Takemitchy is gonna win cuz he’s the main character…

  3. Phuc Yu Ho より:

    this chapter was a 10.

  4. Phuc Yu Ho より:

    My prediction; I feel like this will repeat itself for a few more chapters. Takemichi will take some damage but ultimately it’ll end with Mikey being knocked to the ground several more times & probably having more fight left in him but he’ll look over and see Draken’s spirit laying there beside him and they’ll talk for awhile with both of them looking up at the night sky. It will end with Mikey forfeiting the battle with Takemichis side ultimately winning. How the story will conclude after that I don’t have any predictions but I do have a feeling that we will see Draken there but no one else can see him other then Mikey.

  5. ゴールドタイガーズ より:


  6. Joshua PROKING より:

    No no i don’t want takemichi to beat him,and Mikey losing his coolnes is totally uncool.i don’t want tr to end like this