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    Sanzu is a more hatable character but Kisaki was just too good broo

  12. Swachhotowa Basak より:

    Plot twist:- You are the final villain.

  13. Filip Spiroski より:

    I think that The Dark impulses of Mikey are unexpressed emotions that have been bottled up and when mikey gets emotional about something he just feel overwhelmed by all of them

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    Man Tokyo revenger is such a epic anime but your review make that more good

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  16. devil gamer より:

    Just like you say when baji killed mikey says he need darkness and use kisaki to use kazutora that he kill baji so i think when Mikey’s sister got killed by kazutora is that also Mikey’s plan at that time but when kisaki runs in tenjiku arc mikey don’t follow kisaki but takemichi and draken and in end mikey stop takemichi to kill kisaki

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    Was waiting for the vid

  18. Pop rok より:

    Next chapter we may not get any more flashbacks.We will straight jump to the battle scene.

    But iam really looking forward to Chifuyus reaction and Mikey being annoyed in the spoilers.

    Something crazy must have happened.

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  22. Lano Baban より:

    I knew mikey is the main villain from the beginning. But Kazutora was right for blaming mikey . It was mikey’s fault cuz he wanted kisaki to guide him . Even when Baji died kisaki gave some dirty speeches about kazutora and Baji that mikey didn’t care about what kisaki is saying he just quickly attacked Kazutora without listening to anyone and Mikey wanted Kazutora to die . What I’m still confused in is did really mikey knew about that kisaki is planing for kill Baji……. Cuz I think mikey wanted Baji to die to increase his strength by increasing his darkness . Just remember mikey said strength is not enough so for mikey darkness is also another important thing. But please someone tell me that did Mikey even cared about anyones’ death after all cuz I’m too confused

  23. Filip Spiroski より:

    Mikey has been the villain from the beggining,he wanted kisaki to lead him in the path of a criminal and corruption,I had a thought just now,i compared Mikey to Meruem from HxH who values only strength and brute force and darkness in the world

  24. lil dad より:

    I want to see Mikey lose so bad

  25. Filip Spiroski より:

    In the end Mikey is just a Character who wants to be saved,and wants someone to sray with him no matter what

  26. Lano Baban より:

    Even legends believe that it’s all Mikey’s fault . Kazutora was right about what he said before . So kazutora is a legend

  27. sky blind より:

    The dark impulse maybe the feelings of sadness he hides boiling out of control but sanzu being obsessed with mikey is something we need an explanation of

  28. Taiju shiba より:

    This guy needs to be saved

  29. Insertepicname より:

    I think the final villain was going to be his dark impulse

  30. ponytailmoth より:

    Theory: Possibly his parents death where the dark impulse is slowly started

  31. Ann " Shu より:

    I think there will be a great twist in the upcoming chapters

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    Smarty I wanna explain ya something in discord, the invitation u have in the about section of ur yt Channel is expired .
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  34. Aige より:

    Im so confused by mikey bro and now we know that in the valhalla fight those were his dark impulses i never knew that. I feel like in the next chapter he will start talkin about how takemichi is the light and kisaki was the dark.

  35. Infinity Pokeblader より:

    Either dark impulse mikey is just future mikey lime the theory you made or split personality. What if mikey grandpa ripped sanzu mouth and is just the reason for mikey getting DID

  36. Sammael F. Hell より:

    Is obvious that Mikey’s “darkness” is a personality disassociative disorder in which he unplugs himself, detaching from the painful reality, and let himself all the whole torrent of represed feelings (anger, and most prominently, sadness). coming that torrent out as an unstopable streak of violence against anyone near enough.
    In other words, he has been slowly becoming psychopathic without any real help on him, and is quite difficult if not impossible to change that now. Though we know certain main character will do, unless Sanzu and Hanma prevents it.

  37. Gavin Saldana より:

    Omg it’s getting crazy

  38. JiminxFilter :-[ より:

    I think kisaki is like an amplifier for Mikey’s dark impulsivity and hanagaki decreases those dark impulses. We have already seen in the bloody halloween where kisaki infuriated mikey and when mikey was literally going to kill kazutora suddenly, hanagaki appears and then his dark impulses started to decrease a little bit and I don’t think so that mikey would try to kill someone who he admires very much.

  39. Binod gaming より:

    Sanzu is 2 timelipar

  40. Binod gaming より:

    And takemichhi and Mikey dad are some related agee pata chal jayega sab.

  41. Latoya Thunderstar より:

    Haruchiyo is aware of how important Senju is to Manjiro. Senju might’ve stopped following the trio after the ✈️ event. This might be why Inupi is overprotective of Senju because Inupi was in charge of safeguarding Senju. Wakasa also showed safeguarding Senju.

    For Baji spin-off, I think Baji would rekindle his friendship with Senju. Although, Ryusei Sato could be friends with Senju. I do like how the black cat is connected with the three guys.

  42. Daniel Lord-Vera より:

    this is what I think will happen in the upcoming chapters 266-267 kazutora shows up to help fight Mikey and reveals that he was the 3rd time leaper.

  43. Nachotwist より:

    I think Hanma gonna pull a gun

  44. MorÐuz より:

    is he wanted kisaki to lead him why did he remove him from toman?

  45. Prerna Gupta より:

    where did ken wakui sensei post that mikey’s illustration?

  46. Mimi Thinks より:

    I feel like people shamed mikey on being a villain because of his strength not because of his actual self

    One point provide is senjus memory and what actually happened

  47. ES.WAVE14 より:

    Also I think we’ve all never seen Hanma being serious even for once ryte? Like he never fought seriously he always fight wit fund and never took the fights seriously he didn’t even get serious in a serious conversation…

  48. Huqz より:


    It gives me goosebumbs too see taki never give up even if he is about to die from mikey but whats interesting in the end of chapter 266 taki saw mikey’s move before he do it , so maybe he will be able to predict mikey’s move’s and avoid it and while that he will keep talkin to mikey untill the darkness go away. I hope so it still my theory after all

  49. Prince Vegeta より:

    we actually got a mediocre chapter today yay!