KAMO’S REDEMPTION | Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 194 Review (JJK Manga Spoilers And Discussion)

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Today I will be reviewing chapter 194 of the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. Pretty good chapter this week as it focuses more on Noritoshi and conceptualizes his character after the Shibuya Incident Arc

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  1. Elias より:

    Kamo respect +100

  2. Gray Yung より:


  3. Sayn より:

    I know this fight is meant to give Kamo Jr some development but damn I can really see Nobara returning in this fight. Naoya is extremely fast so taking him out by legit killing him and overcoming his speed is unlikely, and he might even have another form to unlock. Nobara works really well with team fights and given the amount of people Naoya is up against, just one piece is needed to fall off him for straw doll to work. Someone also needs to heal Maki and there is a high chance Nobara learned RCT/healing if she overcame her death.

  4. Se7en Sins より:

    Overall I think the chapter is refreshing and steps back from the fight with a nice change of pace. We have been seeing these constant fights and getting more on Kamo’s character is a nice breakaway. Great chapter

  5. Kazi Mahtab より:

    Kamo is a true homie.

  6. Orestis Veseli より:

    Man I remember a YouTuber saying that the theme of this arc is going too be family when reviewing the early chapters of the calling game and so far hiss assumption have been right the only main characters in this arc that don’t have some type of family issues that relate too this arc so far is only kashimo hikara and kirara but all of this characters are still active and we still haven’t really seen any back story out of eny of them so we might see something like that before the arc ends

  7. KOOLER MAN より:

    Since heavenly restriction amplifies a person’s natural capabilities and senses, it makes perfect sense that Maki has a more refined natural healing function than the average person. Something that would take the average person weeks or months to heal, can take her 5 minutes. It was also implied by Yuki that her heavenly restriction did save her from Jogos burns and that was pre-fully realized Heavenly restriction.

  8. Olamide Odupitan より:

    i was rewatching JJk and when the curses were planning their attack at Jujutsu High, they referred Sukuna/Itadori as a bomb to them and others. Even though, it was in a different context, maybe in the culling game, the bomb they may be referring to could be related to sukuna as we as readers haven’t seen him for a long time. Who knows

  9. Moos より:

    maybe patreon game: random spin for jjk char and then each player can use one of that players abilities and keep going on until theres a winner

  10. Mike Osco より:

    my goodness this manga is so good

  11. Kashif Reza より:

    Bruh feels like I haven’t seen your videos on here for a while.

  12. Drawingsagespaz より:

    Really good chapter

  13. art より:

    I think that the appearance of these 2 new characters is related to what his mother said in chapter 54, that someday kamo will be respected by the people he saves and then he will receive help when he needs it

  14. Jay Carter より:

    Truly a Peak Chapter The Fall and Rise of Kamo, Willing To put his life on the line without any regard of his life In order to To Exorcise The Curse “Naoya”. 10/10 Chapter.

  15. Ke’Shawn Kennedy より:

    kamo sacrificing his self for the greater good of his comrades would be cool and all but i want to see him survive and get stronger we’ve barely seen kamo do anything and for him to die in maybe his second major appearance would suck

  16. Sofía Carrillo Brito より:

    No, players can’t really leave colonies yet, Noritoshi said that Maki should leave because she is the only one that can. That’s why he also stated that they can’t afford to lose her in this battle because her ability to move around the colonies is extremely useful.

  17. Prabhat Deshmukh より:

    Can’t wait to see more of the new guys at the end, they seem like fun, and, it seems like the Culling Game is not ending anytime soon

  18. HADID KHALID より:

    Can You make Video on Reviewing your own Anime list, if you have.

  19. Jaason Jones より:

    ‘That right there made me the greatest of all time’
    -Noritoshi Kamo

  20. Neken Hill より:

    Am starting to think naoya might not evolve any further. This form is already so OP. Unmatched speed, tough exterior and insane physical prowess.

  21. Mr . Useless より:

    Gege in fanbook said something interesting about Vengeful Spirit

    That they can’t be exorcised .

    I wonder what that means and how they’re gonna beat naoya .

  22. Opposite_Hedgehog_75 より:

    Not going to lie. I like Kamo more than Megumi

  23. Vedant tiwari より:

    I thought it was just some random family ,not Kamo’s Mother like damn.

  24. bunny likes burger より:

    pretty sad chapter

  25. Rishabh より:

    Kamo respect 1000+
    That quote is easily in top 3 quotes

  26. Moolcazy より:

    A blood manipulation user with reverse curse techniques would be OP
    Being able to make more blood

  27. Pranav より:

    Since Mai death is natural ….aka lack of curse energy…..there is slight chanse that she can also return as curse…………

  28. Melon Lord より:

    It’s really refreshing to see that despite the tragic events of shibuya and just being a jujutsu sorcerer in general there still seems to be a lot of heart and love in these sorcerers, especially Kamo. It honestly made me really love his character. I’m really impressed by the level of resolve he’s showing here as well. He’s willing to die for this

  29. YaboiPlank より:

    noyaa mightve violated mai similar to shinji-sakura vibes from fate

  30. Cortez Santana より:

    I looked at that scene as Kashimo using the net like a bull-fighter

  31. Ke'Sean Lee より:

    I relate to kamo on a deep lvl the whole fight has put him third fav character but he’s gone realize his home is with his friends and family all his needs is more power…Crazy naoya really is crazy powerful yet kamo eating attacks and counter attacking btw Kamo blood is poison to him now that he’s a curse you’d think he wouldn’t take any chances since Choso was a curse and his blood is poison to humans and kamo blood is poison to curses he lowkey got stronger and from im seeing is going to unlock something new during this fight…but that story of his really hits home

  32. kastriot destani より:

    The only JJK videos I watch

  33. Hello より:

    I feel so bad for Kamo and I feel like after that fire speech of his, he might die during this arc. Not right now, but maybe later on in this arc. But no joke this chapter has solidified Kamo as one of my favorite characters in JJK. Also I have a question about 3 characters: So do you think Nobara is dead or not and if she isn’t, do you think she’ll come back soon or not? And second, do you think Todo or Inumaki might come back for some character moments and development or do you think they are just gonna be out of JJK considering their injuries? I kinda hope Inumaki will come back cuz I find that his entire character could be wasted potential due to his CT and in the official fanbook, Gege said there was a policy in the jujutsu world for all Cursed speech users to die off so i think it would be interesting to touch on in JJK.

  34. shay solomons より:

    Hmm maki’s and kamo’s mom getting sentimental stuff

  35. jalenjohnson0339 より:

    I love how Kamo he was willing to give up his life for his friends so that they can continue to change the jujutsu war and beat Kenjaku. But man it must have been heartbreaking when he saw that his mom had started a new family and all his efforts to get her to be a part of the family was for nothing but he still continues to keep fighting. All in all Kamo is becoming a underrated character so far.

  36. Jean The Machine より:

    I’m happy that Kamo is receiving some love, he’s underrated AF

  37. Bolt より:

    We already knew that Kamo was a without a doubt at the level of a strong first grade sorcerer but in my eyes Kamo is way stronger than both Nanami and Toudou, i have no doubt about it. I’m praying that Gege won’t kill Kamo off because he has Megumi levels of potential not just in power but also in character, Kamo already said how both him and Megumi were the same.

  38. Loky Lock より:

    So norotoshi all of a sudden turns in to rengoku from demon slayer wtf that guys a trash can never once liked him, I thought Megumi or yuji would end up killing him for sure

  39. Vipero 06 より:

    I think the to knew ones would be relatives to noritoshi in some wat way and the Sumo and katana are Thier cursed technique Abilities and It might be a binding vow that if they yell it out it increases power

  40. Isekaizen より:

    KAMO THE GOD!!!!

  41. UnifiedEntity より:

    Well Maki, you better step up before Kamo dies!!!! Cause I will be pissed

  42. King Dre x 29 より:

    This battle need to end for real

  43. leng skeng より:

    culling games getting boring now

  44. Darrow Johnson より:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Kamo’s use of blood manipulation? Despite having limited blood, the creativity he’s been displaying throughout his fight with Naoya has been pretty cool to see even though he’s getting washed. My highlights:
    – Kamo partially dissolving his blood bow in order to block Naoya’s punch
    – Kamo making giant blood caltrops to help Maki
    – Kamo circulating his blood to form tentacle like appendages and to minimize blood loss
    – Kamo forming a blood net
    – Kamo spitting blood onto hand and using it as spiked brass knuckles
    – Kamo saying “my companions lives will burn brightly on my ashes” and we see blood surrounding him that look like flames

    I really like how Gege isn’t making Kamo a Choso lite and instead making him stand out in his own way. Hoping to see Kamo shine more now that Naoya seems like he’s been poisoned.

  45. Cyrese より:

    Damn i was waiting on your chainsaw man review. Im here though!

  46. Zata Darat より:

    I think naoya said in the first chapter its refference to his speed when he was child(human) he can’t go too fast because his body can’t take it and when he is adult(curse) he can reach the speed that he can’t do before. And kamo said “set my life ablaze” make me remember rengoku “set your heart ablaze”.

  47. Thoriq Anwar より:

    “why don’t we ask mai?” have another implication though. Knowing Naoya’s attitude towards women in his family, there’s possibility that Naoya, at some times, violated and rap*d Mai without Maki’s notice.

  48. xTi7 より:

    I heard someone else say on a different review that Naoya’s “adult” line when referring to Mai can actually be interpreted as Naoya forcing himsef on Mai at some point, which also explains why Maki was THAT mad at him. Knowing Naoya, i wouldnt be surprised if that was the case.

  49. 1ofthedeafmute より:

    Great review can’t wait for the chainsaw man reviews

  50. Olisa Nzeribe より:

    Hahaha in the past 3 colonies we’ve had a time limit of sort for our main cast. We’re definitely going to get more info about heavenly restriction in this colony. Maki is gonna get her time to shine

  51. Dan Wiley より:

    This chapter was so damn good. Kenjaku is a piece of chit. He really fucked over a lot of people.

  52. Lighting Dragon より:

    Okay so when Maki said “when were you ever and adult” to Naoya and Naoya responded by saying “ask Mai”, was he mocking Mai’s death by saying she’ll never grow up to become an adult…..or was that a very dark implication. You know like did Naoya do adult things to Mai against her will.

  53. Calvin de Leon より:

    Lets go

  54. Khalduras より:

    I disagree with 1 part about the mother. Kenjaku didnt cause anything in regards to her. She was ostracized and forced to leave because there’s no place for a “disgusting slutty concubine” in the clan. Kamo then decided to dedicate his life to becoming clan head so that he could make it where he has the right to allow his mother to stay with him in the clan. Him failing to be clan head has nothing to do with what his mom is doing *by now* (after all its already been over a decade since she was forced to leave)

    Kamo simply failed to take what his mother thinks and do into his plans. His mother had already *long* moved on from the past so id say even if kamo did become clan head, she wouldnt have returned either way. That’s the tragedy with kamo here imo

  55. Neil より:

    This is easily my favorite moment of the Culling Games so far. Kamo is really that guy bro. He really showed off his creativity this chapter, and even if it all amounts to nothing, it’s still pretty impressive. Also, I feel like those guys at the end coming to save Kamo has something to do with Kamo’s domain. Somethings telling me that Kamo’s domain will allow him to create blood clones of his relatives or people close to him (family blood and all that stuff yk). They are most likely random characters tho, because the guy on the right seems to have a Kappa inspired technique (the dish on head and him yelling sumo).

  56. Justsomeguy22 より:

    Man so since Naoya is a vengeful spirit does that mean he could be around rika level or would he be significantly weaker?

  57. Mamoru Chiba より:

    That “why don’t we ask Mai” implying that Mai knew if Naoya is an “adult” or not.. which means.. something probably ever happened.. something adults do but kids’s don’t.. or maybe it’s all just bluff I hope so

  58. Mamoru Chiba より:

    I’m sad for Kamo.. These two new characters could change the game flow, moreover if they got DE.

  59. Aditya Khazanchi より:

    I really feel for Noritoshi at this moment and liked his mindset about sacrificing himself. Doesn’t feel old or cliche because he really feels like there’s no place for him on either side of the world. His mother remarried and have another child and he failed to become the next clan head. He’s not needed in both the jujutsu world and the everyday world where his mother belongs, unlike maki who has a reason to be alive and to keep fighting, although no place to call home since there’s no zenin clan anymore, Noritoshi seems to have lost not only his goal but also his motivation as a person. It will be interesting to see what he does next and where his character goes in the story because unlike the rest of the characters we know, he’s the only one who has been lost in terms of their place in the story.

  60. Cosmic Riser より:

    dying to win and risking death to win are two different things
    kamo is about to risk death to win here
    so he is gonna get something in return
    (kind of like a binding vow)

  61. rulthlessrudy より:

    This manga has been going so hard every week has been passing my expectations

  62. Mr. Buns より:

    Hopefully having cursed blood doesn’t cause him to get some nasty diseases.

  63. Majestic Chocolate Rabbit より:

    Oh thank God. I was worried we were getting a fight without someone getting jumped.

  64. Lou Dark より:

    im getting bored with the story and maki. hopefully this story will end soon so we can get bsck to yuuji and the thunder master, angel and megumi, and the race to free gojo, in short the main plot!

  65. Marcus より:

    it’s “patrons” not patreons, just so you know

  66. Nick Miceli より:

    Maki is allowed to travel between colonies I don’t think a rule was added

  67. Kami より:

    Naoya isn’t that powerfu… he’s just lucky to have been matched with sorcerers around his strength… it would take Yuuta less than two minutes to beat him

  68. Zlatan Ibrahimovic より:

    Definitely feel like Maki and Yuta are turning into the new Gojo and Toji. People in the series often see and reference it or the author himself. Yuta has infinite cursed energy potential and Maki has none. They currently seem to have 5 minutes implemented in their abilities too. Yuta can use everything for that time and Maki needs that time to recover. Definitely interested to see if they converge. Especially if it just happens to be at chapter 200. That would be a sight to see

  69. Alive and well in Israel より:

    I really don’t think Naoya is stronger than Kashimo. Hakari was practically invincible with infinite cursed energy and still couldn’t really beat him outright, and the guy hadn’t even used his CT. I’d say Naoya is stronger than Yuta’s opponents though.

  70. Hate Me B1tch より:

    New characters!! Yes! They’re going to team up, hold him for a while while maki comes in and finish it.

  71. Daniel Oyeleye より:

    Top 10 cursed technique? Idk about that but it’s pretty strong and versatile.
    That is a lot to ask of Noritoshi, I mean 5 minutes? He’s getting beat up by Naoya rn. These new players might help and the one saying sumo most likely has a kappa related cursed technique cuz of the plate on his head.

  72. jase276 より:

    Have to say, I’m really digging Kamo’s fresh new cut. I’m glad that other players are intruding into this fight. With a “culling war” there’s really been a small number of people thus far. Like, I expected waaay more fights with the main cast being interrupted by other players. Especially considering their fights tend to make their way to other sides of the location, lol. Only Itadori’s took place entirely in one building. Not that chaotic of an event in hindsight. Only Yuuta’s fights had interruptions and that’s only because his opponents have been in a long stalemate already and were watching each other’s every move.

  73. Theblankminer より:

    Wouldn’t being able to pull blood back into your body from the outside also bring in dust and debris? Wouldn’t it be kind of a double edged sword?

  74. James Lewis より:

    Do you think this naoyos final form or should we expect another transformation

  75. James Lewis より:

    I love that fact that naoya didn’t lose his personality alive naoya would said the same thing cursed naoya said to Maki

  76. FunK N BoP より:

    Idk if anyone has already mentioned this but when the new characters enter in the end, the ground is divided into like perfect squares. This could just be how the ground looks but I feel like it being all perfect like that amongst this battle seems unlikely. I was thinking it might be part of the new characters techniques. Sumo and maybe to a degree sword fighting takes places in a set area. Just a thought. Keep up the videos buddy!

  77. DwightSmith より:

    4:07 i could be wrong but i read today that this is a translation error and it actually means he is faster than anything Kamo knows but his durability is not as strong as Hanamis. And that he can actually damage him pretty “easily” unlike with Hanami. His durability is only an issue when Naoya starts to speed up but other than that he isn’t nearly as durable as Hanami.

    Edit: ah okay forget the second part of my comment as you already talked about it haha. But the translation might be corrected in the official volume

  78. Micheal Justus より:

    That line about Mai was ment to be like he slept with Mai

  79. Fumky より:

    the official translaion says his toughness barely compares to hanasmi

  80. Carmel より:

    Set your heart ablaze!

  81. Jøri Pøri より:

    4:12 In the official translation, instead of saying “…A lot higher than that, at the least.” it’s translated as “…He barley compares to that thing.” The unofficial translation might be a bit off, it makes more sense that Hanami is tougher.

  82. HSuperLee より:

    I feel like there have to be complications to circulating blood outside the body. If nothing else, it seems like it would be really easy for the blood to pick up contaminants, which you really don’t want in your bloodstream. Unless the technique somehow allows the blood to be purified before it re-enters the body.

  83. shirota ron より:

    Naoya’s remark about Mai implies that he took advantage of her as an ‘adult.’ He is such an ass.

  84. Tyreese the Mad Scientist より:

    I haven’t been able to keep up with Jjk because I started Steins;Gate and can’t stop watching. I am attached to it

  85. lazy alpaca より:

    You guys remember yuji lol