Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 194 Spoilers!

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More Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers!! These are sorta saucy though! Please Like and Subscribe and thanks for watching!

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  1. Mannu Jc より:

    I bet you that sumo guy is the one from the example Yuji used when fighting Higuruma concerning Old Domain Expansion. If its him and they team up then maybe they will try to prevent Naoya from going turtle form with their Domain.

    Another idea that I find cool would be the primogenitor who uses his swordsmanship to counter Cursed Techniques. I mean its about time we have a full introduction to New Shadow style.

  2. Ok Roomer より:

    Was waiting for this

  3. Opposite_Hedgehog_75 より:

    I wait for more

  4. Jon_ oVo より:

    Man I’m already ready for chapter 195

  5. cecily tait より:

    Plz change your intro it’s not 2012

  6. Gentle Savage より:

    Maybe nobara returns and saves maki and noritoshi from naoya. Maybe nobara can use her CT to damage naoya from the inside?

  7. Pranav より:

    So we can see 3rd years students…..

  8. Necrow より:

    I hope the sword guy is Kusakabe, we haven’t seen him since shibuya

  9. Tears-of -trinity より:

    jfc, the clan new gen members are just so fucked up right now, huh?

    megumi- loses his teacher, is gonna lose his best friend, lost another close friend, his sister is cursed, is exhausting himself to save her, has to bear the weight of toji’s dark legacy on his shoulders.

    maki- tries to protect her sister, her father almost kills her, her clan hates her, her sister died, she’s struggling against naoya.

    kamo jr- his clan hates him, he can’t see his mother anymore, then he gets kicked out, goes to see his mother, only to find out she started a whole new family and abandons him entirely….

    give these kids a fuckin break.

  10. Isaac Owusu より:

    Knew Heavenly restriction severely enhanced its users but never thought it also enhanced their healing abilities. For Maki to be able to recover from that kinda injuries in 5 minutes is insane.