Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 193 Spoilers!

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More Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers!! These are sorta saucy though! Please Like and Subscribe and thanks for watching!

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  1. FrostazulXIII より:

    Ok new intro hype!!!

  2. sky32 より:


  3. Opposite_Hedgehog_75 より:

    I kind of known Naoya will beat them

  4. emmanuel boakye より:

    Thanks for the update,is naoya speciale grade

  5. The Capitol G より:

    Although Naoya is definitely having his fun this chapter and probably next, I feel Maki will still pull out the W somehow. And prolly kill him in a hella brutal fashion this time

  6. Kevin Kituli より:

    Naoya doing that ia kind of in character with him. He did have a thing for the twins especially maki with her being sassy. Naoya living the dream this chapter

  7. Black Bear Senpai より:

    So from what I can see from the Text Leaks I was wrong on some things that I couldn’t tell from the panels.

    1. Naoya had froze the air using his cursed technique

    2. The explosion was Naoya attacking Maki and Mach 3 speeds, which explains why she could barely react.

    Otherwise we’ll get some more clarity with the chapter! Thanks for watching!

  8. Re Life より:

    So MPS 3 is as fast or faster than sound

  9. AnthonyJames より:

    If you can do a Sunday video please do, but only if you have the time and energy!
    And thanks for the spoilers bro!