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  1. Akshay Sharma より:

    Hi bro

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    Always first…

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    Yayy. Its out!!

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    18 sec

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    Smartly how are you ?

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  8. I Stalk Ghosts より:

    Draken’s death has to be explained. I don’t give zero f**k about emma and draken as a “pair”. And I’m using this word very loosely for these two characters

  9. Devesh Tripathi より:

    bro where can I read the spinoff?

  10. Nganthoiba Khuman より:

    pls give a heart:)

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  12. Idhant Tickoo より:

    Starting to lowkey hate Sanzu

  13. pooponmadara より:

    I think he will gift him that bike .. I think that’s what he said

  14. jm fordaliza より:

    Bruh i swear Sanzu tryna fill the void that Kisaki left ever since he died. But his existence alone complicates everything.

  15. audeo songs mp3 より:

    In the episode 11 hanma says that (the strongest and the worst bosozoku alliance in kanto will be born soon)this mean hanma know much more about the future than any one else . this according to my thought .

  16. IamRoshan より:

    Can you make youtube debate shorts of who is stronger ?
    cause we want to hear it from you,and you can explain why the character is stronger
    cause people are having a war on who is stronger

  17. Amon Haokip より:

    Well thinking of kisaki reminds me of draken smarty brother can you tell us what will happen if draken was alive pls

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    I am back bro have you remembered me

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    I love your videos it amazing

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    Who is the artist at 6:06?

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    I have only this day to see your videos as I am having college so sorry

  22. bonten より:

    Belive me one peace gonna be so short in compare to tokyo rev

  23. theoring side より:

    We are seeing the king’s history

  24. BOTxSIRU より:

    Every died person is back and get views

  25. BiiTo_Tempest より:

    Its a mystery, where was Sanzu when Kisaki was in play? But both have a lot in common

  26. Imtiaz Jhalak より:

    Hey bro plz tell me who is Ryusei satou ? New character?

  27. Mary Dah より:

    I knew it! Sanzu always wanted to take Draken’s place. Actually, I thought that because he made his hairstyle really look like Draken’s

  28. Anime editzz より:

    Can U give me your insta i will inform u everything I know, btw which country are u

  29. Priyanshi Chauhan より:

    Maybe both hanma and sanzu r obsessed with mikey at this time and probably he’s the second time leaper, all this being his revenge tour once he mentioned mikey’s fate was sealed since he was a kid what if that day when mikey gave him scars he has set out to cause mikey to lose everything he loves, leading him to say mikey is destined for carnage

  30. Ponleu Lakaka より:

    Baji and draken will be back 100%

  31. Monique Burgos より:

    Interesting that Mikey cried in front of Takemichi and wanted to be saved in the future timeline.

  32. Gilddarts SAL より:

    Can u plz give me the link of spin off manga???

  33. sfmarc より:

    now that you’ve mentioned that someone might have changed the timeline since mikey didn’t have blood on his hand, maybe someone could also change the timeline where draken almost got shot and save him from the person who shot him and we’d have draken back alive

  34. Mvk より:

    here’s the thing tho.. they were trying to kill Takemichi but Draken ended up saving him cause Inui told him something was up. question is who told Inui about it? someone knew he’d warn Draken

  35. Md Arib より:

    Bro kisaki ain’t back it’s just a flashback

  36. kaneki kun より:

    Oh now I realized why mikey didn’t cried in front of others when draken was almost died during bloody Halloween

  37. Silver より:

    We still don’t know sanzu’s backstory and the story of the Pierrot and the reaper of hanma.
    I have a bad feeling about hanma and sanzu..

  38. MR SASUKE より:

    myan u deserve tons of views why the fuck People is unawre about your content

  39. Owl gaming より:

    Fun fact : Kazutora and baji don’t know that shop belongs to Mikey’s brother

  40. devon major より:

    Kisaki is dead but he was important for future Mikey and toman its still connected but I’m pretty sure Mikey is the second time leaper and sanzu was only recently introduced to make more sense of the trigger and how dark impulse- future Mikey work it will be revealed soon though. I thought it could be hanma but he seems more like the draken of kisaki. Adding sanzu as a i.portant character really throws things off slightly

  41. Ammar Shaco より:

    Bad video, wast time, just remove it it will be better

  42. Aige より:

    Holy shit bro these chapters is getting crazier man revealing so much lol.

  43. XNOZ FF より:

    Intro song nname