Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 130 Raws

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Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 130 Raws

Manga (Baki Dou 2018) by Keisuke Itagaki

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  1. Aymar29 より:


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  3. Clement Ray より:

    So Ig the fight will start next chapter

  4. Sai Sai より:

    Other characters:* kill t rex, solo’d 100 soldiers, stop an earthquake, have a bullet proof body, turn coal into diamond
    Kaheya:* do trick from tiktok

  5. 赤い彗星 より:


  6. Ér¡ck L0ra より:

    Mmmta madre,itagaki es mas lento que una tortuga,con razón en 30 años la historia no avanza nada a comparación de la de one piece que hasta menos años tiene

  7. Seth Tone より:

    I dunno what they said but Retsu used to do the chair crap…..He was the real man.

  8. EnzoEnzoEnzo より:

    His legs are so strong that he can open a water bottle with a kick and make The cap fly, also sit without a chair.

  9. ihonestlydon'tcare より:

    a story about modesty and stuff. sukune was made too smug and seemed too powerful, so he landed straight on his huge ass. this guy seems just humble and normal, which will propably get him a better place in the cast. you know, just a guy to relate to. HOWEVER i can be very very wrong, as you can predict baki even worse than jojo and that was a comic that had a fight with a guardrail

  10. Grant Mitchell より:

    I thought he was fighting doppo what happened?

  11. dara jabar より:

    No action…? Boring

  12. Tech より:

    Nice this guy doesn’t skip leg day

  13. Violent Boy より:

    Did anybody notice that this punching bag poop’s while standing???? Now that’s impressive

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  17. 不確定性原理 より:

    相撲編のラスボスは蹴速かな まずジャックと蹴速が闘って蹴速の神速キックがジャックの口顎にクリーンヒットして顎が外れて噛道敗れてジャック退場からの刃牙との対決?


    Would’ve been better if he kicked it so hard it twisted and shut from the opposite direction

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