Tokyo Revengers 263 spoilers (English), Tokyo Revengers 263 Leaks

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Tokyo Revengers episode 263
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Spoilers
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Leaks
Tokyo Revengers ch 263
Tokyo Revengers 263


  1. Karma Akabane より:

    First I love your videos keep up the great work

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    congrats you hit 1k!

  3. Mangal Singh より:

    I’m fast sae

  4. Goobert the Hashira より:

    Sorry for the late spoiler video guys, the leaker said there was a water leak at WSJ so the spoilers weren’t gonna be released until Monday, so I went to bed and then i realized they got released right after I fell asleep.

  5. Mangal Singh より:

    I’m fast see v

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  7. kobeni より:

    We need to get you to million ASAP

  8. Sohail Sarif より:

    I think Mikey’s one of the reason for his dark impulses is his parents death

  9. Sohail Sarif より:

    I also think that because of all of the people’s death that Mikey loved very much had made him suffer from the dark impulse

  10. Moss Moloi より:

    We should help this guy reach 1 million subscribers

  11. X-Rule より:

    Well it is confirmed that mikeys mom died because of an illness she has and his father died during an accident and if you watch closely you can see that the building behind sanzu and baji is the sameone which is behind mikey and draken so it’s possible that they are all together in that scene. And i think we were all mislead by the story senju said cuz she said herself she only heard some parts of it. The theory for this is that maybe the 3 kids in the scene where mikey kicked this kid marked sanzu and because of that mikey became angry and said to sanzu he shall laugh which explains why sanzu said during the Kanto manji arc that it was merely a trigger back then

  12. Karl Devine より:

    kakucho and draken deaths ruined this story fuck mikey and sanzu

  13. Jashandeep Singh より:

    Losing his parents at such a young age is really Horrible

  14. NML WES より:

    Congrats on 1k bro

  15. NML WES より:

    Why isn’t haruchiyo a founding member

  16. kys.egowrldツ より:

    I’m pretty sure the guy he kicked was the leader of the gang he took down before he met draken, in episode 6

  17. kys.egowrldツ より:

    Also, the panel with sanzu could have been the fact that someone, maybe associated with the gang that mikey took down, came for mikey but instead cut sanzu, and mikey could’ve been holding sanzus face the help, and the dark impulse eyes we see is because mikey was angry that someone did this, so mikey told sanzu to smile to see how deep the cuts were, then senju walked in

  18. NelielTuOderschwank より:

    That boy that got kicked looks like Pah. I mean he is a founding member and Mikey had to meet him at some point

  19. 8037 Anmol Sharma より:

    Emma father is same but different Emma’s mother is we see that she (red lipsticks) left her when she was 3 year old…emma also got her father’s hair

  20. 8037 Anmol Sharma より:

    mikey dark impulse video

  21. 8037 Anmol Sharma より:

    Goobert san would u create video for letter of Keisuke Baji?

  22. Amex Tra より:

    Mikey’s dad looks just like Takemichi. Mikey’s dads look + his brothers charisma and personality = Hanagaki

  23. Yakstar Lion より:

    Thanks fir explaning it man i just could not understand so the toy has nothing to do with it gatcha

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  25. YUKI AOKI より:


  26. Sahil Sawant より:

    His hand are clean i think senju not know that she misunderstood some of the points that why Mikey would say laugh

  27. Moreshwar Chatarkar より:

    1:48 She has Cancer!!

  28. Fsyaa_ Gz!! より:


  29. The Worlds Worst Channel You Have Ever Seen より:

    Imagine this plot twist. Senju was the master mind?

  30. Libanzi Hlalu より:

    This is just a theory but what if Mikey and takemichi are brothers BC Mikey’s father does look a lot like takemichi and not to mention that Mikey has said multiple times that takemichi resembles his older brother shinochiro and has said takemichi is like a older brother to him that’s why he befriended him in the first place idk this is just a theory that could be accurate or not.

  31. rengoku flames より:

    congrats for 1k subscribers and if Mikey is strong would his father be the one who taught him
    or mikey’s parents death made him obsessed with trying to be strong to protect people that are close to him

  32. Muhamad Syazwan より:


  33. Sofía krens より:

    I hope that mikey’s impulses were due to something serious and strong and not due to a plane, although we will know that soon