DON’T TOY WITH ME, MISS NAGATORO Ep. 1 | DUB | Senpai is a bit… / Senpai, don’t you ever get angry

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  1. Crunchyroll Dubs より:

    Watch episode 2 here!

  2. Maximus GoodmEmE より:


  3. WitRice より:

    Fun and cursed lke my head

  4. Maddie Keliinoi より:


  5. Maddie Keliinoi より:

    Omg I’m dieting lol

  6. Maddie Keliinoi より:


  7. The DOOM Slayer [Satire Filmz] より:


  8. Cj Karate Boy より:

    She’s horrifying

  9. Pancake より:

    My day was doing just fine until I watched this

  10. Gameoholic1994 より:

    19:17 BOY, I SAY, BOY! What is the sense of letting that woman over there push you into the river and get your shirt and britches wet? Boy, you oughta have some respect for yourself. Pick your head up now, boy, and tell that there Nagatoro that you ain’t putting up with her preposterous behavior anymore.

  11. Francis Sun より:


  12. KrispyCookie より:

    9:55 Bro When That Music Kicks In Tho

  13. Bruchett より:

    Nagatoro sounds a lot more playful than the Japanese version which made me feel bad for the main character (during the first episode)

  14. Andrew Skinner より:

    Senpai’s face at 17:53 is one I know too well. It’s the “What did I do to deserve this and when will it end” face.

    Also, if I had a quarter for every time I heard “Why you gotta be so mean to me” from someone who just bullied me, I’d have graduated from college debt-free.

  15. Parker Robichaud より:

    Why is she so obsessed with him

  16. Just_a_ Eric より:

    does anybody know if there is going to be another season somewhere this year?

  17. Tohofan122 より:

    At work watching Nagatoro
    I’m not gonna complain. Gotta find a way to kill time till chapter 108 drops.

  18. Supreme Raizen より:

    Two Piece has already come out? Oh no, One Piece has the trash Boruto-like spin-off.

  19. tails plays with friends より:

    Hey left eye my her look like an attic

  20. OLIVER DIAZ より:

    I´ve been reading the manga for a couple of months now, and i like how both are so mature now, helping each other with their passions. I forgot that the series started with abuse!

  21. King Dior より:

    Casimir number

  22. isaiah delima tomita より:

    im dieng of cringe 3:48

  23. 22. Yemima Luna Amidala より:

    Wait a minutes.. *gasp* ayo is actually got senpai

  24. Windyy より:

    What the (non child friendly word)

  25. Windyy より:

    I almost died of cringe and am currently digging ma grave brb in the year 69420

  26. NFS Beast より:

    A PERFECT 10!

  27. Izzy_TheOG96 より:

    Nagatoro is sus

  28. Das da SLAYER より:

    see this why i am mastering an unbetable technique

    G U N

  29. Norman Shanley より:

    Still cant believe the one the voice acted nagatoro is lily pichu fron offline TV hahaha

  30. Joemar Valentin jr. Valentin jr. より:

    I’m literally proud he literally ain’t simp

  31. Kendrick より:

    If a girl hits you annoys you flippin smacks you or sum. Hit em with a 9

  32. Josephine Ekpe より:

    She’s rude I’m never seeing this again

  33. Gyyuu Yyyrue より:

    Nothing compared to Uzaki-chan.

  34. Ian Dumanig より:

    its like fnf

  35. LL より:

    It’s hard to enjoy this anime, when you aren’t a maschoist

  36. Sunky The Hedgehog より:


  37. jhon aristotle estrada より:

    you shud mayk won more like ep2

  38. bopak&boom より:

    senpai is just a punching bag for everyone

  39. jhon aristotle estrada より:

    crunthrol onle mayks ep1s

  40. Ya Boi GamerDouji より:

    Why does no one but Senpai have eyes?

  41. Spider and Mosquito より:

    Until I die, it will always be funimation

  42. your mama wants to buy Robux for you より:

    This is great

  43. Chance's より:


  44. Kristoffer より:

    I have a feeling nagatoro asked her friends to come here in the library so she can talk to senpai.

  45. Erafune より:

    23:14 – 23:24 this riff is just soooooooo goood. And I love the bit where Nagatoro swings her spagetti arms – I swing my spagetti as well ^^

    Sheesh the first episode was brutal, the little vixen is trolling this guy to ptsd. Rest of the episodes Nagatoro shows much cooler sides though.
    A must watch if you like flirtatious and badass girls. Nagatoro is unlike any other anime girl I’ve seen. Very refreshing. And wholesome. Wholesome abuse lmao.

  46. Fisch fight より:

    nagatoro are to hot for me (:

  47. jose guerrero より:

    16:59 me personally I would never take that kind of disrespect

  48. Kaboom より:

    the wole thing with nagatro and sempi is always a flirty relationship form the start

  49. senpai-kun より:

    why is nagatoro such a pain ;-;

  50. Beanos より:

    16:50 oh god it could teleport

  51. Insane より:

    I really don’t like the way they handled the ~push in the anime. 19:10 . In the manga it felt more serious cause he fell on the pavment and it looked like he could have actually gotten hurt. Idk… playing it for laughs wasn’t a good change in my opinion

  52. Beanos より:

    19:12 my guy just *Sonic Spin Dashed*

  53. dane montgomery より:

    Every time I hear his voice I just hear deku. Gross

  54. XxxxxSUSXxxxx より:

    S u s

  55. MacaroniMan より:

    Just a good anime
    Mr. crabs in the start: *still finding money*

  56. Rita Erhabor より:


  57. Ghozt より:

    The one piece reference ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  58. princesskalaniazayla より:


  59. Rita Erhabor より:


  60. Aiden Deguzman より:

    first time watching and I already like it.

  61. gamer god より:

    the one piece reference is how i know this anime is for me already

  62. HowlBeast より:

    Japanese is way better but I do like her English voice

  63. Kyla Linsey より:

    I love Navarro 😀

  64. Kyla Linsey より:


  65. DJ airsoft and gaming より:

    she’s legit the rude version on spongebob

  66. Bloxer Gaming より:

    Pov:me watching like I’m chill :POV I’m cringing in death

  67. Matthew Marshall より:

    …I watched the Japanese version first and yeah I don’t really care for the dub lol

  68. miroku creep より:

    Run bro run

  69. miroku creep より:

    Is episode 2 dubbed yet I haven’t been able to find it

  70. KingGamerX より:

    I love it!

  71. KingGamerX より:

    Gyaru are super ultra rare.

  72. Avvrielle Yuan Sambat Alcantara より:

    Oh my gosh No Nudes No Nudes Senpai 13:31

  73. JTRaptor より:

    She dominates me I dominate her >;)

  74. Dash Windle より:

    For some reason I laughed when I read the word “Fire hydrant” 1:41

  75. ShadowKris より:

    This man is weakened to the bone

  76. ShadowKris より:

    This man is weakened to the brain

  77. ShadowKris より:

    This man is weakened to the face

  78. Rita Erhabor より:

    OH NO

  79. NuggetCjboy YT より:

    This sounds amazing on 0 volume!

  80. Jay Len より:


  81. trash amv より:

    Im gona watch this on my nintendo ds lite or 3ds