Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191 Spoilers!

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Hey everyone! I’m here to discuss some of the Spoilers for Chapter 191 of Jujutsu Kaisen!!! Please Like and Subscribe to keep up to date with JJK chapter videos!

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  1. Melon Lord より:

    Nearly lost my life when I saw the leaks. I know it would be redundant but if Wormya ends up having a DE I think it would be a good way to showcase how Maki can handle Domains and the necessary precautions she takes to avoid that outcome, or she may be resistant to them all together since she able to enter and exit barriers as she pleases.

  2. JuiceHarrison より:

    Bro I think you should show more slide shows don’t wanna look at a dudes face the whole time

  3. Aditya malviya より:

    man great explanition of spoiler

  4. Opposite_Hedgehog_75 より:

    I feel Maki will destroy Naoya with Kamos boost. But I think Maki will be injured like Hakari.

  5. BigGame より:

    I thought it was Kamo, but it might be Maki who dies to end her whole character arc. Zenin curse is defeated by her and the new generation can be ushered in under Megumi Fushiguro as the new head.

  6. Tammy Fazio より:

    C’mon, people hit that like button!!!!!, Thank you again BBS

  7. Yoshi Takeda より:

    Thanks bro

  8. Pitufoo より:

    What if kenjaku is related to the kamo clan since kenjakus technique is kinda similar to Kamas technique where u can manipulate something inside the human body

  9. Nqobani Dlamini より:

    Kenjaku was once in Naritoshi Kamo’s body (one of Naritoshi’s ancestors who had the same name as him, and the father of the ten blood manipulating Curse Wombs) so that’s why he knows where the compound is, cause he was once a Kamo member…also, the compounds might be in known places, they never said that they were hidden

  10. Chris Rudd より:

    In the leak Maki gets hit by the worm pretty hard, but people forget that she still can’t see cursed spirits and she’s not wearing any glasses, she’s relying on new instincts to detect curses like Toji.

  11. Teddy’s World Insane より:

    I’m sure I’m one of a few who liked mr zenin. I do hope it’s him. Was killed off too early

  12. yousef bashar より:

    I don’t think gege brought naoya back just to get packed up again by the same opponent, something big is gonna happen, if no one helps maki she’s probably gonna die

  13. Woland より:

    Those saying maki might die in this fight are straight goofy why would the author go through the hassle of giving maki all this development and power ups just to be bodied by a villain she “easily bodied” this is clearly to show off what she can do and additionally her development in perspective after the events of the zenin ark. Additionally they wouldn’t emphasize maki and her ability to move around colonies Scott free just for her to die against noaya. Just imagine how bad that would look story wise. This is just gonna be a showcase fight honestly in my opinion

  14. PhantomGamer926 より:

    That first part was cool asf