Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 128 Translated Scans

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Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 128 Translated Scans

Manga (Baki Dou 2018) by Keisuke Itagaki
Cleaned & Translated by BAKI NEWS (Translation is not 100% accurate)

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  1. Dope E より:

    Bruh you guys are fast

  2. Sosapotence 300 より:

    You’re awesome for this

  3. n64central より:

    Thanks for cutting out the bs

  4. Edan pak より:

    He is using Joestar tehnique

  5. Evan Anderson より:

    A god amongst men lol thank you for your lightning quick translation!

  6. Harun Akbulut より:

    Tokugawa: You run away like that and call it retreat?
    Kehaya: Yes.
    Certified chad

  7. ButtersID より:

    curious if the statement “there is something more important”, as it transitions to a big mountain with a bigger mountain behind the smaller mountain, is relating to baki

  8. Clement Ray より:

    Sukune is out of commission for the near future I assume Tokugawa will tell him that’s not possible jack took him out then it will be jack vs keyha

  9. God_D_Doflamingo より:

    bro must be taken notes from Motebe

  10. AntiGacha より:

    Nah sukune is destroyed because this is Baki universe he probably survived but no way he could fight and use his techniques again

  11. Jack Mak より:

    Where is Jack?

  12. ̶M̶A̶L̶A̶Y̶ ̶G̶O̶B̶L̶I̶N̶ GAMING ADVISOR より:

    Sigma male right there

  13. Strawberry 0re0 より:

    Sigma male

  14. Daniele M. より:

    Yujiro destroyed him and he didn’t wanted to lose completely

  15. Natural Bloom より:

    I hope Keheya obliterate Sukune, I like him as a character way more than Sukune, he is badass and cool!

  16. Tiziano Marangoni より:

    If nobody can ever properly challenge Yujiro the manga would become too predictable. But anyway i like Kehaya; i hope he will show to being so powerful to be a threat to Pickle…

  17. tanjirox より:

    Kehaya explanation still confusing

  18. drewgrffn より:

    I mean…. it is Yujiro…

  19. Violent Boy より:

    I think this sumo guy’s brain might have been upside down the hole time? And can’t admit? Defeat when he just run? Vamos???? That there if he stayed in that fight for dear life? He would have got rape and even get he’s asshole a new butt plug to cover it? Cause clearly yunjiro is gonna leave a huge mess on tht sumo’s thigh hole of he’s??? Geeeez fight pickle? Instead i be pls if you fight pickle sumo guy? Sukune should have gone pickle aswell? But instead he decided to jack off? On jack handjob

  20. Ime Prezime より:

    Bruh I don’t give a fuck about this random dude fighting fat sumo guy I wanna see my boy Jack

  21. Evan より:

    Where do you get these manga ?,i wanna watch them

  22. Kyle Adrien より:

    Sukune still getting sewed on

  23. Fever Dream Father より:

    Lmao kehayas’ sigma energy is off the charts

  24. SHAZAM ! より:

    Need to make these chapters longer