Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 128 Raws

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Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 128 Raws

Manga (Baki Dou 2018) by Keisuke Itagaki

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  1. immortal より:

    Damnnnnn this is the most hype chapter

  2. jost regularr より:

    thanks brotha

  3. Afro Ahmed より:

    so i guess jack is back on the shelf again

  4. Malcolm X より:

    Here I was, expecting a new Jack chapter, instead I see Kehaya slurping on noodles and eating the shells of mussels…

  5. お前が正しいのは認めるけど、 より:

    tokugawa asks kehaya why you run away. kehaya denied it. that’s all.

  6. jacket より:

    jack is probs going to fight kehaya

  7. Sai Sai より:

    Guys in cmt section be saying he gon fight Jack or smth damn
    I cant read japanese

  8. Just A Sam Enjoyer より:

    Kehya is really interesting to me

  9. Nikeimizhong Tomasch より:

    Another lame chapter of a dude eating a lot.

  10. Nikolai Rebolloso より:

    I really hope this is still the jack arc and Kehaya is just about to joined in on the fight along side everyone else or it’s just a mini arc like with Ali jr

  11. rafi hossen より:

    This guy survived two direct kicks from Yujiro and eating noodles. So probably qualified for fighting Jack.

  12. Stoica Doru marian より:

    Next part

  13. Fallout Entertainment Industries より:

    Keyeha is eating Century Eggs.

  14. Kyoko Sakura より:

    so basically chapter 128 is eating ASMR

  15. BAKI NEWS より:

    Translated Scans:

  16. michaeljun cardiño より:

    The new punching bag in baki universe.

  17. Specter Eneso より:

    The song please what it is ?

  18. ぱるぷんて より:


  19. Saguim Maré より:

    Itagaki needs to change the focus to other characters, the manga is stall AF, i thought it was going in a good direction with jack, but manga just keeps going down hill with too much talk BS.