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    THE MUSIC in the back ground :< hurts my ears

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    review Bleach

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    Great review! I’m always looking for new anime to watch and I’m really loving the role reversals.

    Right now I’m watching Nagi no Asukara, Clannad, RahXephon, Nana and Kysougiga! 🙂

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    ‘Is that a 22’ HD I spy behind you? :O

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    melonie please review soul eater also its on neflix

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    too Magi is a good anime magic  😛  
    love it  xD

    greetings melonie mac ^^

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    I think u should review space dandy. Also is ur site for mobile?

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    I like how your so nerdy, thats how I like my woman.

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    Sword Art Online review please :3

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    Review tokyo ravens

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    Please review an older one called ” The Vision of Escaflowne”

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    Huge D-cup boobies? Okay, it got my interest now.

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    I watch your videos but first time commenting

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    Wizards barristers I think I spelled it right

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    Hey Melonie, got any short anime you like? You know, the 5 minute episode types like Miss Monochrome and Muromi-san (the mermaid anime).

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    I want you to review more stuff like movies, games and TV-shows and more often too. You are really good at it. <3

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    You should read the manga to.

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    Highschool dxd

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    Magi(マギ)The labyrinth of magic, is a really good anime its so unique and different from most anime loved the first season and loving the second season. please do check this one out.   

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    I really enjoyed your review. It made me laugh so much. Its funny because it reminds me of something. And I loved the way you told it. Anyway It really caught my interest too. I’m going to have to check it out. By the way, love your channels melonie, you’re really awesome and fun to watch.

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    I don’t like crazy animes about girls with insane huge boobs, i prefer something like death note, have you ever heard about Ergo proxy melonie? Its a pretty cool anime.

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    OOOH, I wonder if this is ecchi? I need my large, swinging booby fix 😀

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    So in simple terms is just another anime with a powerful female and a useless guy.
    😀 My kind of anime 

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    Great review Melonie, gonna check Witch Craft Works out now!

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    world of anime is awesome

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    do review Attack on Titan or Death Note

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    this anime is good and like it even when is on the manga hehe 

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    good review actually 

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    I know this is old but.. You could do a review on Accel World.

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    Your great Instagram?

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    Great anime its pretty funny hope it does not end to fast and also loving the game of thrones figure in the back

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    Anime ANime!!! MEllyMOOOO XD

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    One Piece? 😮

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    Play nacked

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    I liked witch craft works, but I’m really enjoying nobunagun! Awesome kick ass chick without all the fan service as kill la kill

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    this is not a review on anime, this is tright telling the episode  and what happends in it and all of the review was actualy about the clouths MAN ( girl ) talk about the art style the character invelopment and that kinda stuff that a review


  37. Syko より:

    not really “uncommon”
    watch omamori himari…

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    Sorry, crunchyroll is retarded like “funimation”. I can’t even watch old school animes that I grew up watching. It’s just a bunch of little girl animes, excluding some.

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    Rosario + Vampire had reverse roles on who protected who. At least in the first part anyways. Or the Manga. What I’m saying is that this isn’t the first time they’re had reverse roles in Anime.

    Well, whatever. Loved the review. Can’t wait to see it.

  40. ThatSamoanGuy より:

    Respectfully disagree. It could be that I’m just not into harem anime, but Witch Craft Works didn’t do a thing for me. It wasn’t outright bad or even boring (like Hamatora was, holy crap). The characters were introduced but not established at all; maybe that’ll be in the next episode or so, but it wasn’t for me.

    However, still subbed cuz I respect anybody that can back up their opinion with specific points. I’d like to hear what you have to say about Space Dandy; it’s soooooooooooo silly but it’s fun too.

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    nice i was skeptical about watching it, but now i am going to watch it! ^_^ 

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    I really like cool girls that are strong and protects boys like Mikasa Ackerman from AoT, and I’m glad that I found this anime. Thx so much, Melonie. 🙂

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    Even though I don’t like big breast chicks in anime, This show kinda blew my mind a bit after the first episode because you did not see a lot of fan service then I expected. This is coming for a hard core serious plot anime fan. You should review jojo bizzare the animation

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    Watch nisekoi, 2014 romance comedy yakuza

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    this whole time i was wondering where your cat went melonie. lol

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    Thanks Melonie for reviewing this anime i been reading it for awhile now check out Noragami too both new animes

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    I’ve been following this in the manga… the switch of position i mean the guy being the damsel in distress is not bad its really refreshing somehow for a change,, so now i get to watch the anime add the epic story line + the epic comedy+ the epic animation + a bit spice of romance= YOU GOT AN EPIC ANIME!!! the production team granted my wish! its friggin awesome!!!!!!

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    Review Noragami pleeasseee, its definitely one of the best animes shown this year. 

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    Yowamushi pedal, mahou sensou, Golden time, buddy complex. any of those plz.

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    Review Log Horizon and Strike the blood

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    Great review Mel,  Def check it out.

    Please review (or just watch) the anime movie “Redline”  7 years in the making with no CG.  Jaw dropping animation. 

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    Is that a blue yeti microphone? xDD

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    good review mel, I’ll check it out. Have you seen the new anime Nisekoi? I’d be glad if you reviewed it. 

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    code geass 

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    Did u stay current with Kill la Kill? i need to try finish it up. But yeah. Check out Nobunagun. looks cool. id like to see how your review goes for it

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    I love this anime thanks for reviewing it..I started with the Manga lol I wish it was echhi but it doesn’t look like it does

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    YES!!!! I love this anime so far! The opening and ending songs are really good too! 😀 

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    By far one of my top 3 animes loved the books

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    I like ur neacklace.

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    Setokai yakuindomo new season …make a review

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    She’s supposed to be going to raves, not watching anime lol

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    This looks like such an interesting show!!

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    witch craft works is awesome I just watched episode 4 the other day and other good animes so far this year are mahou sensou and Z/X Ignition so yeah you should check them out.

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    I was scared at the start, seen your curtain move, oh wow.

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    Thanks for recommending this show . I will watch Witch Craft Works 01 to 04

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    Out of interest do you watch anime in Japanese audio with subs or American redub audio

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    melonie sent me a link where i can see it 

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    Omamori himari please come back =(

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    Oh i missed this video. Thanks for the review though, i probably wasn’t going to watch this but now i’m going to give it a shot 🙂 Great video as always.

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    You should read manga that’s really good to 🙂

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    Do you watch Strike BLood?!

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    Interesting, might need to see this anime.

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    You should watch D-Frag! It’s super funny

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    My top 2 anime simulcasts right now are Tokyo Ravens and Golden Time. Very different but both just simply amazing. 

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    Bunnies! Everywhere! This is a surprisingly good anime. It took 3 episodes to grow on me.

    Also, is the music sounding a bit garbled?

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    Kuroko no Basket would be awesome!! An amaaaaazing anime ^_^

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    Audio is fuzzy 🙁

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    You should review:
    Silver Spoon, Kids on the Slope, Magi, Log Horizon, Magical Warfare, Nisekoi, Strike the Blood, Yowapedea. These are all really good ones. 😀

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    This anime is cool

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    @Melonie Mac awesome show just added it to my qure love the show great story thanks Mel

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    thanks Melonie Mac

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    I don’t know how versed you are in animu, but usually the female is the guardian/protector/etc

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    Great review lass! But have you ever considered watching and maybe reviewing Bleach? It’s pretty far into the series but I mean, I think it would be great!

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    Its pretty funny. Shes taller, stronger, smarter, big boobs. But you dont really get to see the male lead cook and clean the bathroom. 

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    he I think it would be kinda of kool for you to watch chuunibyou demo kai ga shita ren. I love it. The second season came out the same time this one did and I think you would like it.

  87. Barlione Manobolge Ch. より:

    Now that the series has ended it seems kinda like one of those one season throwaways that everyone will forget about in a couple months. My main issue was it lacked any sort of overarching villain or even plot line. It could benefit from a second season but the chances of it getting one are unfortunately not high.

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    i really am starting to hate any anime related to high school,should i watch this?

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    What’s with your weird buzzy audio?

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    anymore episode after number 12? It goes into how he has to be protected; then it stops there.

  91. Ricky Zhou より:

    Its pretty good for a non-typical shonen. But yea…I think Sword art online season 2 will be anime of the year if not Knights of Sidonia. I think it would resonate more strongly with girls since the male character is pretty much useless and the female character is the stoic lead. 

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    she is like anime chicks with big ( . Y . )

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    you should do a steins;gate review

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    You should review akame ga kill

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    does crunchyroll have eng dub anime??

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    any 1 have any news about any possible future eng dub for this anime if so message my yt account

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    You should do a review for Berserk. Its my favorite anime ever. Lets get old school up in here!

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    this was a good show

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    I hope they come out with an English dub