Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 127 Scans

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  1. Meticulous Alpha より:

    0:56 That was cute

  2. Muhammad Hamza より:

    Lmao yujiro pulled a lunny toons

  3. n64central より:

    So is this the end of this man already?

  4. jost regularr より:

    keep going forward brother

  5. My Random Content より:

    What did he said in the end ?

  6. Te importa より:

    At least he kick yujiro not like sukune…

  7. Nikeimizhong Tomasch より:

    Another Yujiro wank chapter. Where is the story?

  8. Othman より:

    yujiro is becoming invincible bruh

  9. Sai Sai より:

    Bruh was that korean?

  10. Grant Mitchell より:

    God let this just be the end of Kehaya period. I’m down with the sumo arc already

  11. good より:

    I honestly want Kehaya around lol. im just assuming he isn’t dead right now

  12. Kyle Adrien より:

    We need Ali Jr redemption Arc

  13. ihonestlydon'tcare より:

    this chapter was… through the roof

  14. Seth Tone より:

    Yujiro casually comes back down…….B#$%!!! Kicks him harder Lmao!!!!

  15. júnior moreira より:

    Corre kkkkkkk

  16. BlayKay - 47 より:

    Any1 aside from me dislike these Yujiro OP chapters? like it was well lived a decade ago. where’s the story?

  17. BAKI NEWS より:

    Translated & Coloured Scans:

  18. FENNEX BEST より:

    Yujiro got stronger

  19. ώνωユウィώνω より:


  20. Ime Prezime より:

    did he kick yujiro out what?

  21. Vain Gaming より:

    why does yujiro now have a thick ass neck?

  22. just_your-regular_dude より:

    It’s like yujiro looked at Mike tyson and said,”yo man let me get some of that neck”