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  1. El Joho より:

    when you apply hydrolisis into the water hydrogen and oxygen are liberated, since kashimo is creating hydrolisis with the current that he makes pass through the water a f¨**ing tone of hydrogen an oxygen is being liberated, so the only thing that he has to do after this is get out of the water and create a spark that will make a HUGE combustion with all that free oxygen and hydrogen

  2. Storytime Panda より:

    Some people have pointed it out, but hakari’s domain is definitely rigged. Kinda like how the house always wins. There is no way homie keeps pulling instant jackpots and calls it luck.

  3. Vist Count より:

    Can’t wait to see hakari 777 jackpot

  4. Márcio Amaral より:

    Even if Kashimo ultimately loses
    He’s got my respect, dude is insane

  5. Storytime Panda より:

    I am still on team hakari, but at this point it’s kinda difficult to argue who the superior sorcerer is. Kashimo imo has proved himself but if it continues to be a battle of attrition and hakari keeps pulling jackpots then I don’t see kashimo winning.(but I’m more open to him winning after his display of battle iq tbh)

  6. LSG 2 より:

    But can they beat goku tho? Jp bruh can’t wait for this chapter to come out amazing vid bro keep up the good work

  7. Blackloki より:

    In a earlier chapter it stated that hakuri get automatics jack pot after 4 tries. 2 against first opponent and 2 against this one.

  8. Ashik Vikk より:

    I have a speculation as to why Hakati hit the Jackpot so quick –

    First of all, it’s a fast spin round so the 1st spin would come relatively quick. And the probability will remain normal. That’s the initial explanation.

    BUT what if Hakari is one the brink of Death when using the fast spin round? That could be a condition for having the Jackpot right out of the gate. This also plays in role with Hakari’s Luck & Gamble to death.

    And indirectly, Kashimo may have fulfilled the condition of being near death state during the fast spin round for Hakari to hit the Jackpot.

  9. Kaget Gimang より:

    How lightning can be so destructive like that(destroy your limb,blow your head)?. Is it the power of natural lightning or it’s just anime thing?

  10. Jmister より:

    This fight has been long asf bruh I just wanna see a winner and move on

  11. Christian Noli より:

    At this point I want a winner and a loser ngl, hakari is hacks

  12. Keith Savage より:

    IMO Hakari is playing the waiting game. The final explosion is probably Kashimo’s maximum technique and last of his CE. It’ll give Hakari the opportunity to get his points. Kashimo has battle prowess but i feel like this fight will quell his blood lust (at least for a bit).

  13. gwuapo aka desta yt より:

    love me spoilers

  14. Le Million より:

    I dont think Kashimo used a Maximum Technique. Electrolysis should create a lot of hydrogen and oxygen gas and they are extremely flammable so maybe that’s the explanation for the explosion.

  15. have a great day より:

    Hakari attack power is weak
    He Just keeps regeneratiog over and over and nothing else to show
    He comes no where near yuta okkotsu in ap,versatility and durability
    Yuta could tank and deflect ryu’s attack that has the highest CE output in history!!! with his bare hands
    I don’t like hakari as a fighter and as a character and I don’t get why he has lots of meatriders in jjk fandom

  16. Ferd alexis Manapat より:

    I wish kashino has a unique de where its not a guaranteed kill, and its starts with him getting struck by multiple lightning and transform into a new mode simmilar to mahito’s embodyment of distorted killing but hajime will becomes raiden or raijin. Having a demonic mask made of electricity and having that circle things around his back and be able to fly using a storm cloud his defense will be op as someone who touch him is basically suicide as his coated by lightning itself. A binding vow will be made on himself, where he can spam the charge without touching them at a cause of unknown. But yeah it could be a max technique at the end of the chapter.

  17. Electric Jimmy より:

    I wonder if the maximum technique is some sort of electro magnetic field. He covers his whole body in a kind of forcefield that has defensive and offensive applications

  18. Houston より:

    If you’re wondering where the chlorine came from, since it’s the ocean and not a pool… Applying electricity to salt water will make the NaCl react with the H2O so the chlorine from the salt becomes liberated in the form of Cl2. The saltier the water, or the more electricity, the more chlorine is produced

  19. Rishabh より:

    Kashimo is way stronger than people think he is fighting a near immortal man with infinite cursed energy
    Survived 3 domain expansion + he nearly killed Hakari (2 times already, third coming in 189)

  20. Chapri_from _Chapra より:

    No wonder Gege invited Kurare-san to assist him.
    Kurare-san is the science consultant of Dr. stone

  21. Christian Obryant より:

    Honestly I agree with you on your 2nd theory that hakari just spammed it till he got it makes it more suspenseful with a big hole in him. Plus I love his ability but for him to just keep getting instant jack pot even on the number switch is just a lil to busted but I guess we shall see. IN GEGE WE TRUST

  22. Rounak Ghosh より:

    umm if its on a break for a week then next chapter 190 should come out on 8th july and not 15th right?

  23. I’m not blind but I love blindfolds より:

    So Hajime is likely to win unless someone comes to save Hakari. Against high level sorcerers having infinite cursed energy is useless unless you have a unique way of utilizing it as seen with Yuta or Gojo. Granted Gojo doesn’t have infinite cursed energy, it just seems like he does because he’s so good at maintaining it. Yuta seemingly has unlimited cursed energy (I think?) and he said Hakari can beat him when he’s on a roll which has to still hold at least some weight when paired with the fact Yuta literally beat two sorcerers and 1 special grade cursed spirit by himself and came out nearly unscathed.

  24. Soham Karn より:

    Here are some of my massive predictions(about explosion)(coming from a science student )
    When kashimo electrolised salt in sea water(NaCl)
    Two substances were produces
    Cl² gas and sodium metal(Na)
    Cl² escaped water earlier and later sodium reacted with water and exploded
    Here is a clip example-

  25. Nooters より:

    This is a random useless observation but Toji and Hakari are basically the opposite. Toji had no cursed energy and had shit luck at gambling, meanwhile we have Mr. Hakari over here winning jackpots left and right and in turn, gives him unlimited cursed energy.

    Disclaimer: This is not a theory comment, nor do I think those two characters have any connection, this was just a simple surface level fun fact, don’t boil me alive pls.

  26. step より:

    Hakari just keeps getting cooler by the chapter ngl

  27. Qorv より:

    hydrolisis is extremely dangerous. It causes liberation of oxygen since it separates molecules. In fact he can use the gas to impulse himself like Misaka from Railgun or cause explosions

  28. BlaC Goat より:

    Next week going to suck

  29. Logan Grice より:

    I’m just going to reiterate what I said after last week’s chapter spoilers. I love this fight but will lose so much respect for gege if he let’s this end in a draw type situation. I need to see a clear cut winner. Please Gege. So far this is in my top 3 fights of the series due to the hype both characters continually generate and grow from chalter to chaoter

  30. Richard Valentine より:

    Hakari has also used 4 visual effects and should get a rainbow ball

  31. Jarod Andrews より:

    This fight is getting so big, it’s gonna attract some others to joint the fight. Mark it down, this fight gets interrupted by somebody..

  32. Guilha より:

    A detail that was lost in translation

    Hakari’s domain is almost impossible to overpower. In the first page of chapter 187 Gege used the kanji’s that he uses to refer against a domain expansion battle, the phrase was basically saying that his domain is resistent to “domain expansion battles” due to its harmless nature

  33. Knownbyhisnfruits より:

    As a Hakari fan this is kinda disappointing. I don’t see how Hakari is stronger than Yuta when he is on a “roll”. And no idea why Hakari doesn’t activate his own CT. He’s just throwing punches. Maybe he doesn’t want to kill Kashimo, but damn is he taking a lot of risks.

  34. Vamsi Karthikeya より:

    I do agree with you! i think he got really lucky! It is literally mentioned he likes to gamble a lot!

    So i think he basically took a big gamble on his life against a very strong opponent just for the adrenalin and kicks!

  35. Chainsaw Man より:

    I don’t want hakari to die


    This is the longest single fight

  37. Simply Sage より:

    Bro Gege like his 2v1s hopefully so.eone pulls up to make Hajime leave or pull back getting major

  38. Gojo Satoru より:

    15th july or 8th july?? Is it 2 weeks break?

  39. Simply Sage より:

    Here’s a question can u use rct to keep yourself young ?
    Like does it always heal him to its prime body state or is that not how ARCT works

  40. DwightSmith より:

    I think the Maximum-technique will not work but Hakari will decide that he can’t geht Kashimos points and will try to kill him since he is far too dangerous. So far he stalled a lot and never went for a kill, only fist-fights. I don’t know if he can’t use more on the offensive side, but i am pretty sure that this is not everything.
    If he can kill Kashimo is another story, but his CE should end sometime soon, he used a lot already… or i guess he did, who knows how exhausting his attacks are for him.

  41. Mumen Rider より:

    “Gambling Addict” vs “zappy boi”

  42. Komugi420 より:

    I wonder if Okkotsu would have a much harder time with Kashimo than Hakari. His blade being a conductor would give Kashimo an unfair advantage. Not sure if the lighting would injure Rika due to the fact that Rika already tanked the highest output in the game. Okkotsu can distort space to evade the lightning now, but only for a limited time like Hikari and possibly not at the same speed as the lightning. We will have to see Kashimo’s RCT abilities but honestly Okkotsu’s ability to freeze opponents with his voice may be too OP for Kashimo. What do you guys think?

  43. Levi Kay より:

    Just so people know water in and of itself is not a conductor. Pure water won’t conduct electricity at all. The reason most water is dangerous in regards to electricity is because of the other substances dissolved in the water, in this case it’s mostly the salt in the water. Water is really good at dissolving stuff as a solvent so in most situations you can assume the water is conductive but it’s not the water that’s the problem.

  44. Tammy Fazio より:

    I hope when they anime this scene they use Deep purple song ” smoke on the water”

  45. Jm より:

    Kashimo countering everything Hakari does is insane. Hope he doesnt die

  46. Khi より:

    If Kashimo can’t beat Hakari what makes him think he really stands a chance against Sukuna? A third year student with only 4 minutes of immortality compared to the King of Curses himself?

  47. One who knows piano and calligraphy より:

    I have seen the leaked pages and the last doesn’t create explosion. It just create a big whirlpool in the water and hakari evades it by hanging on something like flying object. But yeah it does look like maximum technique. And one more thing, the art in this chapter especially the last part where hakari looks from above on kashimo with immense amount of electricity generating from his was so good.

  48. Daniel Akbari より:

    Rip my boy

  49. TVG Bundy より:

    So Kashimo doesn’t have a cursed technique?

  50. Dre Jay より:

    Okay it’s clear the better fighter overall is Kashimo at this point I just don’t want Hakari to die

  51. Mohit Jain より:

    How the fuck kashimo knows about electrolysis.

  52. Tay Twyman より:

    To me it seems like this fight is about showcasing these 2 abilities. Hakari is a tank and he have to have some kind of ability we don’t know about yet. There are to many details going on with his so we much have missed something

  53. Troy Dotson より:

    Maybe something allows hakari to cheat

  54. pie yota kobi より:

    i think it was stated in the previous chapters that in the fourth try hakari will always hit a jackpot. no matter what kind of spins he make. he made 2 spins againts charles, and this is the 2nd time he spins againts kashimo, plus it is in a faster spin state.. so i think that must be it.

  55. Crnogorac Crnogorac より:

    Kashimo is badass man

  56. Pierre Christian N’Guessan より:

    This is One of the most badass fight in JJK and best in the culling games so far. Hakari and Kashimo keep countering each other and are proud warriors. I guess at this point nobody wants either to die and the issue of that fight is soooo unpredictable! Gege Akutami is a goat!

  57. Rich Calaguan より:

    Unpopular opinion: kashimo was handicapping himself from the start.

  58. Suhrit Pradhan より:

    kashimo would have obliterated others, including yuta which is scary. how the fuck are they going to win

  59. Evgen Khersonets より:

    That’s some short 4 minutes 11 seconds…

  60. Sulochana Tayade より:

    Clorine is by product of electrosis of water the actual blast cause by hydrogen collected around

  61. Agonyyy lol より:

    Ignore me being a chemistry nerd but Kashimo using electrolysis is gonna harm himself more than it does to hakari because electrolysis of brine solution is highly explosive and will make the pH approximately 13 if we use simple stoichiometry (considering 1000ppm of chlorine gas[cl2] was in the air and the solution consists only of NaCl and Water).Not to mention he’s not only electrolysing NaCl but other salts too so he will get other products like Sulphuric Acid and Caustic Potash which further neutralize and give so much heat . So simply put, this is a very bad plot point to go forward with

  62. The 主 Divine より:

    Gege is a genius with displaying how crafty Kashimo is with his electricity CT. Using chlorine gas to harm his opponent is so sly. By all means, Kashimo deserves to win purely based on his battle IQ. Stack that on top of how strong he is and you got yourself an absolute menace. However, I think Hakari and his modern cursed technique WILL prevail against Kashimo, and story-wise, will serve as a slap in the face to gakuganji and the other higher-ups for disapproving of Hakari’s modern style. In fact, I hope that’s the case as it shows good story-telling by Gege, but you never know with this man lol.

  63. Ion Even kno より:

    We still haven’t seen his actual cursed technique right?

  64. Shubhamkumar Rai より:

    This chapter proved only way to kill hakari is to beat him in gamble or he being unlucky.
    U can’t kill him until luck favor him

  65. Just some guy with white hair より:

    Bro Kashimo is goated

  66. Jose Pacheco より:


  67. Melon Lord より:

    It seems to me that the overall consensus for this battle is that it’s dragging out. Although I understand where this is coming from, fans were saying the same thing during Fushigoro vs Reggie, and I’m inclined to believe that battle had a satisfying conclusion. It’s the same here but on a grander scale due to the combatants. I think people are quick to dismiss a chapter based on having information thrown at them to quickly and they judge based on impulse. I think rereads are the reason why these chapters make a lot of sense in the overall narrative. Gege doesn’t need to spend time with a block of exposition if it’s scattered through a long battle.

  68. Fadel Farhat より:

    If we are talking time wise not chapter wise, the battle has lasted for a long time (in the jjk world) and seeing that both characters are important to the story, Gege might choose to not kill one of them so maybe the both of them will just wear themselves out and maybe disengage or call a truce. And i would definitely hate to see either of them dying cause both obviously have a lot of potential and would make a huge difference in the story moving forward.

  69. Abhinav SB より:

    Hakari is holding back kinda as he doesn’t want to kill kashimo. He himself said that ” can I take your points if I defeat you”. If you kill someone you will automatically will get points but Hakari wants kashimo to give his points to him and not die

  70. saske184 より:

    You know the saying if you go in casino that the house always win no matter what lol here hakari is that house.

  71. Syzloh より:

    Actually crazy how he got a 1/239 jackpot. Even with the speedup spins that’s pretty lucky. Also through more information about poison we also learn more about sukuna. Sukuna perhaps mastered the art of poison because he knew that cursed users with r. Curse techniques would be a problem. He also has high levels of mastery of his own cursed energy so poison would not work on him. As shown with itadori.

  72. Lukas Pecson より:

    If I’m not mistaken salt water is more conductive than normal water as well

  73. Legendary SSGSS MUI Sage Mode Hollowfied Yamcha より:

    When you like both characters

  74. GvvnGamo より:

    Cant wait for them to make a jjk video game

  75. Samesame Allthesame より:

    Do you always use the cod zombies music as background?

  76. Amirmohammad Alikhani より:

    This is out of discussion but there is one thing that I’m curious about:
    Can megumi summon mahuraga,as he did in shiboya with two sorcerers participating in the exorcising ritual and first person is himself and the other one is somebody who has the power to exorcise mahuraga like gojo or sukuna and then he has mahuraga?

  77. Nwagbo Chibuike より:

    This is basically the megumi vs Reggie fight all over again but with high level opponents.

  78. Ali Youssef より:

    Looks like another case of luffy vs crocodile we all know how this is gonna end lol

  79. DJ Milez より:

    Fully convinced Hakari is going to win in chapter 190 now

  80. joe kimmel より:

    Is Hakari going to land a single big hit ? This is his 3rd jackpot ending and Kashimo still seems fine and surging with CE.

    Hakari seems to just be soaking all the damage and not doing any :/

  81. Kyo ma より:

    Where did you get the smarts chart?

  82. Gianalis Caba より:

    things aren’t looking good for Hakari. he’s almost gotten killed 2 or 3 times but has barely made a dent in Kashimo. There either has to be something up Hakari’s sleeve (but idk considering he’s canonically dumb) or he’s going to die soon. Maybe he’s like Yuta and he isn’t trying to kill Kashimo? cuz Yuta himself admitted that he could’ve easily bodied his opponents but didn’t cuz he wanted points which is OP imo. I don’t want a tie, but I also don’t want either of these characters to die just yet.

  83. Isaac Owusu より:

    I think the jackpot was most likely due to a 4th DE attempt. It is possible for the faster spins stage to be his 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt in the day. In which case it would be just faster spins until the normal mode.
    Kashimo seems less and less capable of handling Hakari in his bonus stage, waiting for it to run out to deal as much damage. And then getting surprised. If Hakari pulls another domain after explosion, it is guranteed Hakari wins this fight.

  84. Blackloki より:

    Hakari smarter then you think he don’t go to school that why they think he dumb.

  85. Zokalex より:

    He’s low on academics and not because he’s dumb. He’s the typical bad boy who happens to be smarter than he acts

  86. Rɪsʜᴀʙ Gʜᴏsʜ より:

    There is a panel with kenjaku in 189

  87. Mr. Buns より:

    I like how it is usually the villain that has the overwhelmingly powerful technique and the hero has to use his wits to beat the villain, but the roles are kind of reversed. Hakari needs to level up his brain power if he hopes to win.

  88. Saurav Shekhar より:

    Kashimo is really impressive but hakari is just dragging the fight. I think he will call again for domain expansion after kashimo kick his ass with explosion.

  89. Michael Rodney より:

    Dude is A MENACE