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  1. ꧁cяคzყ gamer より:

    Taiju the monster is back

  2. pooponmadara より:

    Even if taiju comes will he be able to beat Mikey?

  3. Vv より:

    s2 pic background is Christmas theme i think it Tokyo revengers s2 will cme around December

  4. Devansh Gupta より:

    but smarty taiju isnt here
    to save our main hero i think he want to save his brother hakai

  5. Volcanic Torchlight より:

    I don’t think Taiju is alone

  6. Zero より:

    i dont think this is kazutora since he doesnt have yellow hair on like his neck, BUT I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT EITHER KAZU OR TAIJU IS BACK THIS IS FIRE ALREADY

  7. Hito sheqi より:

    I said this before right

  8. Hito sheqi より:

    I said that Taiju is the captain of 5cap

  9. Adithya Chavali より:

    Even Kazutora and Takeomi should come and join this battle , now That Taiju joined

  10. AzKhn- より:

    I do want takeomi to come too ngl

  11. truly_legend より:

    It keeps getting better in better in tokyo reveger

  12. YDtzy より:

    Wohhhh it gives me chills after seeing the spoilers I am getting excited and getting fired up to see the new chapter

  13. Karim Zerzer より:

    It’s Kazutora

  14. Uarq ? より:

    Can’t wait to see if there is going to be any more characters that are going to join the battle

  15. Binit Das より:

    Ahh! I was waiting for this video

  16. Victor より:

    Toolddd you taiju will come back

  17. jojo solana より:

    Taiju wear toman uniform?

  18. ItzMoseStone 751 より:

    Aint kazutora still in juvenile

  19. Rashingam Momo より:

    Taiju Taiju❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. ViPER YT BTC より:

    anyway kazutora must have a role in the final battle….hope so he will..

  21. ItzMoseStone 751 より:

    I still love sanzu.

  22. Soumil Purohit より:

    I am coming

  23. Yash より:

    I think it’s Kazutora
    Because if kazutora appears in this fight it just make sense because in future kazutora helps takimichi from kisaki and and this time he helps takimichi from sanzu…

    Correct me i am wrong…

  24. braxy Ashem より:

    I guess it is kazitora

  25. Alok tamang Ali より:

    And one thing we’re is kazotora

  26. Safal Poudel より:

    Hey smarty just listen to this theory once .
    I am sure that it is taiju and
    We all know who is meetsuya ..
    Meetsuya is a fashion designer so
    In the off screen scene may be meetsuya designed toman uniform and gave it to taiju.. meetsuya ask taiju to save everyone when the situation is worst ..
    And theory 2.-
    We all know that ken waikeu sensei added a picture of meetsuya so that picture is hint about that meetsuya called taiju.❤️

  27. Latest Maharaj より:

    It’s Smarty do you have Instagram ?

  28. RENN より:


  29. ArrySleek より:

    Taiju Shiba is back . ☠️

  30. roy joseph より:


  31. Adrian Gatchalian より:

    This is exciting


    Actually my thoughts about s2 is that they will release s2 in december bc the christmas day is at sunday and every episodes of the anime comes at sunday that’s why , the main battle should be at christmas day .

  33. X-Rule より:

    I think maybe Taiju came late to the battle because takemitchy or someone else may gave him the task to go and gather some former Black Dragon members because otherwise it would not make any sense why he came now if he already received his uniform from Mitsuya

  34. roy joseph より:


  35. Genesis Ardi Liong より:


  36. roy joseph より:


  37. I hate Boruto & sasuke( ARIJIT DEB) より:

    Oh yes yes yes
    Finally endgame level hype

  38. X-Rule より:

    Well after 18 minutes of thinking I came to an interesting theory what if Mikey sees sanzu trying to kill Takemitchy with his Katana on which he then tells the others to stop him

  39. Uchiha Rock YT より:

    Can’t wait to see if there is going to be any more characters that are going to join the battle

  40. Chups Shorts and videos より:

    If it’s kazutora, they would have shown his face, because we all know him very well and why would they even do this by not showing his face?
    Ofc it’s Taiju that’s the reason they didn’t show his face!

  41. Somya15 より:


  42. 10k より:

    This series is getting interesting

  43. Anime TR より:

    The hair looks like kazutora

  44. ThatOneWeeb より:

    I cant wait for the next chapter! This battle gonna be interesting!! I am dying to find out what’s gonna happen!

  45. Arif Hussain より:

    I think it’s gonna be kazutora

  46. kakarot 0p より:

    What if the 2nd time lepeer is taiju?

  47. Sun Rise より:

    Okay now i don’t even know what to say i think it’s Kazutora because of his uniform but i might be Taiju cause his huge
    or maybe Takeomi

  48. Gilbert より:

    I don’t think Taiju is alone

  49. TheRealMinzblatt _ より:

    I‘m so glad that Taiju is finally here damnn

  50. Sahil Sawant より:

    @It’s Smarty  did you have any colour panel of rider 7:39 because i think that’s kazutor just look at the panel it just like kazutor hair i think that both are arrived

  51. CLAYMORE VII より:

    If it is confirmed Tajiu he about to unleash some hell

  52. Maker Of All Drip Gokus (Drip core 0.1%) より:

    Pin me please 🙁

  53. medical student より:

    i dont think only taiju will join the fight because the name of the chapter is strange bedfellows

  54. Swachhotowa Basak より:

    Please please please god make it kazutora.

  55. Andro Claudiu より:

    I think there is a chance to see bouth of them Kazutora and Taiju becauze the person on the bike look a bit like Kazutora and the person standing look more like taiju. But that’s just my theory no hate

  56. jaidon german より:

    I think that it will be taiju vs benkei cause they very similar and senju gets up and waka helps benkei then senju and taiju vs waka and benkei and takeomi vs hanma but he brings guys with him and inui if he gets up vs sanzu and takemichi vs mikey

  57. Lost Soul より:

    Imagine what reaction of coco inui and other black dragon members after seen taiju

  58. Don't Die Sweetheart より:

    I never liked sanzu feel bad for him but still don’t like him

  59. DEMON GAMING より:

    I think it’s kazutora

  60. Daniel Lord-Vera より:

    No this is kazutora I said it many times kazutora would be in this battle in a previous vid but taiju will show up as well but slightly later to save hakkai and kazutora is slimmer than taiju which is this guy on the bike

  61. EXE NABIL より:

    Brother this is takiome

  62. YzBanato より:

    If its Taiju i dont think he will come alone, i think he will bring reinforcement.

  63. random guy on the internet より:

    Gotta say that I think that’s Taiju since Mitsuya and him has contact with each other since the Christmas conflict. Maybe Mitsuya asked for help. Could also be Kazu based on the build, but who knows?

  64. silzz x より:

    U know in leak it say Sanzu saw a vision

  65. Tommy Zamy より:

    i think he will get his gang no one comes alone to a fight there is gotta be some twist right

  66. 6lack cat より:

    This chapter gonna be fireeee

  67. Scorpion xD より:

    I think Mitsuya must’ve designed an uniform for Taiju and tried to recruit Taiju offscreen but Taiju at that time must’ve refused but Mitsuya must’ve gave him the uniform if he ever changes his mind he can join Toman 2nd gen and come at the battlefield. I know you guys must be thinking that Takemichi must’ve said Taiju to come at when the situation goes wrong for Toman but I don’t think Takemichi will do that Cuz there was no mention of Taiju in the captain or vice captain so it makes sense that it must be Mitsuya who would’ve tried to recruit Taiju and not Takemichi

  68. Zero より:

    LAS GOO TAIJU SHIBA IS BACK there is another spoiler where takemichi hugs mikey and mikey starts to cry im exicted !

  69. Sarthak Lad より:

    it’s probably taiju, the foreshadowing of a symbol on pah-chin’s bike was shown in a chapter when the fight was going to start, the symbol resembled taiju’s tattoo, I think the foreshadowing was for this scene with taiju riding on a bike and coming back, idc if I’m wrong and it’s kazutora not taiju, I would excited too see either of them battle

  70. Azan Saleem より:

    taiju will fight south

  71. Pew より:

    i think that character is related to sanzu cuz when sanzu try to kill takemichi then this guy in motor came , and sanzu eyes look shock in leaked panel.

  72. Stress by the Idiot's around me より:

    Ikr I’m also hella excited for new chapter. because first thing i saw in the morning was all these leaks and your post about new chapter. i also think that it’s taiju because that way it makes much more sense than kazutora being here out of jail suddenly. because of ken wakui posting mitsuya pic before also have something to do with taiju. I’m not sure but if there’s another character gonna die from takemichi’s team than i think it’s gonna be mitsuya. (which I really don’t want) based on wakui’s pic of mitsuya. anyway the thing i really want badly right now is that I want mikey to witness with his own eyes how sanzu keeps trying to kill takemichi. (because i want to see mikey’s reaction to sanzu’s behavior and also him killing kakucho) there’s no way i gonna forgive sanzu for killing my favs.

  73. Ayush Sachdeva より:

    its 99% taiju look at his hairs from his back, thats the proof and in future he also helped him so i think he must be taiju

  74. Corpse より:

    I don’t know i think its can be kazutora

  75. TheRealMinzblatt _ より:

    I guess there also will be a flashback for when takemichi asked Taiju for help.

  76. Killua Zoldyck より:


  77. DADDY BOLTE より:

    Tell me I have Said you taiju will be back And you were telling me in church

  78. HARRY より:

    I think it was Kazotora, because after kisaki killes Chifuyu by gun , he is the one save him out of there suddenly, I think this time was him too in my opinion

  79. Don Draper より:

    that hair can only belong to taiju like come on guys