Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 126 Raws

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  1. Sosapotence 300 より:

    You’re awesome

  2. Afro Ahmed より:

    Youjiro is amused, that’s rare

  3. ZEN - CHAN より:


  4. Ace Garison より:

    Looks like he did a combo vs the air, then Yujiro said something along “try that shit on me”. Then it looks like he is about to nuke that guys leg after dodging the attack.

  5. 赤い彗星 より:


  6. Clement Ray より:

    i knew it was over when yujiro took his demon back stance

  7. MauroXtrz より:

    1:39 looks like pickle

  8. King Byrd. より:

    This guy doing some goofy ass looking kicks in the air while looking like he dropped his spaghetti.

  9. Seth Tone より:

    im not really getting the interest in this character. Yujiro is awesome …Baki is Awesome. New characters are cocky filler. I feel like it destroys them unless he can counter Yujiro somehow.Hell people like Jack becouse you can see where hes coming from and he was built up.

  10. FENNEX BEST より:

    Damn this new character looks strong as fuck

  11. Hell-O-llɘH より:

    Well,yuji is ran out of patience to this arrogant guy,so Yu break his leg for a lesson(that my guess)

  12. BAKI NEWS より:

    Translated & Coloured Scans:

  13. Nikeimizhong Tomasch より:

    Another Yujiro wank chapter?

  14. प्यारो妹यान्डेरे より:

    次回 勇次郎サガ! ご期待ください