Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 125 Translated Scans

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Translated by BAKI NEWS

A few editing mistakes here and there and the translation isn’t 100% accurate but I did my best

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  1. Mire Em より:

    Yujiro too cold with it

  2. immortal より:

    Ok after clear all Sumo characters, lets go back and continue Jack’s arc

  3. メリィィィ より:


  4. sincord dnb より:

    new character got introduced, hyped up and mogged in whole 3 chapters…

  5. Tim S100 より:

    Best channel

  6. Francistein より:

    wait so wtf is this sht then? a fckin filler?? we got hyped up and just like that its fkin over. let just forget this happen and go back to jack. poor kehaya hes giving such a cool nice guy vibe but i guess in the end youre just another punching bag


    Yujiro is slowly turning into Yuichiro so basically once a Hanma reach a certain point they start to bulk up and become even more inhuman

  8. Beyond the Ant より:

    Good chapter

  9. GoldenMale より:

    So if i understand correctly Yujiro kicked so fast that the air pressure was high enough to make that guy bleed, as many characters the author will create all of them will be destroyed by the Hanmas lol

  10. dsguy 73 より:

    I feel like this and the last chapter were mainly meant to hype yujiro up and maybe set up for kaheya coming back stronger at some point

  11. blue fire より:

    bro look at the disappointment in yojiro’s face wow even me when i heard him say that last comment i was like this dude is dumb

  12. Mattriones より:

    Kicking in the nuts, its simple, but yet so effective

  13. God_D_Doflamingo より:

    Imagine getting no diff by air from a kick

  14. Baki より:

    Yujiro pulled a Retsu on him, that’s the first

  15. abhineet solomon hawes より:

    No new commer is invited in baki universe especially in front of hanma yujiiiro.

  16. Anssi Hautamäki より:

    Useless characters being added to the mix… WHY?

  17. Tiger 32367 より:

    Why y’all hating on the sumo arch like we not getting some awesome scenery of yurjio

  18. Louisromulo より:

    with this speed feat, musashi can’t do shit against the ogre.

  19. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ より:

    Ok i get it! Yujiro Master Was Snail all Along (Worship The snail)
    Baki Worship Cockroch so maybe Yujiro got inspire by His Son
    And Create new level of Speed by Snail.

  20. Farid Hakimi より:

    Hanma Yujiro was about to destroy kehaya future

  21. DTE より:

    Yujiro actually getting nicer than usual he taught the kid something

  22. Jack HandMa より:

    Not saying he’s stronger but at least Ali Jr. successfully trolled Yujiro.

  23. Mau Mao より:

    Jack hanma pls…..

  24. OG Loc より:

    This will be baki’s storyline, kick vs kick, and how baki will improve his specialty kick

  25. Jonah Price より:

    Im assuming this guy is gonna do something that impresses Yujiroh before they end the encounter. It seems like he isn’t trying or going all out.

  26. some person より:

    My dudes nose became a power hose.

  27. Fino より:

    typical yujiro.. he comes out of nowhere.. beat somebody ass.. tell him how bad he is.. and then just disappears into thin air

  28. Doyle Muhammad より:

    Aside from pickle and musashi it’s been a moment since we’ve even had a kaku tier fighter in my opinion. Everyone knew is just a jobber low key lol

  29. drgedy atmadja より:

    “Even the speed of a snail will be fast”. Wtf does it even mean ???

  30. G1joe1234 YT より:

    I have been waiting for the new chapter

  31. Adeimous Ragnarok より:

    Out of all the Baki Scan/Scam Chanels out there…of which there are many…your Chanel is the only one Ive subbed to…been reading Baki since the 90s…keep up the good work…cheers

  32. Vague より:

    Bro should’ve taken the wise words and fucked off instead of saying athletic events

  33. The Indestructible Virgin! より:

    Did yujiro got a bit mad because kehaya insulted martial arts? I’m curious if yujiro respects martial arts because of baki

  34. ScratchNOFF 760 より:


  35. Aymen_B より:

    Yujiro was going for that Hanma special but he remembered that Kehaya arc just began so he sparred him.

  36. MonkeyMud より:

    Yujiro is my favorite character in all of anime

  37. Coolnamebro より:

    This happens every time.
    Guy (Soon be btfo): “So X means nothing to you?”
    Yujiro: “Yes.”
    It feels like a chad meme parody.

  38. toxic acid69 より:

    Yujiro gave him the Carlos Medel treatment

  39. cardboard10 より:

    When does the manga start again and if it has then where because I can’t find ir

  40. Jadyn D より:

    My interpretation – Yujiro and Kehaya are discussing speed. Yujiro says that it doesn’t matter how fast Kehaya is, if his motions can be observed then it’s simply too slow, he’s not on Yujiro’s level. He blinds Kehaya to show his speed is irrelevant, and he takes him out with the speed of a “snail”
    So Kehaya is “the fastest kicker” but his moves can be observed and predicted, or shut down altogether, so Yujiro is kind of mentoring him a bit

  41. Dandy より:

    why havent u translated the entire chapter?

  42. Targonir より:

    this chapter was hillarious

  43. Ace Garison より:

    I knew Yujiro would wash this bum.

  44. Saguim Maré より:

    Next arc: Pickle went to school, fully speaks Japanese and has gotten into martial arts on Doppo Dojo.

  45. Mahesh Bhatt より:

    Yujiro Is such a bad ass honestly reminds me of the time when he had to show mohamed Ali son what real speed is

  46. Tristan Frederiksen より:

    Just another victim of yujiro hanma

  47. Brian Babin より:

    When Two Street Fighter characters are Homaged. One with respect, the other a bland parody.

  48. kazuma88kiryu より:

    World strongest creature doesn’t really need to taste kehaya’s kicks. He already experienced Sukune’s kick, Baki’s supersonic punch, Oliva’s strength, Hanayama’s grip and Musashi’s blade speed. He is mentoring kehaya by showing his kick to improve kehaya so Sukune and Kehaya can enact their past fight in front of him to entertain him.

  49. Senju God より:

    There’s a lot of capillaries on the tips of the nose; it’s not that air pressure made kehayas nose bleed but the kick was well enough to make kehayas nose cartilage capillaries bleed

  50. ihonestlydon'tcare より:

    he’s only doing that, so he will be at least a bit of a challenge for his son.

  51. Puncakeroy Gaming より:

    Wow, Yujiro still himself but humble

  52. Nikeimizhong Tomasch より:

    This is getting boring AF…where is the story?
    Some random previously unknown dude shows up, Yujiro comes to flex, then leaves. Rinse and repeat. I miss season 1 story.


    It’s the same kick that Jack uses

  54. Cool Adam より:

    Yujiro is turning into a philisopher.
    From beast of violence to scholar of motion.

  55. Natural Bloom より:

    Absolute gigachad

  56. TuMadre ChupaPinga より:

    You can tell Yujiro misses Musashi who was his superior. Keep up the work man you got a sub from me.

  57. Muhammad Salmaan より:

    I like this argument. It’s reminiscent of the dichotomy between Shibukawa and Doppo, when before their match Shibukawa was surprised that Doppo was stretching and warming up in anticipation for the fight. Shibukawa said “we’ll I guess he’s an Athlete in the end” pointing out that martial artists are more than just athletes.

    But here Yujiro plays both sides pointing out how stupid it is to measure the speed of a kick when all that’s necessary is to fight and make the opponent lose focus while also pointing out that it’s possible to be so fast that an opponent can’t dodge even when alerted.

    It’s kinda like when Yujiro demonstrated to Kaku that he could use Chinese Martial arts and the was like “I like punching people reeeeeeally hard” and returning to his own style.

  58. tantum verde より:

    i hope that kehaya will meet sukune once again after this many centuries

  59. MaxTasker29 より:

    although this isnt yujiros fastest feet in order to cause the blood from ones sinuses to spray out at once that kick wouldve had to have been somewhere in the rage of mach 7-8

  60. Ph il より:

    I think this is the fastest that a newly introduced character has been humbled in the Baki-verse. Lmao, poor Kehaya. At least every other opponent after Yujiro will be easier to handle!

  61. Sahil Nambiar より:

    man didnt even get 3 chapters before being negged by yujiro

  62. FogZ より:

    he was hyped, now he’s a laughing stock.. good job yujiro xD

  63. Rei Rei Ma より:

    thanks for adding the little animations, I play this on double speed and it almost feels like I’m watching anime

  64. Jonathan より:

    0:47 Yujiro: Let me borrow the boy for a moment…. I’ll show him the woman in himself.

  65. Bánh Mì Music より:

    Kehaya is the new punching bag now

  66. DEZSŐ OLÁH より:

    “Even it was 300km/h, if it can be seen, then it would be too slow for a martial enemy”
    “Even the speed of a snail will be fast in terms of martial arts” Damn.

  67. Adrian Nicholas Decena より:

    guys dont forget hes a rapist

  68. Alvin Lee より:

    Yujiro was being very generous. When he asked to “borrow” the kid, I was thinking it would’ve went one of two ways:
    1.) Severe beating / Death
    2.) Rape

  69. LeftEyeGod 2392 より:

    We need a strictly yujiro training arc

  70. XAVIERxKNIGHT333 より:

    2:14 Damn Yujiro’s expression bro, that stung

    Imagine being a martial arts user and you hear these words

  71. Kristian Josh より:

    At this point, Baki is about Yujiro nerfing every new character coming into the series, while keeping the original characters irrelevant. Oh, and Baki is in there somewhere.

  72. Mr Coder より:

    the last boy bender : Hanma Yujiro

  73. Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy より:

    This is true as a boxer and now an MMA practitioner it doesn’t matter how powerful or fast your kick is or power punch. If there’s no set-up at all you can easily block or dodge it. Yujiro is right 100%

  74. ranzel santiago より:

    I remember baki vs yujiro than this

  75. joseph roszell より:

    So yujiro just gonna be in denial about getting beat by baki? There he is the big number 2 yujiro