Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 124 Scans

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  1. David より:

    Itagaki really said fuck it let’s turn Yujiro into Hulk

  2. Afro Ahmed より:

    I don’t understand what’s going on , but somebody is about to get the shit kicked outta him

  3. Nara Nara より:

    I like that Kehaya II doesn’t bear the trappings of sumo, because of who his ancestor was. It’s as if this is the Kehaya-influenced genesis of sumo, while grand sumo as we know it came from Sukune’s style.

  4. BAKI NEWS より:

    Translated Scans:

  5. Non. より:

    Is Kehaya a sumo ?

  6. Non. より:

    I think I like this new character

  7. Hank Hill より:

    Once again i feel hype for a possible legit yujiro fight but ive been let down before

  8. Grass Toucher • 4 years ago より:

    Bro they made Yujiro a Giant