Baki Dou 2018 Chapter 124 Translated Scans

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  1. VonBaron より:

    Yujiro is becoming Yuchiro 🙂

  2. jayant pradhan より:

    Thank you for this man ❤ you are the best

  3. SunRiseTekilla○_○ より:


  4. jost regularr より:

    keep up the work

  5. Ale S より:

    this manga is getting better and better but the chapter are so short… too bad. Btw, thank you for posting this !

  6. Gix Ga より:


  7. Brufr0 より:

    Didnt you forget to add the moment when the rock was splitted?

  8. Winer Zeren より:

    yujiro is feelin alive again he got another toy to play with lol

  9. Ascension より:

    Chapter is great but waaaaaaay too short I waited a week to see a flashback of something that could have been shown last chapter and of Yujiro sitting down as he already walked into the room last week

  10. Learn Everything Channel より:

    another victim of Hanma,yujiro

  11. Derrick Kelley より:

    and thats the last we ever saw of “kicker” so long partner!

  12. Holy SSM より:

    kicker bout to get in contact with his feminine side.

  13. Nikolai Rebolloso より:

    I really like the way the author made yujiro buffet but at the same time keeping his iconic facial expressions the same way

  14. Natural Strength より:

    Why introduce a character who is weaker than Sukune who recently lost? It kills any reason to be invested in this new character.

  15. Clement Ray より:

    yujiro is fina humble this guy just like he did sukune musashi was the only person that could give yujiro a challenge

  16. PureDwight より:

    Why are they buffy

  17. R Angelo より:

    You’re the man

  18. Wesker JHG より:

    Yujiro has found his next victim

  19. Paweł Tarsała より:

    0:17 Yujiros toe has more muscle then you

  20. Kamil Kamil より:

    I dont know why but i can really feel the hype, Kehaya is going to be great character.

  21. Assassin より:

    imagine if yujiro just loses easly to him xD

  22. bek san より:

    Now I wanna see Katsumi vs the new guy

  23. dara jabar より:

    RIP Kehya dude. He gon get raped.

  24. Cokeman5 より:

    Wouldnt Katsumi have the fastest kicks since his strikes can break the sound barrier?