HAJIME IS A DIFFERENT BREED | Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 184 Review (Kashimo Hajime VS Panda)

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Today I will be reviewing the new chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen! Chapter 184 surprisingly shifts the scene and shows Panda’s POV. Panda doesn’t seem to have gotten in any trouble so far….until he meets Kashimo Hajime.
The battle between Panda VS Hajime begins!!

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  1. cai nyo より:

    Maki is coming

  2. Diego Guerra より:

    Maybe a dumb question but would that sure-hit go throguh gojo’s infinity?

  3. Prasoon Dwivedi より:

    Question I have :
    If let’s say Hajime attacks Gojo and his limitless is turned off so his body gets the positive charge. But after getting hit, he turns on his limitless. So if Hajime tries to electrocute him with a shock will it hit or get blocked by limitless ?

  4. maybe yes より:

    I like the culling game so far especially the ancient players because it shows us that there’s a lot of variation to what a cursed is…CT is okay in it self but this chapter shows us that even CE has different variation like hakari’s rough serrated type and now hajime’s electric type??? and the explanation is only for his CE but if you are that strong to be able to beat someone by just using cursed energy alone then i can’t wait for your CT and DE.

  5. s s より:

    RIP Sukuna’s nephew.

    I think setting up Hakari’s DE (sure-hit technique that seems to end the battle in one chapter) and Hajime’s lightning (sure-hit technique that seems to end the battle in one chapter) is actually a super quick and hype way to set up for the clash that everyone’s been waiting for without dragging on these minor fights for too long. Wait, is Hajime’s lightning a technique? His regular cursed energy seems to transfer positive charge with normal attacks, is releasing a negative charge from his body his technique, or simply just a property of his CE and we still don’t even know the full extent of his powers?

    Anyway Hakari vs Hajime is going to be so hype but I don’t see how it ends in anything other than death and I don’t want either of them to die just yet!

  6. Chuchu LaPuta より:

    Idk if Gege or the translator is a fan of historical speeches and Sojourner Truth but that Aren’t I panda line immediately reminded me of Truth’s vert famous Ain’t I A Woman speech. Even if not it made my day lol. Such a dynamic and intense chapter after last weeks polarizing one. I hope Panda can show case his sister next week, as she seems to have an instant kill ability maybe the same as Hajime. Electricity and vibrations are linked even in our world, as Drumming beat is similar but not the same to Hajime’s explosive positively charged attacks.

  7. Dianno より:

    Gege loves to troll, he bluffed that triple Domain Expansion in Sendai and now he shows us the Panda sister form to get rekt by Kashimo. Man, if it were another manga I would be mad but Gege executes so well that I can’t be angry with his choices.

  8. Qorv より:

    what if the female core is all about defense/healing and built to tank?

  9. G M より:

    hajime is so cool. from the white outfit to the hairstyle to the strength

  10. C より:

    This reminds me of how one’s aura in hunter x hunter Can take different properties, such as that of electricity or bungee gum, which possesses the properties of both rubber and gum

  11. Mark Anthony より:

    Oh he’s a bad match up for pretty much anyone since no human can insulate electricity

  12. Shubhamkumar Rai より:

    Is panda dead?

  13. Simply Sage より:

    Thats toxic mans just spews 100% hit and crit attack like he has a domain expansion
    Imagine how toxic his domain expansion is

  14. Manas Ghosh より:

    Dude panda is gonna come back… That thing is a rhino… That is all defence…

  15. Tolord より:

    I don’t think he needs his spear

  16. Sriram Sedimbi より:

    I dont understand smth about Hajime Kashimo and Sukuna that I’d love for it to be cleared. So, Sukuna died, turned into a cursed spirit and sealed into his 20 fingers as his curse was too strong for his body to be fully destroyed (all this happened 1000 years back) until 2018 in jjk timeline when Yuji ate his finger and brought him back.

    Hajime Kashimo whereas is from 400 years back and wants to know Sukuna’s whereabouts which doesnt really add up as according to Gojo and everyone else Sukuna was never awoken for 1000 years.

    Does this mean that the higher ups (or the jujutsu society) spread this false information to later generations about Sukuna not coming back at all in that 1000 year time period (from Hein era to current time) and being resealed again into his 20 fingers??

    Coz Kashimo really talks like someone who has already met Sukuna and wants a rematch or am I just worrying for nothing and Kashimo just heard ALOT of great stuff about Sukuna, was intrigued, then told by Kenjaku that Sukuna would be back 400 years later for culling games as all these past sorcerers made binding vows with Kenjaku to correct their past regrets??

  17. LSG 2 より:

    Honestly I think panda will die because of how brutal the Jjk verse I mean litteraly no one has plot armor but if he does not die he may get an awakening but still get over powered by Hanime who seems to not be putting any effort then when panda is about to die our MUSTACHE HERO GAMBLING-MAN will appear either blocking or stoping one of the attacks

  18. Papi Greed より:

    it sucks that we couldn’t see my boi panda using his sister’s core (I mean there’s still a chance since we don’t know if the fight is truly over and even if we don’t I hope I can see it in action somewhere else in the future) but I like how it sets up this kashimo guy as a legitimate threat like he took my boi panda an experience and strong jjs in his own right so easily also I doubt they are gonna skip that fight with hakari after setting it up like that but will see

  19. Ikac より:

    Well mabye there’s trick to panda’s 3rd core, so he can stole out a little more while hakkari come for help…..or is yuta or maki coming back?? Just hope thag panda lives, dude’s such a vibe

  20. JusDion より:

    he said his sisters very shy…hm i smell a genjutsu coming up

  21. NOV より:

    Damn I didn’t even think about the possible consequences of Panda getting taken out( depending on what happens after this confrontation). Yuta and Maki will not take that well. Panda and Maki are really close and before the Zen’in thing which is currently happening on the same day she was supposed to go meet up with him to explain what’s going on. She just lost Mai, losing Panda is too soon man. Inumaki is already benched we need the 2nd years thriving. Yaga just passed too, it would seem so anti-climactic for Panda to just follow suit without having a proper send off

  22. Tofflan 1234 より:

    Hajime pulled an Eren on panda

  23. Mamoru Chiba より:

    Some predictions :
    -Hajime probably gonna add another rule that enable player to travel between colonies, to find Sukuna
    -Hakari probably gonna prevent Hajime to move in order to protect Yuuji, and they gonna have a fight. (this gonna be a better motivation for Hakari than just to earn some points)

  24. Lorenzo Lucci より:

    I believe this is the perfect time for Nobara to come back and she will help Panda defeat him. Before anyone says “Nobara is dead” she hadn’t been confirmed to be dead at all, and like I said I think it’s the perfect time for her to return

  25. Moolcazy より:

    This chapter was kinda meh honestly
    Kinda didn’t like it since panda is one of my favorite characters but all that happened is that he got his ass beat after leaving his hiding place
    And we didn’t even see what his sister core can do
    And panda could potentially die next chapter

  26. Samehada より:

    Man I enjoy your videos, keep cranking them out man. I’d just like to throw out there to gain positive charge usually instead of adding protons to something you’ll simply strip the electrons from something and make it positively charged that way. I wonder if that would change the nature of his technique if he’s stealing peoples negative charge (electrons) to add to his lightning, then once the enemy is sufficiently positively charged then releasing it.

  27. Corey Molina より:

    It’s kinda a long shot but I hope maki and or inumaki come in to save panda really just want to see them again

  28. Chicken 14 より:

    Let me start off by sayin this chap was FIRE but I’m worried because I feel like Hakari will have to share the spotlight instead of getting his own pov. Especially sense I’m seein people theorize maki might get involved, and basically another character sharing the spotlight but regardless I’m hyped for more

  29. deadlyydude より:

    I really love Kashimo’s cursed technique, can’t wait to see it animated

  30. zaywyd より:

    omg hes essentially a weaker version of Gojo I believe. idk what his domain is but in theory he could charge himself and his opponent with the same type and repel them from each other like Gojo’s infinity. And in theory it should scale (the more of the same changes he and the opponent have the stronger the repulsion.) I love how JJKs powers actually make sense scientifically.

  31. juzo fist より:

    Maybe but it would have to be maki or hakari

  32. Cesar Augusto Yépez González より:

    I just screaming what did they do to panda!!! “Look how the massacred my boy”. Hajime was an interesting way to introduce him and i love it but im mad for panda. I truly felt fear when seeing him fight. This would be a really head to head battle against Hakari, i can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

  33. cheat youtuber より:

    I feel like the sister mode might have some crazy technique like regeneration or rebirth

  34. Sayn より:

    Hajime is gonna be shook when he sees the real sukuna.

  35. MqxArt より:

    How tf y’all reading this chapter, I gotta wait 2 days on viz to get it. Send me the link!

  36. Marcos Lopez より:

    I always knew hajime was one of the big shots , I think hajime will probably beat yuji to beat death and will be the cause of sukuna gaining control and going crazy in the culling games and I’m assuming that’s where yuta and the two people he fought will 3 v 1 sukuna if hajime is killed by sukuna before yuta arrives

  37. Bob Presly より:

    Electrocution is specifically for when the person dies, otherwise it’s just a shock or being electrified. Cution being the key word in electrocution – like as in execution.

  38. Argy97 より:

    RIP PANDA 2017-2022

  39. Muillaume asxer より:

    I like your chapter review, every week, it is very complete and comprehensive, but i think to suggest a survey about how we feel about this weekly chapter will be better. I don’t know if u understand what i mean….


    Is hajime girl or not

  41. siyabongamabuza. より:

    istg around last year I had a theory about cursed energy having properties and skilled sorcerers being able to turn their cursed energy on and off. glad to know gege actually thought the same, he keeps adding more versatility to an already versatile power system and we’re learning more about cursed energy as we go. love how the culling games are going so far

  42. ANDRS より:

    Lets not sleep on Panda’s sister.

  43. Cal より:

    Panda is definitely getting back up lol

  44. Ok Roomer より:

    It’s possible Maki or Hakari will help Panada out

  45. Zoro より:

    So I think that hakari will lose. What I think will happen is panda does something to hold on and maybe he’s just getting toyed around to know where sukuna is. Then hakari arrives saving panda and then we see his domain in full action. We think hajime will lose. Hajime uses his domain at the end ending the fight immediately killing hakari and panda in the process. He could add a rule just for himself to know where sukuna is or maybe a teleport rule. Tbh I just don’t want him to lose as he has been hyped up to be like this crazy monster stronger than the disaster curses if he want to challenge sukuna. Also this arc need some deaths. I really think killing off hakari despite his hype will be a great way to just further show us how threatening the culling games really are.

  46. brijen より:

    Hakari and Charles’s fight is already over. It would be bad for Hakari’s character and strength portrayal if he spends so much time on an opponent like Charles.

  47. Tylian Currie より:

    I’ll be so satisfied if hakari ends up beating him it would make up for the hakari hype and just established how strong sukuna is in that it gonna take a gojo like character to beat him

  48. Michael Phillips より:

    people already sayin this guy can beat hakari,,,,,,,,,,, but both gojo and yuuta massively hyped him. We had a arc getting him lol,,,,,, yuuta who had like 30 innate techs at the time lol copied/stolen, ( lets look at one one,, druv……. whereever his shikigami go his domain basic expands lol…… he won a war by himself against other users,,,,,,,,,the queen of curses who killed 4800 curses …. he has reversed healing…..his speed and basic attacts are strong,…….. ryu was said to be one shot a healthy rika by the narrator…. some people can’t power scale…. all that hakari is said to above when on a roll (likely in his domain)

  49. Rom より:

    Is it me , or will we see another plotwist and yuji pulls up to help panda as Hajime asks about Sukuna? Or am I too high.

  50. Joseph G. より:

    Something that I feel is interesting that’s overlooked is that panda mentions that his sister form is so shy that she kills anyone that meets her eyes.

    This might just be banter from panda hyping up his form but if we take it at face value it could mean that there’s more to what panda can do in his sister form and considering that he didn’t use it even in his other battles plus during the deadly shibuya arc I believe there’s probably more to pandas transformation than meets the eye. It could have deadly repercussions to being used especially with allies around but now that it’s just him and our boy kashimo he’s free to go all out.

    He probably has a basilisk like effect where he kills anyone that looks at him but again we’ll have to see next week.

  51. Riku より:

    hmm… hoping that panda’s sister core has a trick up her sleeve to at least fend off kashimo… would hate to see panda go out like this

  52. Hamza Najjar より:

    Still disappointed by the third mode

  53. IshyGotGame より:

    nigga said strongest sorcerer we’ve come across in Culling games isn’t Yuta confirmed second strongest sorcerer rn?

  54. M より:

    Great chapter, it’s definitely setting up for hakari to encounter kashimo. I’m banking on pandas sister mode is probably some regenerative mode or something of the sort.

  55. Melon Lord より:

    I’m personally a fan of the idea that Hakari’s fight with Charles is just a way for him to farm for jackpots, and narrow down the probability so he can use that to his advantage against Kashimo. It’s a easy way to level the playing field, and also helps further develop the culling game as a “game” where players can farm for points, advantages, etc. I believe next chapter (Assuming Hakari vs Charles is over) Hakari might share this information with Charles and convince him to help him during his fight with Kashimo. I’d prefer that Hakari go at it alone but it would be interesting either way.

  56. irighterotica より:

    I wonder if reversed cursed techniques could play a role in dealing with Hajime’s ability. It’d be a spot-on (and obvious tbh) analogy for ‘negative’ & ‘positive’ cursed energy, after all.

  57. FireTypes4Ever108 より:

    I’m really hoping that Hajime does not kill Panda hopefully someone like Miwa will help him out

  58. King Vinny より:

    The man was looking for Sukuna…… out of all people he was looking for Sukuna a knew he was going to be broken.

  59. Pekomaru Mudajiro より:

    It is a guaranteed hit of course unless you are Saturu Gojo

  60. Mussito00 より:

    Panda is gona die):

  61. UzoJusWorkin より:

    Certain individuals??? Hmmm I don’t like where this is going pls no more deaths my heart can’t take it no mo

  62. jalenjohnson0339 より:

    Kashmio this man is O.P his curse energy pretty much shocks you the moment he hits you and he hasnt even used his curse techniques or domain expansion what a monster. He going to be one of the strongest players in the culling game and I really want to see him fight Yuji and how long Yuji can tank his attacks

  63. Auto Memories より:

    Does anyone know how it would be possible that Kashimo knows about the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo as he states when he sees Panda if he’s a revived sorcerer from 400 years ago?

  64. Jonathan Harris より:

    yeah i gotta say i think panda is gonna die just to illustrate hajime’s brutality. i think it’s gonna take a pretty intense team up between maybe yuta and hakari to take him on but i have no idea how the course of events would get there or how that fight would play out

  65. Jehu より:

    Maybe instead of a Domain Expansion, Hajime will have a Maximum technique. Since Maximum Techniques are on par to domains, his sure hit factor with the power maximum technique will be very op.

  66. Abdirizak m より:

    Tbh gege did panda dirty, all the hype for pandas sister transformation went down the drain.

  67. Kyzah より:

    i can’t believe some of the comments saying hakari is going to get clapped. hakari low diffed charles; we haven’t seen anything yet let alone when he’s on a roll. hajime is broken though he’s definitely going to be a problem. he’s 10/10 so far he’s got such a badass aura about him. after reading this chapter i’m really thinking maki would be a great match up for hajime and would be great to see. *donkey meme* panda brooooo..

  68. Tristan Angell より:

    I really hope it’s maki that shows up to face off against hajime idk why but that fight would be sick imo

  69. Trey Perez より:


  70. Elias より:

    I like this guy

  71. Fifo Adebosoye より:

    Hakari is definitely coming in the end of next chapter.

    If they could tell that hajime, he’ll need to make a rule about moving through colonies first before they tell him where sukuna is.
    They could get the rule and then hakari will betray hajime and they’ll have a fight.
    This will also explain Angel in Tokyo colony 2

  72. Gaudy より:

    maybe sukuna will finally say enchain

  73. LANILA より:

    As much as I like Charles, he’s weak, at least compared to a character that is supposed to be “stronger than Yuta when on a roll”. It would make more sense for Hakari to fight someone way stronger, someone who can’t be easily defeated and will force him go on that roll. If this is just the set-up for a Kashimo vs Hakari fight, I’m all in for it. I don’t want any of them to die though. They’re both too good to be disposed of so early. If a fight between them indeed happens, I expect something or someone to interrupt it at some point. Or at least this is me being hopeful, but I personally think they both have important roles in this arc. They can’t just die.

    Welp, I guess you never know with JJK. Look at Panda’s shy sister.

  74. Black Slate より:

    Love to see the third core but aside from that somebody help panda please

  75. Androm Moist より:

    Panda really getting hit with side character syndrome compared to the other second years, Toge loses an arm, Maki loses her sister but gets BIG power boost, then theres panda. The times he shows up is when he gets dunked on, loses his dad, loses his arm, and after his 3rd core is finally revealed he gets bodied. I hope to see him shine as much as Maki and the other second years.

  76. Aron Fontenelle より:

    Consistently good content love mi hombre

  77. QT-Smackz より:

    i dont thin panda is down for the count i dont see that just happening

  78. Romeo Denton より:

    Hajime vs mahito who yall got

  79. Komugi420 より:

    You do great stuff. You should collaborate with Syv he’s an up and comer super cool

  80. DYlan より:

    I can see maki or the blue hair sword Girl pulling up

  81. DYlan より:

    Ok we need to see maki vs hajime

  82. Devin Tucker より:

    Kashimo is GOIN OFF!!!