The EVIL Past Of Mikey Revealed | Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 Spoilers

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 – Hey everyone diavolo here and in todays video we go over chapter 241 spoilers for tokyo revengers! This chapter looks like It will reveal everything in regards to what exactly happened inside of Senju’s flashback and MAINLY the fact that the person who gave Sanzu his scars has been REVEALED!

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    Sanzu probably hurt senju or baji and Mikey beat the breaks off Sanzu

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    Ahh shit here we go

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    W vid as usual

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    The fact he recorded and edited this so fast is amazing, great video

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    There has been so much backlash over this new revalationand I thought I would offer a few thoughts on what it stems from. For many, there was an understanding that Mikey’s “dark impulsivity” was the result of tragedy he has faced and has progressed steadily over time. Under this understanding, Mikey has been viewed as a victim of circumstances and therefore worthy/cabable of being saved.

    But this chapter appears to change that understanding. Mikey’s impulses are now presented as being innate and having been there from the very beginning. Suddenly, many are having their view of him as a victim challenged with some calling him a manipulator since the very beginning. There has also been doubt cast on actions of certain characters, particularly Baji according to some. A lot of anger from fans in this regard is because there is a question of how genuine Baji’s actions were, were they they out of respect for Mikey, or strictly out of fear.

    These are just my own observations from what I’ve read from other fans so far and feel it is better to wait until we have the whole story to cast judgment.

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    This man Mikey was a villain from the beginning… it’s kinda sad …

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    W vid.

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    I’m happy for the friendship with Senju following Manjiro, Baji and Haruchiyo around. I’m sure this is the in-between of how Manjiro became the Bonten Gang leader in the future whenever Takemichi left the past to the future. I also hope that Manjiro and Senju become official because both Takemichi and Draken have their own girlfriends. It wouldn’t be fair for Manjiro to not have Senju by his side. Senju has good intentions for wanting to rescue the guy she likes. I want Senju to join Kanto Manji Gang instead of Thousand Winters. I think either Kokonoi or Kakucho will come escort Senju to the Kanto Manji Gang location.

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    And I thought baji was the reason for it. This next chapter on Tuesday gonna be crazy

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    me too mkey x senju ship